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  1. On a side note, @Husker_Du, who the heck is Elliot Humphries? Hell of a run at Fargo
  2. To be fair I don't think there is anything they could've done for season 3 that wouldn't have been a let down. The ending to season 2 is up there with Vader revealing his identity to Luke
  3. Andor was great. I've enjoyed the Mandalorian. The Vader vs Obi -Wan battle in the tv series was well executed
  4. Scout, do you think it's time to also reveal to @RockLobster that the earth isn't flat or is that too much for him?
  5. Where are you getting this info from? From what I've read so far is the FBI hasn't found any evidence to this point that reveals his political ideology. Facts that I have found and are corroborated 1) He was a registered Republican 2) He made a small donation to Progressive Turnout Project, a liberal group 3) He voted once in the 2022 midterms 4) They have yet to find any social media posts that reveal his ideology 5) No one who knew him intimately has come forward revealing any political ideologies he might have had. There is a classmate "claiming" Crooks mocked him for being a Trump supporter in 2016. Emphasis on "claiming" 6) The NYTimes reported that Crooks had searched for images of both Trump and Biden. He also searched for dates of Trump Appearances and the DNC Convention. This report is based on a 2nd hand account of a "person" on a conference call with lawmakers. Supposedly he also searched "major depressive disorder" 7) His father is registered as a Libertarian and his mother is registered as a Democrat
  6. Here's some Dapper Dan Trivia. -The year 1992 is probably the most famous because of the Bono/Kolat match. Manning heavyweight that year for team USA was now Wisconsin head coach Luke Fickell. -NCAA champs who have lost at the event are Kellen Russell, Eric Juergens, Jake Herbert, Darian Cruz, Anthony Ashnault, Cory Clark, Alex Dierenger, Chris Perry, LeRoy Smith, Barry Davis, Jeff Prescott, T.J. Jaworsky
  7. Last time I remember it was 6 and 0 but I might've stopped counting
  8. Would've been fun to watch him compete in college. His run at the 2016 OTT's was extremely impressive. Side note, first time I ever heard of Yazdani is when he impressively beat Pico at 2014 World JR's.
  9. Before I start I consider myself pro choice sometimes and pro life with restrictions the other times. I'm all over the place on this issue but here is the crux of it for me. Let's throw out the extreme scenarios. Which I hope all of us can agree on. Let's say the female and the fetus are healthy. At what point does the fetus have rights? Or does the fetus deserve no rights until it exits the womb?
  10. Agree they are different scenarios but there is relevance. Would you classify abortion as a civil right?
  11. Well, hopefully a few posters can refrain from name calling and instead enhance the conversation with actual facts.
  12. He's a stud and will fit well into Taylor's room. He has a lot of upside. At this point he's not up there with the other guys you mentioned. He's placed at some major tournaments in Folk and Free but has yet to win any of them from what I remember.
  13. Fellas fellas. Lets clear our heads and get some facts straight. Toilets, sanitation in general, is an important component to a healthy society. It provides protection from disease and infections. List of waterborne disease a toilet helps prevent: hepatitis, amoebiasis, and gastrointestinal infections. Toilets also offer prevention of environmental contamination. Also the spread of mosquitos that can transmit diseases like dengue, yellow fever, and zika.
  14. Not trying to argue but that was less than 1/2". Grazed his ear. Another point is that the shooter (if he had any training) would have waited for Trump to turn to his right. The target (Trump in this case) turning towards the shooter created a larger target area. I'm guessing the shooter used an AR-15 chambered in 5.56/223 and used a 55 or 62 grain bullet. FPS would've been slightly higher than 2500 at 150 yards. Anyways, just some trivial stuff
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