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I'm Validated

Ban Basketball

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16 hours ago, Bigbrog said:

OMG...you said "catch phrases"....I heard a MSM dolt say that so you must watch that person every day and support them...

Sounds pretty stupid Plasi doesn't it?

And of all the people you could align to, you pick dum dum Ban??  Come on...we all know you are better than that...

You have trouble outwitting me,  don't you,  ma"am.

Not once have you been able to prove me wrong,  yet every sentence of yours is directly from the mouths of people who deliberately keep people uninformed and angry.  You're their walking model of it,  ma'am.

Owner of over two decades of the most dangerous words on the internet!  In fact, during the short life of this forum, me's culture has been cancelled three times on this very site!

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