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  1. And I'm saying, having grown up in Wisconsin and being a UW Alum, there is no way they would let him in.
  2. I am asking if Tanelli made the Columbia job a more desirable job than it was before he took it over.
  3. If Iowa won't let AJ in to school, no way Wisconsin lets him in.
  4. It’s interesting that Donny takes over for Tanelli at Columbia. Tanelli was seven or eight years behind Donny at UW. Was Donny holding out for a bigger job, or did Tanelli make Columbia a more desirable job?
  5. Except when it rewarded the counter wrestler.
  6. Why do you disrespect Lucas Stoddard so much?
  7. So is that tie officially on his record? Was the All-Star Classic an exhibition at that time?
  8. You really think Mocco would wipe the floor with Jackson and Taylor? Jackson was an Olympian as a 19 year old, and Taylor was an Olympic Medalist. Both guys were way bigger than Konrad, and Mocco didn't wipe the floor with Konrad.
  9. Earl McCready went three for three with three falls in the finals. Dick Hutton was 3X NC, 4X Finalist.
  10. Cary was on the Badger coaching staff and left mid-season. The rumors were that it was because it was an awkward situation with the Steiners there too (these guys were all still competing internationally in the same/similar weight class).
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