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  1. I am very impressed that Fan of Purdue recognized it as chess! Well done sir! I thought it was just signifying random noise with unrelated characters. I wouldn’t have even had a second guess…the BANG! Learn something new everyday.
  2. NC State definitely…and well enforced….and not in season but from cradle to grave….first day freshman year till you walk off campus…if Ok State does it, they have had a tought time enforcing it…won’t name names but quite a few athletes there have had trouble complying
  3. To be honest I didnt even think of it possibly being an asset actually. I actually felt ripped off that they were tipping their hand before I had a chance to see it happen but you bring up a very good point. Thanks again.
  4. I do agree with you there…I think the reason it bothered me more this past weekend is that when Flo has the broadcast and floarena has the brackets they have upcoming matches. I didnt see similar for Track so i was using the thing at the bottom to let me know when guys I really root for are coming up. I never find the bout board particularly helpful…but thanks for the suggestion
  5. Two things: 1-I drastically misused the word “all”…plenty of room for improvement on other issues for sure but I do appreciate the volume of events 2-Sorry if someone else mentioned the time lag earlier in the thread. Just wanted to get it out there.
  6. I appreciate all that flo does on a macro level as they let me watch wrestling from all over the world for a very reasonable price. those guys are traveling all over the place and my guess is that the accommodations are not top shelf. That said, what i find truly annoying is the fact that the matches in progress where you go to change mats are 30-40 seconds ahead of the match on the big screen. you invariably see score changes that have yet to occur before moving back up to see them “live” on the big screen. I am not a tech guy so dont have any suggestions but it really is bothersome.
  7. This is literally one of the funniest lines I have read on the forums, here or the Mat. Kudos to you sir! Maybe I should get out more but I am still chuckling as I type.
  8. I getcha and I shouldn’t have made my “glass of wine” comment so lazily. The thing I love most about traveling are the people I meet along the way. Thanks for responding.
  9. I agree but it won’t be as easy as last year weight wise. He is gonna have to stay real close to 133 all the time or that cut for OTT will be self defeating. I am confident that his team has that mapped out though.
  10. If you are saying I don’t know anyone who made world teams you are dead wrong. I also am extremely generous with my own coin in working with local wrestling clubs to bring D1 events to our area and more importantly in making sure they have scholarship money to send talented kids to tournaments and camps that their families couldn’t otherwise afford. Not saying you were barking up that tree but if so… I watch all of these events and if I see areas for improvement I comment on it. I don’t have time to spend 19 pages discussing Ban Basketball but I do care deeply about the structure of the sport and improving it. It is crucial that young people get a return on their time spent honing their craft and something seems inefficient to me in how this business is being run. And as an aside to Jason Bryant….just because other people dont bring it up doesnt mean no one can…or should.
  11. I have read the forums for years…I actually enjoy his interplay on many occasions. i don’t comment often but when I do it is generally on improving the sport and the business of the sport. It needs all the help it can get. My biggest complaint is olympic vs non olympic weights (or tweener guys). in my opinion, they should all be tweener guys either moving up or down for a completely different set of weights for the olympics. It ruins the NO’s for what constitutes 75% of the years. But the kids I see at these tournaments don’t always have the dough to get to the big tournaments let alone travel overseas…and thats just in the US…think about the reps from africa or south america. 1 and done just seems like a tough outcome. Let me state clearly I am not a give a ribbon guy by any means…I have coached wrestling for years but it seems like a squandered opportunity to bring all these kids together for one real match. Remember, this was a thread on repechage and its shortcomings. on top of that all the first round losers except 2 go home with just one match under their belt. These are still kids growing and learning. You will notice I never mentioned Seniors. I have coached at NHSCA’s multiple times. There are something like 80 Mats and everyone gets two matches minimum. Are you telling me UWW couldn’t do a better job of this? It demeans the achievement of the kids who qualified from their respective countries in my opinion and has a negative effect on bringing outsiders in to the sport. Lastly, I think one of the greatest achievements in the NCAAs is a guy losing in the first or second round and coming back and landing on the podium. Winning in repechage doesnt compare.
  12. Great Hattie Mcdaniel clip though…I believe she won the Oscar for that…over 80 years ago
  13. I am sure it was a great experience but not sure why you are going so harsh…I do know multiple guys who have wrestled on world teams…my only point is that you have a bunch of kids overseas and nearly half of them leave at 0-1. Not sure where the aggression comes from but my only point was why not have them wrestle the other kids who are there and give them a feel for different techniques. And you said to stay in my lane thus closing any discussion of the topic in your mind. I am glad you had a good experience…did you go 0-1? Not sure what got your back up by my completely benign suggestion.
  14. If you asked AOC, she would say he was just distracted because he wanted to date her.
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