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  1. I think Lee’s mother tearing up her glasses deserves at LEAST honorable mention in this category.
  2. You are an idiot- reading comprehension is clearly lost on you. We’re you home schooled or what?
  3. If Lee left early I sure hope his Mom was not driving. Given how she tore up her “necessary prescription eyeglasses” that could be dangerous to let her drive!
  4. I always thought that Jo Jo was a loner, no?
  5. 125 Lee (I like the kid - even if he is a Hawkeye - AND I like 4 x’ers) 133 Vito - (Cornell fan) 141. Woods (I like him too - mostly a Stanford guy in my book though) 149 (YIANNI (4x’er AND a Cornell guy) 157. Chase Salate ( It’s the year of the Spartan) 165. Griffith ( it would be a great comeback story) 174 Lewis (to prove his other title was not a fluke) 184 Brooks - (the next 4x’er) 197 Caffey -(Year of the Spartan - I have always liked him) 285 Parris (anyone who can take a heavyweight down with a fireman’s carry is ok in my book)
  6. Seriously - I wonder how many falls there have been in any one NCAA finals over the years? Probably 3 or less would be my guess for any 1 year
  7. And with that - I am out - good luck to all - a special thanks to LU and Vak
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