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Lineup Questions

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I think 125, 133, 149, 157, 165, 184, and 285 are all set.

That leaves...

- 141 -


Nolan, SO - The do it all, 'go where you tell me to coach' kid.  I thinknhe will have a size advantage on Kim and that will make it so he does a little vetter than Kim down the stretch, just not well enough to hold off Mattin.

Kim, SO - Kim has the talent and drive to do well at 141, I just don't think he is big enough to be a successful B1G 141lber.  He will see success on the early season open circuit if he partakes, though, before the grind hits.

Mattin, JR - He is a grinder with a drive.  He isn't the most athletic or the strongest or the quickest, but if you aren't elite in those areas he is going yo put you through a dogfight.

Beginning: I think we see Kim and Nolan battle it out early on, as I think they will ease Mattin in.

Middle: By the time B1G duals roll around I expect Mattin to assume the starting roll, with Nolan spot starting as needed - if Mattin needsa breather.

End: Mattin will qualify for NCAAs and win a match or two.  With the right draw and an upset or two to help, he could sneak on the podium in this year's 141 weight class.

- 174 -


Walker, SO - Amine said he was one of his key workout partners leading up to the Olympics.  That has me thinking that he is going to come out of this ahead.

Maylor, JR - I think Maylor just doesn't have the horse in today's 174.  While he might be competitive with the middle tier, he won't be able to match Walker when you get to the NQ type wrestlers as far as production or output.

Bullock, SO - I think him and Walker are right there together, but I think he will be a better 184lber going forward.  Too bad Finesilver is there, huh?  I am hoping that he concedes and stops the cut to 174.  I really think he has a good shot to be a spot starter at 197 until he can solidify himself by B1Gs.

Beginning: I want to say Walker, as he has the most grit, but I expect that until shortly after Christmas we see all three rotate in until one separates.

Middle: I think by the change of the year Bullock stops cutting to 174 to 'settle' at 184 until he is called up and Walker will solidify that he is the #1 guy.  I won't call Walker going 0.500 or better in B1G action, but he will make everyone not named Cartet Starocci earn their win(s).

End: I think Walker qualifies.  Just like Mattin, with the right draw he could sneak out a couple-few wins.  Likely a year out of the AA discussion, though.

- 197 -


Striggow, SR - Striggow just doesn't grind my gears for me.  He has been content sitting in thr background since his brother was on campus and it doesn't seem like he hss improved.  He is still our best option, even if he doesn't win a single B1G match.

Yatooma, SO - I think the only ways we see him start is spot starting due to injury of Striggow or if Striggow does very, very horribly.

Bullock, SO - While Striggow might not win a B1G match, it is more because today's 197lbers in the B1G are animals.  I do think some time in January we will start seeing Bullock bumping up and he will solidify himself as the starter by B1Gs.

Beginnig: Striggow will glide through the easy part of the season around 0.500 and then not do so well starting around CKLV.

Middle: If Striggow struggles I think we see Bullock step in.

End: I don't think Bullock will have enough matches at 197 to qualify for a wildcard si he will need to earn it at B1Gs.  I just don't know.  If he makes it, maybe he can athlete himself out a match, but he isn't even average sized for 184.  He will struggle with the grind of full-size 197lbers at NCAAs.

"I know actually nothing.  It isn't even conjecture at this point." - me



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As of now:

125:  McHenry appears to have the spot, although watching him, he doesn't appear to be 100% healthy, and injury defaulted to eighth place at Vegas this past week.

133:  Ragusin appears solid.  Semifinal match against McGee was much closer than the match during the pandemic a few years ago.

141:  In spite of getting stuck in the quarters, Cole Mattin looking solid, and always comes to compete.

149:  Lamer overall looking solid against top competition despite losses to Parco and Arrington.

157:  Lewan good, hopefully injury not severe.

165:  Amine back by January

174:  Walker getting used to being on stage.

184:  Finesilver looking good against most competition, still struggles against the best.

197:  This might be a problem.  Striggow and Bullock both out with knee injuries, and Yatooma had to withdraw from Vegas this past weekend.  That would leave Cummings and Trost as the last options.  Stay tuned.

HWT:  Parris is the man.  They brought Jenkins to Vegas to be his workout partner; hopefully he's learning things fast.

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