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  1. Ex-Lax Vak: When I, too, was "underaged" I carried on like the rest of us, with consenting folks from my age group. It was not illegal. But since I became an adult, I have not knowingly done so, no. As for your use of "American law", you might not be aware that some states have the age of majority as a year or so younger than others. But I guess in your world, details only matter when you say they do. As for your ongoing perception that your posting musings wondering about unrelated things in a wrestling forum is worth continuing to consume others' attention, whatever. There are some fine folks in these forums, and there is no shortage of worthwhile folks with whom to interact regarding helping wrestling or (in the appropriate forums) sharing insights and inviting worthwhile reactions. That I no longer consider you to be a part of that group should not, and does not matter to you. Ciao.
  2. The only thing clear in this is that your reasoning skills are challenged (to put it politely). I undermined your key premise and assumption and yet you still continue to divert others' attention from helping wrestling to your unsubstantiated mud-slinging. I'm on the verge of adding you to my ignore list, so if you ever write about me in the future, don't assume I saw it (or cared to).
  3. Basically anything that I've seen you post here. I'm on the verge of adding you to my ignore list, so if you ever write about me in the future, don't assume I saw it (or cared to).
  4. I suppose that makes you deserving of all those tax dollars we're still forced to cough up to sustain you. That well's running dry but at any rate, ciao.
  5. If I never bothered to deny something asinine that you (Vak) wrote about me without provocation (as usual), you flatter yourself by assuming that my ignoring you means your allegations are true. I simply tend to avoid sanctimonious folks who waste others' time & spleen while neglecting opportunities to actually help wrestling rebound. I came here before nearly anyone else because I would prefer to interact with folks who want to try to help wrestling. The forum from which so many immigrated to this one a year ago even had user registrations including the words poopy, etc. I'm sorry to see that a few folks here are content with diluting the quality of these forums and making it a sewer, as well. By the way, I became a paying subscriber to Intermat during the mid-1990s and I am glad that they launched these forums. I also appreciate the lack of censorship (as opposed to curating, which is typically orderly and helpful). BTW, I have never been to South America, nor do I care if you think that I have. Ciao.
  6. And you are a tax leech. No wonder you attack the messenger on a daily basis who dared to share the US Debt Clock website and help open others' eyes. Our property, sales and income taxes are high enough because of unproductive folks in education who are more into preaching, brow-beating and doing anything but actually educating. Apparently nobody would pay offerings to come to your church though, so you live off of the taxpayers instead. I'm kinda through responding to you but I figured I'd address your (inaccurately) insulting ways one final time.
  7. >>>i'd read it again, since the differences between his story and the shared story of the victim and the other witnesses were material and explicitly formed the basis of the judge's opinion.<<< Feel free to share what you consider to be sufficiently material, in that respect. As for the age of consent, I do not oppose it. Unwanted pregnancies, the spread of disease and emotional trauma are some of the reasons why we have such a law. In various states, when someone turns 17, they're free to choose for themselves. They could already drive since the age of 15 (with a learner's permit), and 16 (without needing one) and at 18 they can vote. I don't know what the abovementioned wrestling champion's paramour's age was. But it was too young, at least at the time, for the state of Georgia. I wish I could have met with him beforehand and talked him out of it. His life would presumably be much better now. His former practice partner became a h.s. coach in neighboring South Carolina and this guy could have done something simiilar at least in the African-American community in Ga. (which is substantial).
  8. I feel grateful every year that UNC, Duke and NC State don't join Clemson, Ga. Tech. and the SEC of yesteryear by eliminating their NCAA D1 wrestling programs in the South. Hopefully Coach Koll can manage to make winners out of folks from the South (especially North Carolina). That could significantly boost our sport's return further South, couldn't it? Encouragingly enough, NC State fairly recently had an NCAA champion who is apparently from North Carolina.
  9. This new, relevant article is well-written, eye-opening and presumably accurate: https://www.sovereignman.com/trends/six-predictions-from-the-last-weeks-horrific-treasury-report-148384/
  10. Fortunately you'll be able to remember your post published just now, if and when you're ever falsely accused of something and you become dismayed with the groupthink mentality making it possible. I actually know of one convicted sex offender... and he happens to be a former outstanding high school wrestler (who was always polite back in the day, too). He and I haven't spoken since high school but he was a fine fellow who apparently got too close to a female student during his subsequent teaching years. She apparently looked very mature for her age. I think he served time in his native state of Georgia, and subsequently had a difficult time finding employment in just about any field. One other former wrestler comes to mind, by the way. Steven Abas. I'll leave it at that unless inspired by sensible responses not to. I tend to ignore the other kind of posts, as it's not worth anyone's time to do otherwise.
  11. What if Coaches Koll, Ramos & crew can achieve something that N.C. State has occasionally been achieving... recruiting from in-state and making champs out of them? Such efforts could boost fan attendance and wrestling's likelihood of survival in the South. N.C. State had an NCAA champ a few years ago who is apparently originally from North Carolina.
  12. Or she was as shocked as he (reciprocally) was to discover the other's presence, and she wanted to hold him down so her latest partner might awaken and discover Jordan's uninvited presence. Jordan should have gone to a motel and gotten a good night's sleep.
  13. I don't know Jordan Holm, or particularly follow his case. That said, regarding: >>>the people at the party back her version of events, which means it isn't a he said/she said situation, it is he said/they said. his story for trial was different than his story the night of and her story was the same throughout and backed up by the other people at the party.<<< Perhaps his story for trial offered more details, to clarify some matters? Meanwhile, what significant contradictions exist between Jordan Holm's report and those of the "people at the party"? I don't recall the actual existence of significant ones, but I've not read the appellate denial in at least 10 days. It's a nauseating fact scenario on so many levels. The main lesson to be learned from Jordan Holm's disastrous experience is that we should all be careful out there. What could seem like an innocent nap (by invitation) upstairs could be misconstrued (or accurately reported, as the case may be) as something much more eventful. Get a motel room instead... but even there, beware potential allegations by others there that you offered to sell them crack or pay them to commit some other crime(s). Out-of-town visitors might be more targeted by D.A.'s offices seeking to pad their conviction rates in search of funding and re-election. Meanwhile folks with rough criminal records sometimes jump at the chance to help the local cops convict someone else, in hopes of getting more favorable treatment for their own predicaments. Life's to be lived, but with precaution. That said, what happened to Jordan Holm is almost nothing compared to the daily torture to which we subject animals for our own culinary preferences. I've been a vegetarian for half a year now and my athletic performance has improved, as well as my sense of guilt for all I consumed beforehand. I hope to keep the latter enduringly though, to motivate me to try and help relevant societal improvements emerge. I've pretty much said my say about Jordan Holm and others similarly situated. If he was innocent all along, it's tragic. And it can happen to just about any of us if we're not sufficiently prudent.
  14. Such folks are allowed to coach despite not being on the staff? Although I'm glad to see it happen, I can imagine that things could go potentially wrong. I'm merely expressing mild surprise and concern, not disapproval.
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