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Week 9 Updates


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Richard Figueroa (ASU)- Midlands

Drake Ayala (IOWA)- Soldier Salute

Pat McKee (MINN)- Soldier Salute

Jore Volk WWYO)- Soldier Salute




Julian Chlebove (ASU)- Midlands

Angelo Rini (COL)- Soldier Salute

Brody Teske (IOWA)- Soldier Salute

Cullen Schriever (IOWA)- Soldier Salute



Nate Higley (GMU)- Midlands

Jordan Titus (WVU)- Midlands

Real Woods (IOWA)- Soldier Salute



Kyle Parco (ASU)- Midlands

Caleb Tyus (SIUE)- Midlands

Ty Watters (WVU)- Midlands

Victor VOinovich (IOWA)-- Soldier Salute




Jacori Teemer (ASU)- Midlands

Lucas Revano (PENN)- Midlands **** in the outlook, was listed as 165

Jared Franek (IOWA)-- Soldier Salute



Peyton Hall (WVU)- Midlands

Raphael Hipolito (VT)- Midlands **** in the outlook, was listed as 157

Michael Caliendo (IOWA)- Soldier Salute

Parick Kennedy (IOWA)- - Soldier Salute



Gabe Arnold (IOWA)- Soldier Salute



Isaiah Salazar (MINN)- Soldier Salute

Max McEnelly (MINN)- Soldier Salute



Luke Stout (PRIN)- Midlands



Issac Trumble (NCST)- Midlands

Bennett Tabor (MINN)- Soldier Salute

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    Jason Kwaak

    Brentwood, New York
    Class of 2025
    Committed to North Carolina State
    Projected Weight: 165

    Liam Hickey

    Cardinal Gibbons, North Carolina
    Class of 2025
    Committed to North Carolina
    Projected Weight: 133

    Tristan Steldt

    Fennimore, Wisconsin
    Class of 2025
    Committed to Pitt
    Projected Weight: 184

    Casen Roark

    Father Ryan, Tennessee
    Class of 2025
    Committed to West Virginia
    Projected Weight: 141

    Will Greenberg

    Hawken, Ohio
    Class of 2025
    Committed to Bucknell
    Projected Weight: 285
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