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#FCW23 Week 4: 11/21 to 11/27


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Entries are still coming in for Cyclone Open and Mat-Town Open 1, though be cautious because there are going to be non-D1 "landmines" that will damage your wrestlers Fpt total.



Nicolar Rivera (WISC)- Cyclone Open

Dom LaJoie (COR)- Mat-Town Open 1


Pat McKee (MINN)- @ South Dakota State  [+4]

Tristain Daugherty (BUFF)- Vs Binghamton [+3]

Ryan Miller (PENN)- @ IOWA  [+3]





Jace Rhodes (IOWA)- Cyclone Open

Zach Redding (ISU)- Cyclone Open

Ramazan Attasaouv (ISU)- Cyclone Open

* Evan Frost also listed for ISU, but thinking this is a "wrestleoff for Redding and Attasaouv so he would NC out)

Ethan Fernandez (COR)- Mat-Town Open 1


Andrew Nagao (MINN)- @ South Dakota State [+3]

Anthony Sobotker OR Ivan Garcia (BING)- @ Buffalo [+3] *both listed in projected lineup, risk pick

Michael Colaiocco (PENN)- @ IOWA  [+3]




Jacob Frost (ISU)- Cyclone Open

Dylan Chappell (BUCK)- Mat-Town Open 1


Carmen Ferrante (PENN)- @ IOWA  [+3]




Joel Jesuroga (IOWA)- Cyclone Open

Cam Robinson (ISU)- Cyclone Open

Brock McMillen (PITT)- Mat-Town Open 1


Michael Blockhus (MINN)- @ South Dakota State [+3]




Aiden Riggins (IOWA)- Cyclone Open

Andrew Huddleson (ISU)- Cyclone Open

Colton Yapoujian (COR)- Mat-Town Open 1  *my pick of the two

Cole Handlovic (COR)- Mat-Town Open 1


Michael Petite (BUFF)- Vs Binghamton [+3] *if he wrestles

Brayton Lee (MINN)- @ South Dakota State [+3] * if he wrestles

Anthony Artalona (PENN)- @ IOWA  [+3]




Jared Keslar (PITT)- Mat-Town Open 1


Andrew Sparks (MINN)- @ South Dakota State [+3]




James Rowley (WISC)- Cyclone Open

Manny Rojas (ISU)- Cyclone Open


Cade DeVos (SDSU)- Vs Minnesota  [+3]



Abe Assad (IOWA)- Vs Penn  [+4]

Isaiah Salazar (MINN)- @ South Dakota State [+3]




Kolby Franklin (IOWA)- Cyclone Open


Lou DePrez (BING)- @ Buffalo  [+4]

Jacob Warner (IOWA)- Vs Penn  [+4]

Tanner Sloan (SDSU)- Vs Minnesota  [+3] *if he wrestles




Gage Marty (IOWA)- Cyclone Open

Gannon Rosenfeld (WISC)- Cyclone Open


Anthony Cassioppi (IOWA)- Vs Penn  [+5]

AJ Nevills (SDSU)- Vs Minnesota [+3]




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Northern Iowa updated for Cyclone Open (11/26)

125- Trever Anderson (UNI)

133- Cory Land (UNI), Corey Funk (UNI)  *crowded weight for this open

149- Ryder Downey (UNI)

157- Evan Yant (UNI)

184- Parker Keckeisen (UNI)

197- Wyatt Voelker (UNI)


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