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#FCW24 Week 8 Outlook UPDATES


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Update for the rest of Week 8 and the Sheridan Invitational hosted by Lehigh



Sean Spidle (CMU)- Sheridan Invitational

Greg Diakomihalis (COR)- Sheridan Invitational

Sheldon Seymour (LEH)- Sheridan Invitational


Dylan Ryder (HOF)- @ Morgan State, Vs Bloomsburg, Vs Edinboro  [+12]

Drew West (GWU)- Vs Gardner-Webb , Vs Ohio  [+7]

Jack Maida (AMER)- Vs Navy  [+4]

Joseph Fischer (CLAR)- Vs Cleveland State  [+4]

Noah Surtin (MIZZ)- Vs Illinois  [+4]



Vito Arujau (COR)- Sheridan Invitational


Brendan Ferretti (NAVY)- @ American  [+3]



Connor McGonigle (LEH)- Sheridan Invitational

Malyke Hines (LEH)- Sheridan Invitational

Mitch Moore (RUT)- Sheridan Invitational


Nathan Higley (GMU)- @ Gardner-Webb , @ Queens  [+8]

Dylan Layton (CSU)-  @ Clarion  [+4]

Joshua Koderhandt (NAVY)- @ American  [+4]

Josh Edmond (MIZZ)- Vs Illinois  [+3]



Corbyn Munson (CMU)- Sheridan Invitational

Joshua Saunders (COR)- Sheridan Invitational

Graham Rooks (IND)- Sheridan Invitational

Nick Vafiadis (NAVY) - @ American  [+3]



Johnny Lovett (CMU)- Sheridan Invitational

Max Brignola (LEH)- Sheridan Invitational


DJ McGee (GMU)- @ Gardner-Webb , @ Queens  [+7]

Peyten Kellar (OHIO)- @ Gardner-Webb  [+5]

Alejandro Herrera (CLAR)-  Vs Cleveland State  [+4]

Brock Mauller (MIZZ)- Vs Illinois  [+4]



Brevin Cassella (BING)- Sheridan Invitational

Gunner Filipowicz (ARMY)- Sheridan Invitational


Evan Maag (GMU)- @ Gardner-Webb , @ Queens  [+8]

Keegan O’Toole (MIZZ)- Vs Illinois  [+5]

Andrew Cerniglia (NAVY)- @ American  [+5]

Garrett Thompson (OHIO)- @ Gardner-Webb  [+5]



Ben Pasiuk (ARMY)- Sheridan Invitational

Donell Washington (IND)- Sheridan Invitational


Ross McFarland (HOF)- @ Morgan State, Vs Bloomsburg, Vs Edinboro  [+12]

John Worthing  (CLAR)- Vs Cleveland State  [+4]

Danny Wask (NAVY)- @ American  [+4]

Sal Perrine (OHIO)- @ Gardner-Webb  [+4]



Roman Rogotzke (IND)- Sheridan Invitational


Cameron Pine (CLAR)-  Vs Cleveland State  [+4]

David Key (NAVY)- @ American  [+3]

Zayne Lehman (OHIO)- @ Gardner-Webb  [+3]



Lou DePrez (BING)- Sheridan Invitational

Gabe Sollars (IND)- Sheridan Invitational


Ben Smith (CSU)- @ Clarion  [+4]

Rocky Elam (MIZZ)- Vs Illinois  [+4]



Nathan Taylor (LEH)- Sheridan Invitational

David Szuba (RID)- Sheridan Invitational


Keaton Kluver  (HOF)- @ Morgan State, Vs Bloomsburg, Vs Edinboro  [+12]

Chad Nix (GMU)- @ Gardner-Webb , @ Queens  [+7]

Daniel Bucknavich (CSU)-  @ Clarion  [+4]

Grady Greiss (NAVY)- @ American  [+4]

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