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  1. Dake-DT would be bigger if Taylor hadn't gotten stuck in the finals his RSFR year. Yeah yeah, Dake did it at four different weights but KOT prevailed in what was arguably the toughest weight class each year. But we're getting waaaay ahead of ourselves in this debate.
  2. I don't think seeding will make a huge difference to Kerk, but it would be nice to reward the Big XII winner for wrestling through a complete season.
  3. 125 - Ayala maj Spratley 4-0 Hawks 133 - Fix maj Teske 4-4 141 - Woods dec Jamison 7-4 Hawks 149 - Rocci* dec Williams 10-4 157 - Franek dec Travis 13-4 165 - Olejnik dec Caliendo 13-7 174 - PK maj Thompson 17-7 184 - Plott dec Riggnold 17-10 197 - Glaze dec Surb 20-10 Hwt - Douche dec Cooter 20-13 Hawks * Not to be confused with Carter Starathjen from PSU @Hammerlock3
  4. Ah yeah, that's right. I remember complaining about it for an earlier qualifier, lol
  5. Errata: Dan Gable shoes (while he was a student at ISU in the timeline of this episode!), CK halo headgear, international cut singlet, locked hands, Giovanni Ribisi. True to life: no tech fall, wrestler fleeing the mat for a restart.
  6. After Thomas Gilman tried to fight the entire Okie State team, Chandler Rogers and a couple of the other OSU guys laughed it off at the post-dual presser and said Gilman wasn't a very bright guy
  7. Do you think we'll see more of this next week? Top 2 qualify but I guess it defaulting out of finals could impact Paris seeding.
  8. Are there any recent examples aside from Dake? There have always been "tweeners" in the international styles, but as it relates to weight classes the large discrepancy between the number of Olympic and World weights has only been around for a couple of cycles. But the best example that comes to mind of a wrestler getting the raw end of tweening is James Green. Steady World team member at 70kg but IIRC was a shell of himself when he had to suck down to 65.
  9. Yeah, Brands previously said that GabeArn was hurt. Perhaps the other challenge was that Brands had him in mind as a 184 but Gabe's dad thought he'd be a better fit at 174
  10. Something crazy always happens at OTT and we get an unexpected rep. Any bold predictions for a crazy result in 74-125kg? 74 will be exciting but I wonder who could unseat Snyder at 97.
  11. We'll see about the bonus points. Last year it felt like PSU wasn't getting after it like they usually do at Nationals. The year before too, I think? I don't remember but am sure someone has the data to prove or disprove.
  12. For sure. Nolf-Hidlay also comes to mind. But it's not PSU catching breaks. I think the officiating has been a bit uneven this season. PSU just gets the most attention when a call goes their way because they're PSU. I'm not blaming the refs, either. It's hard to develop "refereeing muscle memory" when there have been so many rules changes over the past 5 or so years. At least it feels that way.
  13. Will the 13-year old will AA at this point? Looks like we're seeing him regress to his mean, not just with the losses but with the WBQCs (wins by questionable calls) also. He's a good wrestler and has good mat awareness but doesn't have the firepower as a TF. Smith just horsed him around yesterday with good old fashioned grown man strength.
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