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  1. Every week during the 2023-24 season, the InterMat staff will submit their picks for some of the most high-profile or competitive dual meets. As the season progresses, we'll keep track of records for bragging rights or as ammunition for when we mock each other. No, we'd never do that, it's all in good fun (right?). Results through week five 18-6: Nick 17-7: Bob D, James, Austin, Richard 16-8: Willie, Rachel, Morgan, Tony, Robbie 15-9: Dysen 14-10: Earl 13-11: Ryan, Jagger, Kevin Below are the picks for week six. One of the duals takes place this evening!
  2. The 2023 Walsh Ironman began today and for over a decade now, it’s been considered the toughest in-season high school tournament in the nation. Since its inception in 1994, the Ironman’s alumni is a “who’s who” of great wrestlers. On that note, we’ve decided to take a look at which schools have inked the most Ironman champions over the last 10 tournaments (2012-2022). Below are past Ironman champions sorted out by the school they originally signed with out of high school. Though the 2022 tournament has been included, we did not list wrestlers that are still active in high school. American Niko Camacho (2016 - 285 lbs) Arizona State Richie Figueroa (2018 - 113 lbs) Cohlton Schultz (2017 - 285 lbs; 2018 - 285 lbs) Anthony Valencia (2013 - 170 lbs; 2014 - 170 lbs) Zahid Valencia (2012 - 113 lbs; 2013 - 132 lbs; 2014 - 182 lbs) Army West Point Dalton Harkins (2019 - 152 lbs) Russell Parsons (2012 - 152 lbs) Boise State Kevin Vough (2014 - 285 lbs) Central Michigan Matt Stencel (2015 - 220 lbs) Clarion Edgar Ruano (2013 - 220 lbs) Cleveland State Georgio Poullas (2016 - 160 lbs) Cornell Joshua Saunders (2018 - 138 lbs) Edinboro Dylan Reynolds (2014 - 195 lbs) Harvard Hunter Ladnier (2015 - 138 lbs) Eric Morris (2012 - 182 lbs) Illinois Brooks Black (2012 - 285 lbs) Dylan Duncan (2015 - 132 lbs) Kannon Webster (2022 - 138 lbs) Indiana Jake Danishek (2013 - 152 lbs) Iowa Michael Kemerer (2014 - 145 lbs) Spencer Lee (2013 - 113 lbs; 2014 - 120 lbs; 2016 - 126 lbs) Alex Marinelli (2014 - 160 lbs; 2015 - 160 lbs) Jacob Warner (2016 - 195 lbs) Iowa State David Carr (2015 - 145 lbs; 2017 - 152 lbs) Lehigh Dylan Milonas (2013 - 160 lbs) Drew Munch (2019 - 132 lbs) Little Rock Nasir Bailey (2021 - 132 lbs) Lock Haven Tyler Stoltzfus (2019 - 170 lbs) Maryland Cole Deery (2019 - 285 lbs) Michigan Rylan Rogers (2019 - 182 lbs) Joey Silva (2017 - 132 lbs) Minnesota Ryan Thomas (2017 - 160 lbs) Missouri Malik Johnson (2017 - 126 lbs) Navy Quentin Hovis (2016 - 152) NC State Dylan Fishback (2021 - 190 lbs) Nick Reenan (2015 - 182 lbs) Vince Robinson (2021 - 126 lbs) Tariq Wilson (2015 - 126 lbs) Nebraska Brock Hardy (2017 - 145 lbs) Mikey Labriola (2016 - 170 lbs) Ethan Stiles (2022 - 157 lbs) Derek White (2013 - 195 lbs) North Carolina Lachlan McNeil (2019 - 145 lbs) Gabe Tagg (2016 - 113 lbs) Julian Tagg (2016 - 106 lbs) Northwestern Frankie Tal-Shahar (2019 - 138 lbs) Ohio Moises Guillen (2016 - 138 lbs) Cameron Kelly (2014 - 132 lbs) Ohio State Nic Bouzakis (2019 - 126 lbs) Jacob Decatur (2017 - 106 lbs) Nick Feldman (2021 - 285 lbs) Paddy Gallagher (2019 - 160 lbs) Ke-Shawn Hayes (2013 - 120 lbs) Bo Jordan (2012 - 160 lbs) Micah Jordan (2013 - 145 lbs) Rocky Jordan (2017 - 170 lbs) Carson Kharchla (2018 - 170 lbs) Sammy Sasso (2016 - 145 lbs) Seth Shumate (2019 - 195 lbs) Chase Singletary (2015 - 195 lbs; 2016 - 220 lbs) Kyle Snyder (2012 - 220 lbs) JD Stickley (2017 - 138 lbs) Nathan Tomasello (2012 - 120 lbs) Rocco Welsh (2021 - 165 lbs) Oklahoma Sam Dover (2018 - 152 lbs) Davion Jeffries (2014 - 138 lbs) Darrien Roberts (2018 - 182 lbs) Oklahoma State AJ Ferrari (2017 - 182 lbs; 2018 - 195 lbs) Cael Hughes (2022 - 132 lbs) Trevor Mastrogiovanni (2017 - 113 lbs; 2018 - 120 lbs) Brayden Thompson (2022 - 190 lbs) Reece Witcraft (2018 - 126 lbs) Penn Michael Colaiocco (2017 - 120 lbs) Frank Mattiace (2012 - 195 lbs) Penn State Beau Bartlett (2016 - 120 lbs) Michael Beard (2016 - 182 lbs; 2017 - 195 lbs) Tyler Kasak (2021 - 138 lbs) Mason Manville (2015 - 152 lbs) Bo Nickal (2013 - 182 lbs) Zain Retherford (2012 - 138 lbs) Gary Steen (2019 - 113 lbs) Shayne Van Ness (2018 - 132 lbs) Pittsburgh Austin Bell (2015 - 170 lbs) Edgar Bright (2012 - 145 lbs) Eli Seipel (2014 - 126 lbs) Cody Wiercioch (2012 - 170 lbs) Princeton Matt Kolodzik (2013 - 126 lbs) Marc-Anthony McGowan (2019 - 106 lbs; 2021 - 120 lbs) Stanford Daniel Cardenas (2021 - 150 lbs) Joey McKenna (2013 - 138 lbs) Kyle Rowan (2018 - 106 lbs) David Shownumi (2014 - 220 lbs) Real Woods (2015 - 113 lbs) Virginia Jack Mueller (2016 - 120 lbs) Virginia Tech Connor Brady (2018 - 160 lbs) Mac Church (2022 - 144 lbs) Joey Dance (2012 - 126 lbs) Mitch Moore (2014 - 113 lbs) TJ Stewart (2021 - 215 lbs) West Virginia Brody Conley (2021 - 175 lbs) Jordan Titus (2019 - 120 lbs) Wisconsin Braxton Amos (2017 - 220 lbs; 2018 - 220 lbs; 2019 - 220 lbs) Eli Stickley (2012 - 106 lbs) Non-DI Centenary Ryan Anderson (2018 - 145 lbs) Notre Dame Kameron Teacher (2015 - 285 lbs) Isaiah White (2014 - 152 lbs) Wheeling Zack Donathan (2016 - 132 lbs) Nate Keaton (2015 - 106 lbs) Tyler Warner (2013 - 106 lbs)
