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My thoughts after just getting back:

125: ¬†DeAugustino looked game in all of his matches, unfortunately the trainers think he's probably dealing with an ACL injury ūüė쬆 Hopefully he can salvage his season if that's the case.

133:  Tannefu filled in for an ailing Cannon, who will hopefully be back soon.

141:  I've liked what I'm seeing with Lemley. Aggressive, great hand fighting and ties, seems to have some trouble against guys who can attack from middle and long range.  Hopefully he'll continue to improve.

149:  Gilcher definitely the future, but really should redshirt this year.  

157:  Lewan is well, Lewan.  Just didn't turn up his game like he shoulda/coulda against Robb, who in contrast, has been wrestling every match like a man possessed.  Considering he's the returning senior who's been here the longest, he absolutely has to step things up if there's any hope of improving on his previous finishes.

165:  Amine was seconds away from winning in the semis when he let it get away.  He could very easily have won the whole thing.

174:  As disappointing a tournament as it was for Griffith, the talent is still there, and his problem is not that he isn't healthy.  The coaches will need to bring him along carefully over the next few months.

184:  Bullock was the guy who shined.  Despite a 6th place finish, he fought his tail off in every match, and was real close against some top opponents.  I've always liked his aggressiveness and being ready to compete.

BTW, word is that Rylan Rogers will be good to go within the next few weeks and will be wresting at Midlands.

197:  Striggow is Striggow.  I spoke with his family at the tournament - great people.  Unfortunately this weight needs a big shot in the arm.  I'm thinking that between Bullock and Rogers at 184, the odd man out should get placed here.

HWT:  I was liking Davison's tournament until his finals match, in which he did practically NOTHING for the first two periods.  He deserved to lose that match.  

I haven't had the chance to read through many of the other threads, as I was watching the action for much of the day.  If this team wants to shine in March, someone has to step up to provide the spark.  Rather than having a group of guys who are hungry to make the top of the podium in their last go, we've got a bunch of tired looking veterans appearing too often unsure as to whether they want to be out there, and it's setting a tone.  

Fortunately it's still early, and there's a lot more wrestling to be done over the next three months.  Coaches have their work cut out for them.

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