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  1. I know, but it was a weird tournament. They had a worlds 2 months after the olympics. The result was never replicated by Yaz. I don't put much stock into that win personally even though it was a cool moment.
  2. In that scenario Yaz would have a greater career, but be the inferior wrestler as far as abilities on the actual mat. If he wins in Paris Yaz would be a 2 time olympic champ, 3 time olympic medalist and have senior world medals at weights ranging from 70kg to 86kg. But you can't spend the prime of your career losing to the same guy and be considered better than him IMO. Taylor owned Yaz from 2017 - 2023. Maybe if Taylor was losing to other guys after beating Yazdani it could be explained away as a match up issue but that was not the case. So yeah, i'd say Yaz was greater, but Taylor was the better wrestler. If he doesn't win in Paris I think it could be argued Taylor also had the better career. He dominated a weight class and was clearly the number 1 guy in it for a few years. Something Yaz has never done.
  3. Spencer has no shot at gold. Grow up guys.
  4. Wasn't it the loss to an old Sharifov in the world semis that made him switch? Regardless, as good as PSU is, it didn't work. I don't think he's any better than he was before.
  5. https://uww.org/article/sadulaev-ruled-ineligible-compete-uww-panel
  6. No, don't get me wrong. I agree his chances at 74 are essentially close to 0. I just think that it's the same at 65 but add a big weight cut on top of it. Keep in mind he'd have to cut to 65, win the trials, cut weight again to 65 in a matter of weeks and then qualify the weight. Close to impossible IMO.
  7. Really? I disagree. Watch his world final vs Chamizo. He was noticeably taller and more muscular. Clearly bigger. Most 70 guys have gone to 74. I think he has this idea that he can succeed at 65 through being a weight bully. It just isn't going to happen. This is the hardest weight. He was a borderline medal guy at 70.
  8. He has a better chance at 74 without the huge cut. Both extremely low of course. He was losing to Mexico ( when Mexico had actual Mexicans in their team) one of the previous times he attempted this weight. He is not a 65 guy.
  9. Why does he do this to himself every 4 years since 2016 and why does no one in his circle have an honest conversation with him that it's never going to work out at this weight and that he's only hurting himself?
  10. Am I an idiot for thinking Parris is the superior wrestler? Masoumi is just so big and strong it's very hard to deal with. On some of his step outs the guys are lifted off their feet.
  11. Damn.. Tevanyan proved his loss to riveira at worlds was a fluke
  12. That's tough. He lost in the semis. The guy who beat him did win the final. I wonder what happens if this Kiyoka guy fails to qualify at the asian qualifier. Did that not happen in the 2020 qualifier where higuchi missed weight and so Takahashi got the shot at the last chance qualifier?
  13. Micic just pooped himself watching the spencer lee semi final
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