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  1. https://youtu.be/70eU840lc38?si=Ar0oCqemKBbdOOOA
  2. @nhs67...you need to dress your thread with hot topic issues to gain decent conversation. Throw in hot topics like Gambling, Portal, Nil, @Ban Basketball, liberals are whiny wimps, as a defense lawyer @VakAttack only represents those that he knows are guilty and works diligently to get them off all charges, for me personally got to throw in a Cinnabon party foul, something for PSU fans so @Interviewed_at_Weehawken can get into another argument about Cael & company, and something about D11 in PA to get @flyingcementto participate. Surprised @ionel hasn't posted yet. He's our Bubbles from the Wire and appears everywhere
  3. Apologies my friend. Got curious and started diving in a few pages back.
  4. I personally think that the crime isn't outrageous at all but at the same time it isn't as if Nelson didn't know the rules. He just didn't think he'd get caught. That's an entirely different conversation that Nelson backers such as yourself, @Wrestleknownothing, & @VakAttack appear to be glossing over.
  5. Apologies, just trying to catch up and too lazy to go back and read through this thread. On the one year ban for the wrestlers Is your argument that the rule is ridiculous, the penalty is too harsh and there should be no repercussions? Same but the repercussions should be minimized?
  6. Holy smokes you are correct. Vak has been MIA for awhile. Explains everything
  7. You two should duel in Carver Hawkeye but sorry Lin-Manuel Miranda I'm placing my bet on Husker_Burr...Also why is it interviewed_at_Weehawken? Shouldn't it be shot_in_weehawken or Mr.Weehawken_Gut_Shot?
  8. There's an entirely different thread on this very topic.
  9. Glory days, yeah they'll pass you by Glory days, in the wink of a young girl's eye Glory days, glory days Rock it, now
  10. hey now Don't dream it's over Hey now, hey now When the world comes in They come, they come To build a wall between us We know they won't win
  11. Is it obvious they would dominate or would they struggle and keeping posting about international topics on the college forum? Discuss
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