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  1. This is the only way to close the loop and end this chain reaction.
  2. North of Illinois geographically, but decades behind it in terms of culture.
  3. I've heard thru the grapevine that he's another one going the football route. Incidentally, has there ever been a Hopke-Kueter match in folk or free? That would be fun to see.
  4. Repost this in 12 months. I'm happy to eat crow if I'm wrong (but I won't be). Kid's a stud at both, but they always pick football.
  5. 100% football. He'll never see the wrestling mat.
  6. The upper weight guys are all pretty much playing football. Even if they say they're wrestling, don't count on it.
  7. Folkstyle can certainly use a few fixes...but that's not one of them. Now try to stay on topic - what can freestyle do to become more watchable?
  8. Limit guys to one turn per takedown and I might start watching. Arujai-DeSantis match is a perfect example of how scoring doesn't accurately reflect skill level differences between the competitors.
  9. 12 months of hiding from the followers of Muhammed is not equally exhausting?
  10. Do they ever try out these rules in live exhibition matches or tournaments? Seems silly to change the rules without first having an opportunity to see how they would operate in a real live match. Sometimes ideas that seem great on paper have unintended consequences that you only see in a real world situation.
  11. Rumor is Brooks moving to 197 with Truax dropping to 184. If someone picks up AJ, we've got two former champs at 197 next season. Who you got and why? Both devout Christians, so I expect Jesus will stay out of it and not play favorites.
  12. Fletcher


    I scored it as 2 takedown and 3 backpoints for green.
  13. Griffith from Stanford in the portal as a grad transfer?
  14. I would argue that, as long as we have riding time, no top wrestling should ever be considered stalling. It's all offense to earn/secure the riding time point.
  15. Ironic that the thread is entitled "worst stallers" and all the replies list the best stallers. Case in point - Dan Dennis; the kid never stalled in his career, so when he needed that skill set in the last 30 seconds of the NCAA finals, he had no ideal how to stall correctly. Make no mistake - stalling and not getting called for it is a learned skill.
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