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Discussion of America's team: themy, there UNI Panthers!
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  2. Using the pre-season Intermat rankings we are at 50% chance of 1 and 50% chance of 2 AA's for the Panthers.
  3. Smokin' meats and playin' banjo. Does life get any better? mspart
  4. Thanks for the updates. I think that that was just a one day glitch thing, as it does seem like I can post in The Zoo. I just haven't because it feels like I'm talking to myself, so I grew tired of it. I noticed that someone posted a thread in the non-wrestling topics about smoking and grills, which is a big hobby of mine as well. I'd like to contribute, but I'm sure I'll trigger someone, so maybe it's best that I don't. I've switched to a Traeger and don't like it like my old Bradley smoker. Thanks for the international updates. I don't follow wrestling at all during the off season, so that's all news to me. Anytime Gilman can lose though is music to my ears. Don't like anything about the guy. Still plugging away on my banjo and am getting better everyday. Talk soon and good to hear from you.
  5. HI Ban, I was wondering why you didn't post in the Zoo. It has been awhile. To catch you up, my wife's preschool had their graduation. The event was huge. I smoked 3 pork butts and the BBQ was excellent. Oh and Gilman, Yianni, and Burroughs lost their spot on the world team. It was quite the upset show. The keyboardist in my band in college still records and has a pretty cool song he wrote. It is really good. I think I can make it a little better with some of my own guitar stylings so I will be looking to do that soon. Well there you go. mspart
  6. I've done been disallowed to even post in the Zoo any longer. Apparently, I'm relegated only to this UNI thread now. I get the message, folks. I've known nothing but canceling from wrestling cancel culture, so, no, I won't lose any sleep.
  7. https://twitter.com/UNI_wrestling/status/1605004705792491520/mediaviewer
  8. https://unipanthers.com/news/2022/12/19/wrestling-uni-wrestling-upends-lock-have-no-3-ohio-state-on-opening-day-of-collegiate-duals.aspx
  9. As usual, no starters participated. https://unipanthers.com/news/2022/12/10/wrestling-uni-wrestling-voelker-wins-third-open-title-as-panthers-host-uni-open.aspx
  10. https://unipanthers.com/news/2022/12/6/wrestling-panther-wrestling-hosts-uni-open-this-saturday.aspxhi
  11. Cliff Keen/Las Vegas Invite https://unipanthers.com/news/2022/12/3/wrestling-panther-wrestling-cklv-invite-final.aspx
  12. I'd guess that it's still up in the air, but depending on who goes at 165 this year, I could see a pretty strong possibility.
  13. A link to the story. https://rokfin.com/article/6781/Panthers-Cap-Home-Dual-Attendance-West-Gym-Future-in-Doubt
  14. Cyclone Open https://unipanthers.com/news/2022/11/26/wrestling-uni-wrestling-land-keckeisen-voelker-top-podium-at-cyclone-open.aspx
  15. As an FYI to those who've been to the West Gym, it is no longer the home of UNI rasslin. Due to its age, it's not up to building and safety code, looks to be too costly to get to code, so the McLeod Center is the new/ old home of UNI rasslin. Many may recall that we were rasslin in the McLeod, just after it opened during the Penrith years.
  16. https://unipanthers.com/news/2022/11/20/wrestling-uni-wrestling-four-panthers-claim-titles-at-daktronics-open.aspx
  17. https://unipanthers.com/news/2022/11/12/wrestling-panther-wrestling-claims-three-titles-at-grand-view-open.aspx
  18. Daktronics (SDSU) Open results. https://unipanthers.com/news/2022/11/20/wrestling-uni-wrestling-four-panthers-claim-titles-at-daktronics-open.aspx
  19. First tournament results. Pretty much all freshman. https://unipanthers.com/news/2022/11/12/wrestling-panther-wrestling-claims-three-titles-at-grand-view-open.aspx
  20. Yes, UNI will have depth, but a lot of redshirts make up that depth. 125: Best guess is Kyle Gollhofer. It'd be his first year as a starter. 133: Kyle Biscoglia. 141: Cael Happel. Just won Daktronics Open, beating Carlson from NDSU in the finals. Hoping he breaks out this year. 149: Colin Realbuto. 157: Derek Holschlag. 165: Just my pure guess, but Austin Yant or Christian Minto (2x JUCO champ). 174: Another guess. Two names above, or, most likely, Lance Yunyon. 184: Keckeisen. 197: Noah Glaser. 285: Tyrell Gordon. As for lineup changes leading to better results? No idea here.
  21. Greetings All, Northern Iowa has about as much depth as any squad in the Big 12 and it looks like several spots have NQ type guys battling it out. How do you think these shake out? Also, does anybody think some folks could do better at NCAAs, potentially, had they changed weight classes in the offseason?
  22. I had nothing to do with the use of the name Panther Train, nor Choo Choo.

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