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Smoke in world’s arena

Dark Energy

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4 minutes ago, Dark Energy said:

Soap has been gone since 2 hours into day 1.  Not surprised to hear about the toilet paper.  No know to self supply.

No beer with alcohol earlier today.  Not sure if that is fixed.

Nope. Still no beer.

And there isn't even TP holders. Makes stadium construction so much easier.

On the plus side, wonderful hosts, great food, and very low prices.

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1 hour ago, Dark Energy said:

They are constantly pumping some kind of smoke / fog into the arena. Why?  Doesn’t make it cooler.  Wondering what I’m breathing.  Can’t be a positive.

And no - it is not from dry ice.  

Anyone know what this crap is?

They're pumping a new airborne covid vaccine for you to breathe.  Before you know it, a microchip will miraculously form into a solid state and be implanted by said fog as well.

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