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  1. So let's say MM runs the table through Big Tens and O'Toole and Carr split with each other, does it go 1 MM, 2/3 - KO/DC?
  2. You shouldn't be rewarded two stall calls in a tied match for taking half-shots lol. Ref decided the match himself. Pathetic.
  3. Very doubtful. I am sure he will get the Spencer Lee treatment. Everyone will be asking what's wrong and trying to blame TNT when he doesn't tech or pin every opponent.
  4. Big NIL Money? No. However, Cass would be compensated for hanging around another year. I have a feeling those "WE HATE IOWA" chants are going to have a lot more emotion behind them this year
  5. Lol you absolutely alluded to did but that's okay. Keep playing dumb. You're perfect for that role.
  6. I never said you could. What I said is correct.
  7. Re-read what I said. Abe has one year of eligibility to compete and two RS options to use. This season he could take an Olympic redshirt and be out the entire season. Then he would come back for the 2024-25 season and would be suspended for 30% of that season before being able to compete again. Of course, this is all contingent on him only being suspended 30% of the season. If he gets suspended an entire season, he's done.
  8. If a junior has an Olympic RS available, he could use it this season (2023-24) and sit out 30% of the 2024-25 season. Assad has his RS and an Olympic RS available to use
  9. This is some mighty fine coping and is simply not true. What WWE tour would bring him through Iowa City for four days?
  10. Gable graduated from the University of Minnesota in May 2022 and can enter the portal and transfer wherever he'd like without needing a release. Things can change but it is starting to sound more and more like this is happening.
  11. LOL this is a message board. It's all a complete waste of time.
  12. Nobody was seriously questioning Cael in 2005 lol. You're right though, time to move on.
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