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  1. Is it? The Leah Thomas position tells me it's not.
  2. Would be a pretty good opportunity for both him and Iowa imo
  3. Not sure I'd classify it as a shove. There was zero force behind it but he still put his hands on him
  4. Put the bottle down Mr messenbrink
  5. The abilities of these young guys is absolutely insane. What a great time to be a wrestling fan.
  6. I had an 8 seed (wolf) who went 0 and 2 lol got to be berge's first match on his backside tear at 184
  7. The officials hosed edman of mizzou in the blood round last night. They took close to 15 minutes to "figure things out".
  8. This is the champ this year boys.
  9. Jack stack is the best bbq spot in town imo but there's lot of good options on that front. 801 chophouse and majestic are top notch steak houses. Capital grille is good too if you're looking for a chain that is high end.
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