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  1. 6 hours ago, mspart said:

    Yeah, but now we are using our crop land for power rather than feeding the people.   That's what I was getting at.   Yeah, I figured it was field corn that is used but it seems like the land would be better used growing food for hungry mouths rather than gas guzzling machines.   Just my $0.02.


    any studies out there on how much labor/energy/cost there is to producing corn ethanol?

    can't imagine that it would be too efficient. 

    i never realized that ethanol made up that much percentage of total corn use. i guess i just assumed that corn ethanol was made from surplus corn left over from feedlots and such. 

    raising corn for the sole purpose of ethanol production seems inefficient but i admittedly don't know much about it. 

  2. 26 minutes ago, RockLobster said:

    Insinuating? Just read it.

    He said, specifically that our IC was involved with election interference... IT'S RIGHT THERE IN HIS POST!

    how are you this dense?

    he's saying the corrupt American IC posited the Steele Dossier as real and the Hunter laptop as false until after elections and now it's coming to light.

    you, like the dipsh!t you are, just posted in response that Russia is responsible.

    you don't even know wtf you're reading.

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  3. On 6/9/2024 at 12:47 AM, RockLobster said:

    If by, "our IC", you mean the Russian government intelligence community - then you are correct. At least that long and even worse now than ever.

    And - no accusations here - but it wouldn't surprise me if that group is actually "your IC" as you said. Russia has always been a giant propaganda machine... no surprise that now they've invested themselves heavily in worldwide social media. 

    Foreign propaganda is the kind of thing that is really starting to sink in across the country.

    are you a real fuking person? 

    neither one of those things has anything to do w/ Russia and everything to do with being an idiot.

    the only thing obvious is that when the left barks 'russia' all you morons bite. 

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  4. On 6/11/2024 at 4:00 AM, Wrestleknownothing said:

    Nope, neither.

    But I do believe in the "when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time" philosophy.

    like when Biden completely fabricated his college resume?

    or when he plagiarized every speech during his first embarrassing presidential campaign?

    or when he wrote the 1994 crime bill and then bragged about it for 15 years?

    or when he opposed school integration because it would make children grow up 'in a racial jungle'?

    which part/s did you agree with when he showed you 'who he is' that made you vote for him?

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  5. Great topic.

    Ramirez looked really good in Vegas. Oregon State is high on his list and the same goes for #71-Mutarelli who didn't wrestle postseason b/c of transfer rules.

    Olivarez might not wrestle in college. He's a homeschool kid that is a jiu jutsi prodigy. as just a JR in hs he qualified for ADCC's.

    I'm not sure what the Miller's do. Obviously it's difficult to find clear paths to starting at two weights at the same time. I think Iowa leads. 

    The other two big ones left uncommitted are

    - Cali Champ Nikade Zinkin who jumped 20+ lbs since winning a title at 126 in Feb. I'll have an update on where he's looking shortly.

    - and Matt Botello who, frankly, i probably ranked too low. he has really good wins including Jordyn Raney at Ironman. I think he's a Cornell / Northwestern type of profile and Cornell already has like 3-4 great commits at 33-49. so i'm not real sure. 

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  6. you have no earthly idea wtf you're talking about.

    i started this thread.

    but by all means come in and tell us who we are and what we stand for after 3 seconds of observation and a clearly compromised intellect. 

  7. the thing that truly gets me is the self virtue of the adopters.

    they think by going EV they are doing a good thing.

    meanwhile it's exponentially more damaging in all things - environmental pollution (on multiple fronts), efficiency, slave labor.

    part and parcel for the left. they deep throat whatever msm (and their ultra lib grad school professors) tell them. 

    it's utterly not viable right now. we should be working towards it (in labs/test grounds) but what is going on right now is 

    1) lunacy

    2) sad

    3) grifting

  8. i'm supposed to believe these numbers when the statistics on prosecution are down, reporting is clearly invalidated, violent crimes are everywhere are social media, and the mayors of every major city are freaking out?

    it's pretty 'convenient' for you - someone who preaches 'don't believe a word the government tells you about overseas operations' - that the government is being forthright with domestic information.

    especially after the abhorrent misinformation on a 'pandemic'

  9. 3 hours ago, uncle bernard said:

    My goodness, man. Crime skyrocketed in the 70s and 80s. It peaked in the early 90's and collapsed after that.

    Read. A. Book.

    Trump Wrong on Crime Record - FactCheck.org

    you can't be serious. 1) that doesn't include TODAY's #'s

    2) if you believe the numbers that will be reported, i have a bridge to sell ya.


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