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  1. They all seem excited while attending an event. Unfortunately that excitement starts to wane once they get back to their office and we start peppering them to get started on the new program. With the lawsuit against the NCAA about NIL money, will we even see new programs added?
  2. I doubt the refs are on this page. They still don't know or understand FREE MOVE after a locked hands is committed!
  3. Or is just confused when some says "Wiscy"? He says SURE! Straight up is fine.
  4. Kids are still able to use a Covid year?!
  5. Slow down there cowboy. Not everyone in Texas is doing this nor do we condone this. What glorious problem free state do you happen to reside in?
  6. So gather round the campfire and listen to the story....There is a Texas coach that took Texas kids to Estonia, at the same time as Lewis. They stayed at a different hotel and from what I understand basically did their own thing. People say that the Texas coach went skinny dipping in the Baltic Sea (I am not sure if that is a thing over there or not) and posted it on social media. Obviously that post has been removed. There were some kids that also went skinny dipping in the Baltic Sea, but I haven't heard if it was at the same time or with coach or not. Hrovat has been verbally asking why did the Texas coach stay at a different hotel? Because he knew of the abuse and didn't report? Cheaper rates? Closer proximity to the venue? Since Hrovat started asking around, he has received less than pleasant treatment from TXUSAW board of directors. From Hrovat's X post "The head of Texas USAW admitted that a Texas coach who is in good standing according to the director cussed out a mother who reported sexual abuse of minors and then tipped off the abuser has no idea why my club parents have safety concerns." She sent an email complaint, but she never received a response. She did confront the President in person and when asked about the lack of response to the email, he responded with "I don't check emails." The coach in question does have one of the larger clubs in Texas and it would not surprise me if he got favorable treatment because he brings a lot of kids to the tournaments. I hope that helps and no I cannot guarantee that everything is 100% accurate. That is just what I have been told, but by a few reliable sources. I had a friend from another state tell me that his kid was on that trip and did verify that Lewis, who was arrested was doing some weird things with a few of the kids.
  7. Retaliation is a real thing. My wife was a whistle blower at her former place of employment, and they made her life a living hell.
  8. You nailed it! I have encountered that and recently too! I still run into coaches who think that when wrestler A sits out, then wrestler B can come around the body and lock hands, because they have an arm. UGH
  9. That should be a great pick up for Mason!
  10. Mike McCready UNI In 1972 Mike won the Division II National Championship and then followed that up with a third place finish in the Division I field (his only loss coming in the semi-finals to Iowa State’s Chris Taylor). Not a “one-sport athlete”, McCready also won a national shot put title and is still the only two-sport All American at UNI. 15 Freestyle/Greco Roman National titles 1975 Pan Am Gold Medalist 1973, ’75, ’76 World Cup Silver Medalist 1976 Olympic Trials Champion Glen Brand Wrestling Hall of Fame Division III Coaches Hall of Fame UNI Hall of Fame for wrestling and track Division II Hall of Fame Upper Iowa Hall of Fame
  11. What about Greg Wojciechowski from Toledo?
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