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  1. I'm glad you had your decoder ring on and were able to get it without calling out my spelling error lol
  2. The only way to get them to "care" would be if their job depended on it, or keeping the site current made them money.
  3. I don't see how the juice is worth the squeeze. But we will continue to hear his name pop up whenever a team starts to hit the skids.
  4. Plus he would have people like us being nit picky on everything he does, just like they did with Barry Davis! Remember how bent the Wiscy people got when he got black mats?! Lol
  5. So how long does OU give Kish to rebuild? Yes, they are not an Ivy league school, but is he getting the recruits? I know that DJ Parker (184 and followed Kish from NDSU) will be back next year.
  6. I am a proponent of the top 3 D2/D3/NAIA guys being allowed to go the D1 natys, but now I think they would get lured away to a bigger school with NIL money.
  7. This is isn't recent history, but Rulon Gardner and TJ Williams both went to a JUCO.
  8. The starter at 133 was recently in a fight where a guy threw a bong at him. The details were cloudy at first, but he had some lacerations and what appeared to be puncture wounds. Reports were unclear if he was going to return for the remainder of the season and I stopped following the story. The kid is tough and has been having a great season. I hope he gets better soon, as he is entertaining to watch.
  9. Plus we just found out that the kids at Mizzou don't let the bong water get stagnet
  10. Does that mean that his wife no longer wants to see him at home?
  11. Probably went over as good as the time I asked my wife if she had been doing "busy work" all day?
  12. If I am not mistaken, baseball at UO hasn't gone all that well either.
  13. I thought the Illini-Minny dual was on a different thread
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