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  1. The curse of suriano continues
  2. To me Taylor will forever be below JB and Dake given his record vs the two.
  3. What about the years that Taylor lost to Burroughs, dake, cox? Those certainly have to factor in
  4. Correct, just a bit of a bait and switch moment when you see "challenge won" then watch the score go in the "wrong" direction lol
  5. Thought the same thing. He was determined to go to that no matter what, even when it wasn't there.
  6. Lol dake "won" the challenge and in doing so lost by 3 instead of 1 lol I will admit seeing challenge won had me second guessing things for half a second!
  7. Unbelievable. I thought there was no way Armenia was giving up that lace!
  8. Vito made such massive gains in the last year. So excited for him! World champ!
  9. Flo not working during the finals. Shocking..
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