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  1. Coleman wore Red, White, and Blue - Stars & Stripes. RBY not so much. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Zane didn’t qualify, nor is he in Gomez’ weight class. Zain Retherford is the USA’s guy at 65kg. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Yes. Here's a YouTube clip from his presser following his second title, in which we speculated on what it take for him to come back for his COVID year. https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxDQyxEKoA_Uaqi3OzqXgBEnugHla2M9Kw
  4. Thanks for that, Gimp. I didn't think to include PA Catholic championships in my research. Just looked at National Preps because that tourney is often time considered to be equivalent on a state title. Question: Did the PA Catholic championship feed into the National Prep tourney at that time?
  5. Already listed, along with every other NCAA Division I champ that did not win a PIAA title.
  6. there was also "Big", who was a huge Nickerson fan.
  7. ...and now wrestles for Team Mexico. He made his choice. Let the Mexicans or the NLWC cough up the pesos for family to go to Paris.
  8. I just posted the list of non-PIAA guys. Here's the full District XI list of NCAA champs (including the Lieberman brothers)...
  9. Caught a small error on my previous post. Greg Ruth won his 2nd title at 160 lbs, after winning the prior year at 167 lbs.
  10. Here's the list. PA has had 90 wrestlers win 125 individual NCAA Division I titles. Within the list of 90 PA NCAA titlists, 33 guys compiled 40 NCAA Division I titles - but never won a PIAA HS championship. Some on the list were National Prep champs. The National Prep list includes Prep titles by Ed Ruth (who transferred to Blair Academy for his SR year), but it does not include Pat Santoro (who won a National Prep title during a post-grad year at Blair prior to enrolling at Pitt).
  11. Building the spreadsheet now. give me 20 minutes to complete it. I'll only do D1 today, but can build our DII & DIII (including the breakout of NCAA "College" division) later.
  12. PA has a ton of guys that fall into this category.
  13. Nope. He defected to Mexico.
  14. Mexican Olympian self-posts (with a State College address) a GoFundMe wearing an Arizona shirt. Maybe the PSU donors don't provide money in pesos? Perhaps he should try selling Chiclets in Tijuana. https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxDQyxEKoA_Uaqi3OzqXgBEnugHla2M9Kw
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