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Freshman Jax Forrest win Edinboro open

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On 2/6/2023 at 9:16 AM, BAC said:

Its impressive but we should relax a bit.  Its a tournament geared toward redshirts and non-starters.  All the guys he wrestled were freshmen who don't start.  Remember, earlier this year he wrestled in another college tournament where he got a couple similar wins over non-starters, but then ran in to a ranked kid from Purdue.  He got teched.  And he does have a high school loss this year (to Lilledahl, which he avenged).

At the same time, I don't want to undersell him either.  Its very rare for a freshman to be able to compete against D1 college guys.  The guys he beat, despite being freshmen redshirts/non-starters, were themselves studs in high school.  He's good enough to start for many D1 schools right NOW, even though I highly doubt he'd be ranked.  And I love that he is willing to challenge himself like this.  

Best ever?  That's a high bar.  He doesn't have any college wins at the level of Kolat's high finishes at Midlands as a sophomore and junior.  But Jax is still a freshman, and if he keeps improving... you never know.

Jax also beat Brett Ungar (Cornell) 7-5 who is ranked at 125

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