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Sha'carri Richardson a treasure or tactless?


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The Newly crowned 100 meter world champ and 4x100 Relay Champ.  Supremely talented and georgeous. but appears quite dilluted. 

I'm conflicted about her.   She came to my attention in January  when she was acting up on a plane and was removed.  She was live streaming and refused to turn off her phone.  Richardson argued with the flight attendant regarding her phone being placed in airplane mode before the flight took off.   

Richardson wanted the flight attendant removed from the aircraft for his “unprofessional” behavior (she said he jumped in her videos) and found it unfair that she was kicked off the planef. In her videos, clapping is heard as she departs the aircraft, as the ordeal caused some passengers to miss their connecting flights.   As she was leaving the plane she was saying that they had no idea,  that she was a star and they were just regular people. 

Last week in Budapest. After barely qualifying by finishing third in her heat.  She  faced five-time and defending 100-meter World Champ 36-year-old Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce of Jamaica, widely regarded as the greatest women’s sprinter of all-time, and 29-year-old Shericka Jackson, also from Jamaica, the only athlete to ever win medals at the World Championships in 100, 200, and 400 meters.   She had an amazing kickin the final  20 and did the inprobable.   

After she won the 100 Meter Gold last week she did the  dismissive hands to the face as she was crossing the finish line and declined interviews with white reporters, only interviewing with a black reporter.   

After the 4x100 she was more engagining.  

She's only 23 years old.  But she hasn't even started to be the diplomat the Flo Jo was.  





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She’s a very polarizing figure.

Was supposed to go to Tokyo but ran afoul of USADA for weed. Super talented. But she seems/seemed very easily distracted.

One thing that I noticed recently is that she’s no longer doing the wig/gigantic nails/bedazzled singlet thing. This may or may not have been the look she was going for but “cabaret” would be a good description. Not saying her focus on that side of things caused her poor results, but her better, recent results seem to correspond with ditching all of that.

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