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  1. Not quite, but it has been a bit chilly.   Usual for around here when school gets out.   Never fails.   We are supposed to be getting into the 80s here in Seattle the next few days, then it dives back down to the 60s.   60s is not freezing but it may seem like it to some.   Especially those that are experiencing really hot weather.   I remember 2-3 years ago we had record highs of 113F - 115F here.   It had never gotten that hot here ever, on any day.   Those were pretty warm days.   The hot tub felt cool ha ha.   Just kidding, I didn't even try.   Yeah our bunny suffered as did we all.  But the house stayed cool through most of the day until about 2:00 and then it got warm, by night it was an oven.  

    We will have rain on 04 July.   That's pretty standard.   Then it will warm up.   July and August usually are pretty nice around here.


  2. 42 minutes ago, ionel said:

    Can't Biden just mandate that Fisker stays in business? 

    Yes, that should be a thing.   If you can't make cars that sell with mandates, you should be propped up for as long as it takes for people to start buying that garbage.  


  3. Yeah, but now we are using our crop land for power rather than feeding the people.   That's what I was getting at.   Yeah, I figured it was field corn that is used but it seems like the land would be better used growing food for hungry mouths rather than gas guzzling machines.   Just my $0.02.


  4. Thanks for starting the thread Rasta.  Had a great day yesterday.   I don't need anything so I was given a gift card to Din Tai Fung.   I thought it was Thai but apparently they are known for their dumplings.   Anyway, I can use this and don't have to find a place to store it. 

    It was pretty good.  Also something all the kids can rally around and chip in for.  


  5. 22 minutes ago, Offthemat said:

     Laws are only effective if they’re enforced. 

    Amen to that braddah!!   We have laws on the books that are not enforced.   In fact mental and legal gymnastics are used to avoid charging someone with a gun infraction.   And this from those that want more gun laws.   It makes no sense really. 


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  6. On 6/10/2024 at 5:16 PM, Jason Bryant said:

    This place might be slightly ahead of Twitter in its women’s hoops knowledge. Who here cared before … how many here have actually been to a WNBA game?

    I have not actually been to a WNBA game.   I have not actually been to an NBA game for a very very long time.   I have not actually watched a basketball game in a number of years.   Silly game - don't miss it.


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  7. On 6/9/2024 at 10:05 PM, billyhoyle said:

    I get not liking Biden as president, but isn't it a bad strategy to claim that he is an idiot when there are going to be debates? The same thing happened four years ago, and then when Biden came off as the more logical candidate, Trump's numbers dropped. It isn't difficult to beat Biden on policies, but for whatever reason people can't resist playing into his hand to make him look good. 

    I kind of agree.   Biden is laughable but has generally always shown up at the debate.   I don't know why but he usually does well as well.   It should be easy to run circles around him one would think, but then whoever does that would be shot down as a mean person taking advantage of the doddering, sympathetic, well meaning, elderly man.  


  8. 23 minutes ago, VakAttack said:

    Definitely the federal ban.

    As to your second paragraph, that was more of what I was trying to get at, using the Heller case as the prism.  The language in the amendments says the right shall not be infringed, but we definitely allow infringements  Do you agree or disagree that, if we're interpreting the language as is under the Heller case and using originalist interpretation that many of the Heller court and definitely the current court favor, that any gun ownership law at all is illegal?

    This is more of a philosophical and legal interpretation debate that just, frankly, may only be interesting to me.

    I guess I don't know the Heller case and its conditions etc.   Gun ownership should be legal for everyone without extreme mental issues or not convicted violent criminals.  I believe laws are already in place in this regard.   Otherwise, I really haven't thought about it much more than that.  


  9. 37 minutes ago, ThreePointTakedown said:

    Is it pro-life to also be pro-gun? 

    Not talking about abortion btw. Seems like those two groups are made up of a similar cohort, tho. But can you be honestly say you are supportive of your fellow humans to live their lives. While simultaneously supporting the ownership of a thing with the sole purpose of ending it quickly? 

    There is no dichotomy here.   Owning a gun and being pro life are not mutually exclusive.   If you are pro life you are not using that gun to end lives unless your own or someone else's life is being imminently threatened.   I see no conundrum here at all.   I think that being pro life means protecting the innocent.   Be it abortion, crime, etc.   Who's life am I "pro" for?   My own, that of my family, then friends, then strangers who have their life in peril because of a perp.   The perp does not get consideration since he is willing to destroy an innocent life.  

    I do not carry a gun.   I have not found that this is necessary for me just yet.   But I would not be opposed to carrying a gun if society gets to the point where I am feeling in danger.   I have never shot anyone.   I would most likely have a hard time doing so but would to save a family member for sure.  



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  10. I think they overturned the federal ban, not state bans.   I'm not sure on that but that is how I understand it.   I don't think they said anything about state bans.   I understand there are 18 states that ban bump stocks.   I personally am in favor of bumpstocks being illegal like machine guns.  If Scotus says no on a federal level, then let the states do it. 

    Further to the thread, I believe the 2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms.   But I also think that that right can be revoked due to psychological issues or legal issues.  There needs to be much better enforcement of the laws that are on the books.   Those should be sufficient to do what is necessary to keep guns out of the hands of people that will use them for nefarious purposes.   Unless of course, they get the guns illegally.   Any crime where a gun is used, there should be enhanced penalties and there should not be any way to plea those down or not prosecute.   Here in the Seattle area, they don't prosecute thieves and robbers for the use of a gun.   At least generally, that charge is dropped.    Part of that may be the enhanced 5 year prison term for such use which is WA law.  I am for that as well.  

    Hopefully that more fully states my position over my very short response earlier.  


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