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  1. Smith said Otoole was in the room working on single leg defense. He also spent 5 min talking about the Carr match . Otoole vs Carr will happen
  2. They left the decision up to Gabe just telling you what I know . They've a good 174 in Kennedy. And left the decision up to Gabe if he wanted to go 184 or not
  3. I could see Figs hitting the portal. He doesn't look like he has that he once had.
  4. Ayers was smart for leaving when he did. He was aware that they were in another rebuilding phase . We won't know how Dubuque will be for about 3-4 years from now. Anyone judging him on this season doesn't understand how things work or they just don't like Dubuque.
  5. I would expect him and Anthony to travel around the country and do some MMA training while still living in Iowa. With many classes being online and summer classes credits won't be an issue
  6. If Carr and Otoole split. And Mitchell runs the table and beats Hamiti and Caliendo I don't see anyway he's not the #1
  7. If Carr and Otoole spilt matches and he's undefeated he's the #1
  8. Cant think of names currently but it's happened to stretch eligibility in the past I believe
  9. Belton who's athletic beat Jamison I think Ech wins this one easily. I have Oklahoma st winning the dual. They win 125 133 157 174 184 197
  10. AJ gets people talking regardless if you hate him or like him. Others have done the same as he's doing and I don't remember anyone saying anything. And just because you take an ORS doesn't mean you can't take classes
  11. The event is Feb 21-24 . Suriano has plenty of time to recover from that workout
  12. It's definitely the way the calendar fell this year . I always say its late when it's after Paddy's day although like you said it's still the 3rd Thursday
  13. Andrews beat Tabor MN and I heard he beat Nash in the room as well .
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