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  1. Hopefully this thread permanently gets you off the sidelines and we get your input on a regular basis.
  2. And countdown 3,2,1 @Interviewed_at_Weehawken brings up that one time Cael lost his composure after the Taylor Cox match
  3. Depends how we want to define "best ever". College, absolutely not (Mike Caruso 3 timer) (Mocco 2x champ 4x finalist). International you can definitely argue he has a slight edge over Bruce with more titles even though Bruce has more medals (only counting Olympics/Worlds)
  4. You're absolutely right. I guess I always associated Vision Quest with Oregon wrestling for some reason.
  5. Only if you incorporate ice cream to your Post next week
  6. Going to step in as an ambassador for a few states Hawaii Travis Lee Vermont Robert Hamlin Louisiana Daniel Cormier Tennesse Jordan Leen New Mexico Joe Puerta New Hampshire Connor McGonagle??? Oregon Louden Swain
  7. Alex Meade should've been the guy. A classic "what if" wrestler
  8. New Yorkers always forget they have the Banach brothers.
  9. Don't forget you're on Post a Cinnabon thread next week. It's in the contract.
  10. Not if Terry would let Tom stand on his shoulders and create Brands Voltron. You're welcome HR/GIA
  11. Recovery protocol requires a weaning off period of 3 weeks. WKN last week. I had this week. @ionel is in the batter's box for next week.
  12. I don't think Hidlay will wrestle Brooks any differently if they meet at NCAAs. These guys that jump up to 197 a lot of times find it easier to get to their offense. Nickals bonus rate dramatically increased when he moved up to 197 as has Aarons. I wouldn't say Nickal or Arron jumped many levels their senior year. 197 has always been a weight with a few studs, sometimes none, with a huge drop in talent. Also, I don't think Hidlay went up to 197 to take another crack at Brooks. It's an Olympic year and he's filling into 86kg.
  13. Sometimes your Penn State hate goes too far. Objectively, Hidlay has stalled his toosh off in each of their matches. Except last year when he finally engaged and lost by a wider margin than the previous matches. I enjoy the shots you take at a lot of PSU fans. Keeps them honest. But this is just a terrible take
  14. First let me say I'm a huge PSU fan but after watching these last couple of duals it's obvious they are overrated. They'll probably win the Big 10's but in the NCAA tournament they will have to wrestle better opponents. Braeden Davis has been exposed. Tyler Kasak is too small and too young. Cael should have redshirted him. Beau Bartlett has been good this year but he'll probably finish at best 5th place. Mesenbrink is too undersized. Levi Haines looks injured. Trent Hidlay is better than Aaron Brooks. Nagao and Traux probably wont place. Maybe they will take 8th. PSU will only have two champs. Starr and Kerk. So, who is the team that will beat them? I think probably Iowa but maybe a team like Cornell? Discuss
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