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  1. AJ's t-shirt: Bono is my homeboy Starocci's t-shirt: Ferrari is my ride
  2. Kind of a boring tactic to stay relevant over the summer, but maybe he's doing it for more than attention. 7 is a strange number of schools to cut each week, but doing so gets him down to a top 10 around the start of the school year. That gives him some time to spread the word and get people to start paying attention as we turn our focus back to college wrestling after the Olympics. Then if he eliminates 1 school per week from his top 10 he could build enough engagement to drive up his marketing valuation and create an NIL bidding war among his top 3 or 4 schools, which I'm sure he already has in mind. At least I'm hoping he's being strategic about this social media stunt.
  3. Saw an announcement today that Northwestern's AD will be appointed as its new VP of Athletics Strategy to advise the president and athletic dept on the House vs. NCAA settlement, pay for play, NIL, and conference realignment, among other things. Unclear who he will report to, and if it's a university or athletic dept role. But schools are making moves to get in front of all this.
  4. Buckle up GMU fans, because Dean Heil is gonna bring the team a whole new level of exci... Zzzzzzzz...
  5. Anyway @Dark Energy why pay to put a bounty on Starocci when you can do it for free
  6. Oh, I thought the guy was paying guys for each time FSU's (or Florida's?) QB was sacked. But I don't really remember the details of the case.
  7. Don't remember the details, but there's a Miami Football booster who caught a 20yr sentence in part for paying bounties on other team's players
  8. Fair take. When I originally posted the question, my gut feeling was that our Women's team had a better chance of bringing back more medals overall while the MFS team would bring back less hardware but more gold. But that's probably wrong.
  9. Thanks. On the livesteam it looked like his shoes had the New Balance logo on them!
  10. Details of the settlement have yet to be finalized, but it sounded like programs would be able to selectively pay athletes by sport. They'll use roster caps on all sports to keep a lid on expenses. One question (can of worms) will be the statutory definition of employee vs. contractor in the context of college sports, which category athletes fall under, and what the legal rights both players and athletic departments will have, from unionizing & collective bargaining, striking, at will employment, right to work, subcontracting, and more. @steamboat_charlie: couple of other threads here https://intermatwrestle.com/forums/topic/4680-ncaa-and-power-5-agree-to-allow-schools-to-pay-players/ https://intermatwrestle.com/forums/topic/4681-college-wrestling-is-cooked/
  11. What's Alirez walking around at these days? He looks bigger than I remember
  12. 2 minutes Should we be angry or thankful that they're not livesteaming people eating their dinner?
  13. Are they doing the panel discussion before they start the second half of the card?
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