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  1. You know, I was thinking yesterday: do you think that maybe he feels better about 5th than all the 4ths? His tournament record is the same but instead of closing the tournament Win/Loss, he finishes on the high note of a win. They say that the bronze medalist always seems happier than silver.
  2. especially because he's on record that he doesn't like to cut. whether he would go 149 or 157 was an open question in the preseason.
  3. I wish Lewan all the best in life but i have never enjoyed watching a successful wrestler less than i did watching any match of his.
  4. Jacob Cardenas has finished his Ivy eligibility because he didn't slow down his academic progress during the COVID years to wrestle. I wonder if he'll rejoin Koll.
  5. all kidding aside, these two guys are going to go at it for two more years and you love to see it.
  6. he wrestled two extra matches but they were worth half as much!
  7. See you in the third place match if you make it. I feel good about Shapiro's chances.
  8. Thought the stall call against Shapiro in the third period against Cardenas was incredibly premature. It cost him, in the end because with a 3-1 lead and Cardenas holding RT a second stall call would lead to OT. Shapiro's attempt at a shot led to the go-behind that gave Cardenas the win. I think he survives getting his bell rung if he doesn't have the stall looming over him. (Especially when Cardenas spent the entire second period just laying on top of him without trying to turn or getting a stall on top though that also would have been a tetchy stall call).
  9. Checking myself: 125: Poulin (20) v Smith (15) 141: Edmond (21) v Vombaur (28) 174: Simma (28) v Pasiuk (18) I think that's it.
  10. Any matches with a guaranteed surprise AA? Like, neither guy in the top 12?
  11. Foca's first round loss was a nightmare. Looked like he lost track of the clock and got taken down with one second left by F&M's Conway. In the consys he went 15-0 Tech, 16-1 Tech (in 90 seconds against Ayzerov who beat him at CKLV, the Columbia dual and EIWAs) and 11-3 major over Bullock. Looking really good heading into his blood round match against Stewart Jr.
  12. Only misses in the first post in the thread: 125: Klinsky (Rider) over Molton (Campbell) 133: Carter (Gardner-Webb) and Owen (Columbia) over Drury (UVU) and Brya (N. Ill.) 165: Fields (NC State) over Hepner (Ohio State) 174: Simma (N. Iowa) over Brennan (UALR)
  13. Coach Grey's post-tournament update said everyone is able to go. How healthy? idk
  14. I hated the way Vito wrestled that match. Waited beyond the last possible second to score in the second and seemed like he was setting up to win at the whistle in the third and Crookham took the initiative.
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