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  1. Does Wisconsin need to juggle their lineup to beat Drexel and Rider? If so, that's a rather sad statement for the Badgers.
  2. Jim Martin lost twice as a HS frosh. I was his 100th consecutive win, as he won three straight PIAA titles. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks. Not sure about Goldman. Ten career losses (132-10). NCAA finals losses were to M. Schultz, J. Scherr, and D. Chaid. 4x B1G champ. Not sure that there were other champs for him to run into. He had seven total losses as a frosh & none of the other AAs were NCAA champs. I hit on O'Connor by targeting weight classes that had 4-5 timeframes with multiple champs... i.e., the 149-157 brackets during the mid-to-late 2000s. I also looked at 125-133 during that timeframe (Nickerson, Donahoe, Escobedo, Ness, Coleman Scott, Valenti).
  4. J.P. O'Connor with SIX! 132-17 career (9 losses to six champs): Jordan Leen, 3x (2007 Dual @ 149, 2007 EIWA @ 149, 2009 EIWA @ 157) Dustin Schlatter (2007 NCAA @ 149) Jordan Burroughs, 2x (2008 NCAA @ 149, 2008 Vegas @ 157) Bubba Jenkins (2008 NCAA @ 149) Darrian Caldwell (2008 NCAA @ 149) Gregor Gillespie (2009 NCAA @ 157) His other losses were to: Josh Churella, 2x (2006 Vegas, 2007 NCAA) Jake Patacsil (2006 Midlands) Cesar Grajales (2008 EIWA) Michael Chandler (2008-09 Dual) Chase Pami (2009 NCAA R12) I can't find the other two losses from his frosh season, which probably occurred in open tourneys. He only had one dual loss that season, and I've got the Vegas and Midlands results.
  5. I believe Jason Bryant posted these links recently... Dual meets: https://almanac.mattalkonline.com/2023-24-division-i-dual-results/ Tournaments: https://almanac.mattalkonline.com/2023-24-college-wrestling-tournaments/
  6. Yeah... But Dake's losses were to a couple 2x All-Americans... Reece Humphrey(4-2) and Zach Bailey (2-1). Both losses were in OT.
  7. Question about the SV period in the 133 match. Latona tweaks his knee and takes time to walk it off. Not sure why there was no injury time? At about the 10:40 mark, it briefly looked like McGonagle was expecting to have choice. If there had been Injury Time (in SV), would McGonagle have been given choice (select bottom), and had the opportunity to win with an ESC?
  8. Still counts as a D1 loss on his record. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Crookham is a 133. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. It’s been posted to YouTube… Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. My projection: #1 Fix #2 Vito #3 Crookham Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Yes, I was aware of Crookham’s prowess, as indicated by my previous post, but still had to give Vito his due. I mean, he won his world title pretty easily. I really believe Vito underestimated him. Even when he was down 5-4 midway through the third, Vito appeared to be very nonchalant. It appeared to me that he felt he could “turn it on” and pull out the win. Crookham’s neutral defense was too good. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Agree. Here's the post I made on the Lehigh forum: All that said, I see him coming into the rankings around #3 or #4. I think it will go: #1 Fix #2 Vito #3 Crookham I believe Vito greatly underestimated Crookham, and wasn't able to react effectively when it was necessary. His mistake... nothing against Ryan, but I expect that Vito will be better prepared next time.
  14. Shapiro did as well (right knee).
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