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  1. Is cardboard allowed for head spins?
  2. It's not only a rules violation, it is class A sexual felony in most jurisdictions.
  3. He is a very articulate young man. His quotes and quips will be regarded in the highest esteem amongst all the greats. "I'd spit in his face" "Wipe your ass with that money"
  4. So I'd you're proud of your country and culture, you're no good?
  5. If they land Taylor it will be the best coaching hire since Sanderson left Iowa State, for State College imo. It's a game changer.
  6. Gavin wrestled under Roselli when Keith made the world team fyi.
  7. Nickal can't beat Dake. He lost to Myles Martin twice. lol
  8. He will always be remembered for losing to Dake. That's the best memory of all.
  9. Slandered an entire fan base? Who Starroci? Or some internet guy? lol "I'll spit in your face." c starrocci. lol
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