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  1. Older brother Erik de-committed Cornell first.
  2. Well, this is confusing. Good thing the Ivies are going off on their own next year, otherwise there could be three Nate Taylors in the same tournament. 2024 Recruiting Commitments Penn Nate Taylor 48 Greens Farms Academy CT 184 Penn Luke Simcox 59 Central Mountain PA 141 Penn Davis Motyka 75 Wyoming Seminary PA 125 Penn Nathan Taylor Kingsway NJ 133 Penn Paul Ognissanti Blair Academy NJ 165 Penn Calvin Lachman Quakertown PA 285 Penn Ty Wilson Dublin Scioto OH 157/165 Penn Caden Bellis Tioga NY 165/174
  3. That's what I remember. I recall thinking that "Roger can still recruit".
  4. Looks like a set from one of Kate Beckinsale's vampire movies.
  5. There was a discussion about this on the old Wrestling Report forum years ago when they first doubled the bonus points. A 5th-place finisher could score more points than a champion (I think we were talking about EIWAs specifically, when a champ earned just 12 placement points). Most agreed that there was too much emphasis on bonus points. Examples this year -- at EIWAs Ryan Crookham won and earned 20.5 points; had 1.5 bonus points. Kelvin Griffin finished 3rd and also earned 20.5 points; he had bonus points in all five of his wins, 8.0 points total. An NCAA champ earns a minimum of 20 points -- 16 placement, 4 advancement. Vito Arujau won and earned 24.0 points (4 MDs). Meyer Shapiro finished 3rd and earned 21.0 points (10 placement, 3.5 advancement, 7.5 bonus), so he earned a champion's points in finishing 3rd. There's no right or wrong here; it all depends on what you want to reward. If bonus points are reduced, we'll see less aggressive wrestling.
  6. Anthony D'Alesio wins Long Island U's first-ever Div I championship bout at 184.
  7. Mendez vs Carter in the 1st round just now
  8. Gotta love ESPN. They come on the air with a USAF promotion, introduce themselves, say "Action is underway .... " and immediately cut to a commercial.
  9. I mean that Carter is the #32 seed now.
  10. Trackwrestling's dashboard
  11. I guess there was another scratch, if you call it that. There's no pigtail bout listed at 141, so I guess the alternate isn't able to go.
  12. I don't see any other changes, just Cornella. I'm surprised.
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