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Probable Lineups.

125 No. 10 Malik Heinselman (Sr.) vs No.5 Liam Cronin (GR) or Jacob Van Dee (Fr.)
133 No. 9 Jesse Mendez (Fr.) vs Kyle Burwick (r-Jr.)
141 No. 20 Dylan D’Emilio (r-Jr.) vs No. 5 Brock Hardy (r-So.)
149 No. 3 Sammy Sasso (r-Sr.) vs Dayne Morton (Sr.)
157 No. 25 Paddy Gallagher (r-Fr.) vs No. 1 Peyton Robb (Jr.) or Antrell Taylor (Fr.)
165 Gavin Brown (Fr.) vs Bubba Wilson (So.)
174 No. 6 Ethan Smith (r-Sr.) vs No. 2 Mikey Labriola (Sr.)
184 Gavin Bell (r-So.) vs No. 15 Lenny Pinto (r-Fr.)
197 Luke Geog (Fr.) vs No. 10 Silas Allred (r-So.)
285 No. 18 Tate Orndorff (r-Sr.) vs Cale Davidson (Sr.)or Harley Andrews (Fr.)

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125 Malik loses 3-1. He wrestled hard. No one I want more to AA.
133 Mendez folded Burwick.
141 SV...D'Emilio loses 8-6. Tough match. D'Emilio wrestled well against the number four guy. Moving in the right direction.
149 Sasso Fall.
157 Paddy loses a one point match. To the number one wrestler in the rankings. Not many of us would have predicted that.

At the break...OSU 10 - NU 9.

165 Brown loses 10-4. Kharch wins this match. No question. Wrestle-offs be damned...OSU 13- NU 9
174 Smith loses but he's game. Smith loses to the number two wrestler in the rankings. Moving in the right direction. OSU 13 - NU 12
184 Bell gets beat by fall. I like Pinto. He's been fun. I believe Romero beats Pinto. We'll find out in a few weeks I hope. OSU 16 - NU 12
197 Geog loses. He was roasted by the third. I'm looking forward to him next season. Loses to a very good Allred. I'm a Geog fan. OSU 16 - NU 15
285 Orndorff gets a FF. I believe Orndorff is favored no matter who wrestles.

UN 25 - OSU 16 OSU 19 - NU 15

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