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Trials Process change?


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I do believe we have one of the best team selection criteria around but I'm curious to know what the general consensus would be regarding this minor adjustment to the best-of-three/final-X procedure to help best select the team member for the format of tournament they are qualifying for.

Day one: participants will undergo weigh-in and participate in Match 1.

Day two: participants will undergo weigh-in for Matches 2 and 3 (if necessary).

It appears that a few members of our team perform significantly differently on day 1 and day 2 of world or multi-weigh-in events, as opposed to the final-X format where they can weigh in the morning of the match and immediately recover without any reserve for the following day. In comparison to multi-day events like the World Championships or Olympics, where a substantial weight cut can lead to prolonged recovery due to the increased time in a partially dehydrated state. 

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