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Surprise Quarter finalists


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125 - #28 Cardinale WVU, #27 Ventresca VT, #10 Courtney ASU

133 - #10 Byrd ILL

141  #1 Woods barely made it with a 6-5 victory over #17 Emilio.  He's feeling lucky tonight.

       #12 Filius PUR, #10 McNeil UNC

For all three weights, top 4 seeds are all in the Quarters. 




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So the wrestlers in the quarters who were seeded 20+ are:

  • 125- Cardinale (28)
  • 125- Ventresca (27)
  • 149- Rooks (20)
  • 165- Fish (29)

The rest of the quarterfinalists are seeded 12 or higher.

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