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  1. Man I really thought J’Den was going to be the one to get Snyder over the years too. He did such a good job of forcing Snyder to continue to adapt and improve each cycle. Hats off to a hell of a career for J’Den. I’m going to miss seeing him compete, but nothing beats fatherhood. I’m glad he will get to invest fully in that in his next chapter.
  2. Sounds great! Thanks for the update. And no worries at all- totally my fault for absence on the board for an extended time. I’ll plan to join back next year if the spots fill. I’ll check back tomorrow and see.
  3. Hey everyone- sorry for the delay. Life has been busy with young kids! I’m happy to join if you all need another. I’m available Sunday at 1, but totally understand if you’ve already filled all slots.
  4. Anyone else think that ref was reallyyyyyy late on starting the danger count against Lovett? Seemed like a solid 4+ seconds, but the ref was pretty behind getting into position. Great match though!
  5. Wish I could like this post more than once. I’ve watched a lot of BA matches over the past few years and you just have to take those results with a grain of salt. He’s so damn fun to watch, but it can also get kind of random with results and how the matches are dictated.
  6. It was Vince Zurban, who ended up having a nasty NCAA tourney run and being an All American. He gave Austin O’Connor a tough match in the first round too. Good comparison though because I think Cardenas will probably AA so similar situation. Edit: whoops, Zurban lost in the blood round. I thought he AA’d on the backside for some reason. Still had a nice tourney though.
  7. Stanford with a heck of a showing today. Cardenas was ready for everything Shapiro had to offer.
  8. Shoutout to McNeil for taking out the tournaments trash.
  9. Well…. That’s what they are lol. They are throwback singlets. But were actually worn by the team and not rejects
  10. Shapiro looked like an animal against BA. The only thing I’d say to keep in mind is BA has historically had a hard time in tournament formats. His style is elite for duals because he can spend it in 7 minutes and put on a show. Tournaments…. Well, not so much haha. He starts running out of steam pretty quickly as matches go on. I’m really interested to see Shapiro in these upcoming matches. If he runs through Cardenas/Teemer/Robb or Lewan, there’s a solid chance he runs the table in March.
  11. I’m halfway playing devils advocate here. But gambling and jay walking isn’t even an apple to oranges comparison. It’s apples to elephants. There’s a reason why the NFL and other professional organizations have a no tolerance policy as well (remember Calvin Ridley missing an entire season in a sport where the average career lasts about 3 years?). There are *infinite* opportunities for defrauding a billion dollar industry if you have folks betting from the inside. When I wrestled at UNC, I had a lot of classes with other sports players. I was really close with a couple cornerbacks on the football team and my suite mate was a walk on basketball player. I knew things going on with those teams days and weeks before the public. See where this could be a problem? I could bet a line with information that hasn’t been made public yet. I loathe the NCAA. They do so much wrong. But a no gambling period rule is somewhat reasonable. Now we can argue all day long if the punishment was too much, but I get the reasoning at least.
  12. I’m not going to lie, I came into this expecting to click his thread and feel bad for him and think it was ridiculous. Then I got to the part where he said “yeah I knew the rules. I didn’t attend the meeting. I just did it anyways because it’s not a huge deal” and he lost any sympathy I was going to give him. That’s a good PR example of how not to explain your situation to the public.
  13. Dake’s style at the world level has become increasingly more agitating. And it’s why magic man has surpassed him. Anyone who’s ever watched Dake in his career knows he can do so much more offensively. But he’s content to try and win every match against a competent opponent 3-0 while hugging his opponents in chest wraps as often as he can. I have no idea why he’s decided to pigeonhole himself into that. Meanwhile, DT says I’m going to pour it on anyone, anywhere as much as I want to. I wish Dake would start wrestling with that mindset.
  14. Damn. Was really hoping Kid Dynamite could take out Sidakov. Seemed like Sidakov was very well prepared for the chest wraps….
  15. My hopes are pretty high too. It took him 2 years to put together the 2nd highest rated recruiting class in the country at Stanford. He knows how to get kids to come (or as he says he recruits the parents and the kids will follow).
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