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#FCW24 Week 10 UPDATES


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Updates to the Original Week 10 Outlook Article

FCW24 Standings will be updated after this later as we are in the middle of competition for the scoring week

The biggest tourney to monitor is the F&M Open, which has come out with pre-seed (linked per weight below). Be on the lookout for two other tournemants with D1 compeition in the Bongo Bayly Open and the Bobby Kauffman Open:

Updates will be made if new entries are found


125 (F&M Open Pre-Seeds)

Greg Diakomihalis (COR)- Bobby Kauffman Open

Jacob Camacho (NCST)- Vs Oklahoma State, @ Hofstra  [+8]

Michael DeAugustino (MICH)- @ South Dakota State  [+3]

Brandon Kaylor (ORST)- Vs Penn State  [+3]

Tristan Lujan (MSU)- Vs American , Vs Ohio  [+2]


133: (F&M Open Pre-Seeds)

Marlon Yarbrough (UVA)- @ George Mason, Vs Gardner-Webb  [+7]

Vito Arujau (COR)-  @ Ohio State, Vs Virginia Tech  [+6]

Ethan Oakley (APP)- @ Duke   [+4]

Angelo Rini (COL)- Vs West Virginia [+4]

Aaron Nagao (PSU)- @ Oregon State  [+4]

Max Leete (AMER)- @ Michigan State  [+3]

Daton Fix (OKST)- @ NC State  [+3]


141: (F&M Open Pre-Seeds)

Anthony Echemendia (ISU)- @ Arizona State , @ Cal Baptist  [+10]

Issac Byers (APP)- @ Duke  [+4]

Jesse Mendez (OHST)- Vs Cornell  [+4]

Beau Bartlett (PSU)- @ Oregon State  [+4]

Jordan Titus (WVU)- Vs Columbia  [+4]

Sergio Lemley (MICH)- @ South Dakota State  [+3]


149: (F&M Open Pre-Seeds)

Ridge Lovett (NEB)- Vs Wyoming, Vs UNI  [+9]

Kyle Parco (ASU)- Vs Iowa State, @ CSU Bakersfield  [+8]

Jordan Hamdan (MSU)- Vs American , Vs Ohio  [+8]

Jackson Arrington (NCST)- Vs Oklahoma State, @ Hofstra  [+7]

Cody Bond (APP)- @ Duke  [+4]

Dylan D’Emilio (OHST)- Vs Cornell  [+4]

Ty Watters (WVU)- Vs Columbia  [+4]

Austin Gomez (MICH)- @ South Dakota State  [+3]

Tyler Kasak (PSU)- @ Oregon State  [+3]


157: (F&M Open Pre-Seeds)

Dan Segura (OHIO)- Bobby Kauffman Open

Peyton Robb (NEB)- Vs Wyoming, Vs UNI  [+9]

Jacori Teemer (ASU)- Vs Iowa State, @ CSU Bakersfield  [+8]

Ed Scott (NCST)- Vs Oklahoma State, @ Hofstra  [+8]

Tomy Askey (APP)- @ Duke  [+5]

Levi Haines (PSU)- @ Oregon State  [+4]

Will Lewan (MICH)- @ South Dakota State  [+3]

Caleb Dowling (WVU)- Vs Columbia  [+3]


165: (F&M Open Pre-Seeds)

Terrell Barraclough (PSU)-  Bobby Kauffman Open

David Carr (ISU)- @ Arizona State , @ Cal Baptist  [+9]

Antrell Taylor (NEB)- Vs Wyoming, Vs UNI  [+7]

Julian Ramirez (COR)- @ Ohio State , Vs Virginia Tech  [+6]

Cam Amine (MICH)- @ South Dakota State  [+4]

Peyton Hall (WVU)- Vs Columbia  [+4]

Izzak Olejnik (OKST)- @ NC State  [+3]


174: (F&M Open Pre-Seeds)

MJ Gaitan (ISU)- @ Arizona State , @ Cal Baptist  [+8]

Lucas Uliano (APP)- @ Duke  [+4]

Carter Starocci (PSU)- @ Oregon State  [+4]

Rocco Welsh (OHST)- Vs Cornell  [+3]

Nick Incontrera (PENN)- Vs Rutgers  [+3]


184: (F&M Open Pre-Seeds)

Rylan Rodgers (MICH)- Bobby Kauffman Open

Chris Foca (COR)- @ Ohio State, Vs Virginia Tech  [+8]
Parker Keckeisen (UNI)- @ Nebraska, Vs Wyoming  [+8]

Will Feldkamp (ISU)- @ Arizona State , @ Cal Baptist  [+7]

Layne Malczewski (MSU)- Vs American , Vs Ohio  [+6]

Aaron Brooks (PSU)- @ Oregon State  [+4]


197: (F&M Open Pre-Seeds)

Trent Hidlay (NCST)- Vs Oklahoma State, @ Hofstra  [+8]

John Poznanski (RUT)- @ Penn , @ Rider  [+8]

Julien Broderson (ISU)- @ Arizona State , @ Cal Baptist  [+7]

Silas Allred (NEB)- Vs Wyoming, Vs UNI  [+7]

Jacob Cardenas(COR)- @ Ohio State, Vs Virginia Tech  [+6]

Tanner Sloan (SDSU)- Vs Michigan  [+4]


285: (F&M Open Pre-Seeds)

Yaraslau Slavikouski (RUT)- @ Penn  [+7]

Lucas Davison (MICH)- @ South Dakota State  [+4]

Nick Feldman (OHST)- Vs Cornell  [+3]

Michael Wolfgram (WVU)- Vs Columbia  [+3]


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