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  1. He has been working for NCSA for years as their head wrestling recruiter. Occasionally, he talks about getting back into coaching.
  2. Love 'im or hate 'im, PD3 is a recent example, too. Admission standards have changed in the decades since the 1990s, when guys could still start at a NJCAA program and then win a D1 title, but I believe that D1 college coaches have communicated MUCH better with potential student-athletes that they want eligible, retainable guys for five years, not two. That means, if a top PSA isn't recruitable right out of high school, don't expect to hear from many D1s after your JuCo days are over, as their investments tend to be long-term, not short-term. There are exceptions to that rule but not many. However, Oregon State did hire former Clackamas Community College head coach Josh Rhoden a few years ago. Josh was a master at finding former four-year school castaways and building an empire out in Portland with said guys. The Beavs have landed some tough JuCo champs, but the true test of their viabilities are yet to come. All that being said, the JuCo ranks for D1 talent are WAY thinner now than they've ever been, even if some of their coaches tell you otherwise.
  3. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is on the SUNY "side of the house", right? I imagine that changes things for people seeking transfer options.
  4. I felt like I was watching my youngest play Mine Craft. Is that an existing structure on campus that is to be renovated or a completely new build?
  5. That stadium and the attached weight room are friggin' sweet! We held the seeding meeting for the 2023 Super Regional in their VIP boxes overlooking the stadium, and it was nice. UCO's wrestling room and coaches' offices would rival most D1s, too. If that guy is supporting OSU wrestling now, DT better keep him close.
  6. One might also include Esposito and Guerrero in there before Scott.
  7. "... after the university recently moved forward with plans to offer buyouts to help stave off a projected $40 million budget gap." That's no bueno. I don't see how the Athletics department makes it through this unscathed.
  8. I don't know that he was resigned to his fate, if you will, as much as the Penn State influence of wrestling not being your identity plays a role. He talks about gee-oh-dee a lot now, which is part of the PSU/NLWC play book. My guess is that he gave it his all, but sees the bigger picture of life.
  9. https://signalcleveland.org/we-are-at-a-point-of-reckoning-inside-cleveland-state-latest-meeting-about-its-financial-future/
  10. Yes; make the switch, but... Add a "turn clock" for a real full 10 seconds after a takedown is scored. The clock would reset when exposure points are awarded. The time after takedown is too subjective for me right now, and a "turn clock", if you will, nearly takes the ref out of that decision. I wouldn't mind overtime coming back, but I do understand the rule as it exists and how it promotes action. Do a little more tightening up on who is initiating the action and thus who is awarded points. Address grounding as negative wrestling and have it scored as a caution and one each time OR have the offending wrestler receive a caution and be placed on the activity clock. A move to adopting Freestyle at the youth, high school and college ranks would make college tournaments more exciting with post-grads coming back to compete domestically. More international kids might take a chance on coming to the U.S. to earn a degree and wrestle for your favorite team. In reality, nothing for the sport (except the rules) would change significantly except creating more competitiveness and depth at each level.
  11. Any news on other candidates? Would Bolyard leave the maize and blue for a shot at heading up his alma mater? What about Jason Borrelli?
  12. I really wish there was parity in the sport, but if you're among the best in this country coming out of high school, why wouldn't a young man consider Penn State University/NLWC as his best option for career longevity?
  13. In the last few years, a good number of IHL athletics departments have made/are making the jump from NAIA to D2. Anyone in the know care to share why this is taking place?
  14. How's Bo's international career shaping up?
  15. It won't happen in what's left of my life, but I hope that the U.S. can move the sport to Free and Greco. Imagine how much more depth would be created, how much more competitive and how much larger WTT/OTT brackets would be as a result. Wanna see weight classes added back to the Olympic Games? Go Free and GR in the U.S. (instead of collegiate) and watch more nations become competitive on the World stage as many of those young folks wrestle for other countries. More eyes on the sport means more viewers means more money means greater leverage power for UWW.
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