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  2. Using the pre-season Intermat rankings we are at 50% chance of 2 and 50% chance of 3 AA's for the Cowboys.
  3. I know plenty of people have talked about this on other boards. But I haven't seen any compelling evidence that he will retire or when. And who are the likely candidates to replace him?
  4. If we round to the nearest whole number Intermat and Flo have them with 2 and Wrestlestat has them with 3.
  5. As Dr. @MPhillipssaid, he is just looking to stay within striking distance if 57 KG. Arujau is doing the same this year, too, at Cornell. While I agree that his athleticism and strength did serve him well, he did go 14W-10L on the season. He was 13W-8L prior to NCAAs and 10W-7L prior to Big 12s - He lost to Hendrickson via Major Decision there in a match where Hendrickson was bigger, faster, stronger, and better in every exchange. Hiendselman of Oklahoma and Wood of Lehigh are really the only dancing bear type guys he lost to prior to the postseason last year. Guys like Elam and Schuyler, which he traded off with, are in the same boat as him - as far as being athletic heavies in the 225-240 range. Being as good as them, in comparisons, is a good thing. Especially when wrestling up at heavy for the first time.
  6. I believe it was more so to the point of Fix staying 133 to keep him closer to 57kg. Not that he couldn't compete at 141.
  7. Thanks for answering my questions. Is Fix planning on going at 125 this year, that's kinda what I got from your comments about him? When does he plan on pulling down, and what happens to Mastro at 125? Will he move up? I don't think OSU gains much in Fix pulling down to 125 because Lee is better than Fix (at folk). Finishing 2nd to Lee or RBY seems like a bit of a wash. Regarding Surber he impressed me last year wrestling a lot bigger guys than himself, and acquitting himself fairly well. He won the Big 12 HWT championship, right? I was disappointed he didn't do better at NCAAs because he was coming on pretty strong at the end last year, but I guess the bigger guys finally ground him down.
  8. I believe Smith has gone on record saying that Young is a full sized 141lber now. I OSU terms that means he is ~25% over the 141lb limit each Monday () He has also said that Fix plans on going 57 KG, so 141 is out of the question. That said, a good example to compare to would be Micic. Micic's insufficiencies last year were health and strength. Neither of which he was going to do anything about on a month's notice. Fix has his health and isn't going to be outmuscled by (m)any of this year's 141lbers. If his goal weren't 2024 Olympics at 57 KG, then I absolutely agree. Hell, after his silver I was all for him to go at 141 and preferred he give 65 KG a geaux rather than 57 KG. He just looks a different, better wrestler when he isn't cutting down to 57 KG. Beard is a good sized and strong 197lber. He didn't cede any strength to Surber, but Surber's strength should play a factor against a lot of the R12/R16 guys - thinking gents like Tanner Harvey. I am not saying you are overestimating Surber's strength, or power - just that you might be underestimating what some of the 197lbers are bringing to the table.
  9. I kinda wish Fix had moved up to 141 this season. He's not beating RBY, we all know that. 141 lost it's champ, Nick Lee, and I think Fix would roll right through 141 this year. The question with Carter Young is if he can even make it back down to 133. Didn't he go at 141 last year? I think Surber AA's at 197 this year. He's going to horse most of the guys he wrestles, he's used to wrestling 260 pounders, those 197 pound guys will be nothing.
  10. either that or asked him: "so John, how do you really feel?"
  11. Is this the part where Pete Davidson tells him to calm down?
  12. I agree 49 - 65. V needs the year of experience, an out of shape fat G pinned Humphreys (slow ref) and Sheets looked fine. No one is scoring much points at 65 and G can score just as many (maybe more he's a dangerous pinner) as Sheets at 57, let em eat.
  13. https://pistolsfiringblog.com/john-smith-unhappy-with-big-ten-reluctancy-to-schedule-oklahoma-state/
  14. Super stoked for this one, guys! https://mgoblue.com/news/2022/11/14/wrestling-wolverines-add-bout-at-ballpark-dual-against-oklahoma-state.aspx
  15. I am okay with the VV-G-Sheets lineup rolled out. Especially for duals. Having G and Sheets drop, or start descending, onky harms their peak potential. Leave them be. Got Mastro and Williams next year at 157/165 (maybe Mastro at 149 and VV at 157?). Also, I like Whittlake at 184. Let him get used to the weight and he'll be just fine. As Willie eludes, not PK/Hidlay level but a win over a Romero or a Coleman or a Loew does not surprise me.
  16. I think he could be, not necessarily that he will be.
  17. I think Wittlake can be very solid up two weights. that being said, idk if he's Keck-Hidlay level. i wouldn't put him there yet.
  18. Am I alone in thinking that a healthy Whittlake is right up there with Hidlay and Parker-Keck? Also, Mastro at 165? It always seemed to me, scholastically, that he would get horsed any time he went above 152. I almost prefer Sheets at 165 and Mastro at 157. Also also,10000% wish Young and Fox had swapped this season. Or Redshirt Young and have Whitcraft at 133 for the season. Also 3x, I am not sold on Surber at 197. I would not be surprised to see him contending for a title, though. It is like the Top 12 can contend with the right draw.

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