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  1. Of course I know how Wiki works, but that does not mean it cannot be accurate (or inaccurate). But the HoF should certainly be accurate. Even if the the honoree submits his own bio-- weird, if true-- someone should check it before they publish.
  2. I list AAs only if they were an AA in the year they faced the champ. Dean Heil (not Josh) was a 2X champ, but did not AA in the year he lost to Yianni. Also, Heil had 7 losses that year and dropped to a 6 seed. IIRC they changed the rules to limit a wrestlers ability to wrestle from his back. That rule change really hurt Heil (and may have been eancted with Heil in mind). After he lost to Yianni he was pinned in the first period by Red. This is a good example of why it makes sense only to count AAs who earned that status in the year in question.
  3. Here is a chart showing Dake, Yianni and Spencer Lee in their tournament bouts. No surprise that Lee has the most bonus wins, but Dake and Yianni faced more AAs (that is AAs from they year the champs beat them) along the way. Dake also had one pin than Lee, not even counting his senior year, which Lee has not had yet and when Dake had no pins. Both Dake and Yianni had a fair number of close wins.
  4. Soph year Dake was the #4 seed, not the #1 seed. That was the year he lost in the EIWAs. He also did not beat any of those guys that year. NCAABrackets2011.pdf
  5. Could be. But it also could be a victor beat a future or past AA when he was not as good as her would be or not as good as he once was.
  6. Here is a chart of Dake's NCAA matches, scores and whether the opponent was an AA in that year (not any any time in his career). I see Dake with 10 majors and 10 wins over AAs. He also had 6 close matches (defined as 3 points or less)
  7. Yianni is more a winner than a pinner. That's indisputable. But so what?
  8. It would make more sense to count the number of AAs (as in people) he faced than AAs (as in total placements). For instance, he faced Dean Heil when Heil was a 2X champ and maybe a 4X AA (if you count his whole career as opposed to his number of AAs when Yianni beat him). If you are trying to account for his lack of bonus pojnts it matters more how many guys he wrestled who never AAed.
  9. Are you saying that Wiki's statement that Kemp "had a 96-match winning streak" is not true? Are they ignoring the loss? FWIW, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame says Kemp had "victories in 96 consecutive matches and an unbeaten string of 109 in a row."
  10. How could he have faced 25 in three tournaments when he only had 15 matches in those three tournaments? How, BTW, could Spencer have faced 18? Are you counting a 2X AA as two AAs?
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