  3. Good morning, friends. Plenty of questions came in this week so I won’t even waste any time boring you with some anecdote or some other nonsense. We have more important things to discuss. Like this… Is the custody of Jagger match the biggest college wrestling stipulation in the annals of history? DR Rhino I kind of think it has to be. The balance of power in New Jersey is on the line here. He who possesses the Jagger possesses all the power in the Garden State. Not to mention the pork roll/Taylor Ham debate potentially being settled here. Much like the Dead Rabbits, the term that loses shall never be uttered again in these parts. I don’t even know which side of the debate the teams are on. Neither team is North Jersey proper and Princeton is not even in the realm, whereas Rutgers can at least claim to be the mythical Central Jersey. But newly minted Tigers coach Joe Dubuque is a card-carrying native of the north and Rutgers skipper Scott Goodale is a Jersey Shore guy. Both teams have a mix of north and south guys plus some out-of-staters who are probably confused about the entire ordeal. But who cares. We’re New Jersey and we don’t have to make sense. We never have and we never will, but you love us anyway. Give me your hottest Bedlam take. Rachel Gallardo Like a wild take on it or just a general take while looking absolutely dapper? Either way, I don’t really have one. New Sooners coach Roger Kish gets his first taste of this storied rivalry so maybe he has something up his sleeve. Daton Fix gets about his ninth taste of the rivalry but his status is up in the air at the moment. That certainly helps Oklahoma though Reece Witcraft is a very capable backup. I only wish ESPN did a Sunday Dual of the Week on one of their channels and aired this one. Seriously, why don’t they do that? Put it on ESPN2 or ESPNU but help us out here! If you weren’t doing the job you’re doing now, what would you be doing? Raquel Gallardo My day job? I have no idea because I prefer to not work at all. Thirty years is enough already but I don’t see retirement in my future. The truth is, I’ve always wanted to entertain folks in some capacity, but never actually acted on it aside from goofing with my friends. And that’s why I enjoy doing this so much and am grateful for the opportunity that was given to me here. It may be small and maybe only like fifteen people read it, but you're my fifteen people. And you all let me fulfill a dream in some small way. When it’s all over and I’m dead or fired, I can at least say I did take a chance for once and someone out there enjoyed it. Seriously though, I have no idea how any of this happened. We know what Willie’s watching, what is Jagger looking forward to watching this weekend? Dan Seifring Well, the opera wars are heating up on HBO’s The Gilded Age right now. Mrs. Astor is about to offer a deal to Bertha before she loses everyone to the new Metropolitan Opera House. Plus, the Pittsburgh strike seems to not be going away. But that's for Sunday Night. I also need to finish The Last Champion one of these days. I hear Jason Bryant has quite a love scene in the third act. And I suppose I’ll watch some wrestling in between. I like that Columbia is doing a weekend swing in Iowa. The Lions are spunky and should enjoy seeing some farmland instead of the usual harsh NYC streets. Is a singlet a good Christmas gift for a wife of 30 years? Mike Abromitis Not if you want to have a wife of 31 years. You’ll be dining at Lu Nello alone for the foreseeable future. Do you like Greco-Roman wrestling? Eric Asselin Sure, I respect it. Jags, a kid just emailed me a fugazi excuse for missing class. The thing is, I had completely forgotten to turn in the attendance until I got the email. Should I turn in the cut? Salty Walkon Since I just completed nine seasons of Suits recently, I think I can answer like a lawyer would. Your evidence is inadmissible since it was not entered into discovery. Therefore, the kid is safe for now. I would give the little brat a stern talking to and let him or her know you’re on to them. Did Ben Askren ever get his cyber truck? Richard Anderson Mann Yeah, we’re not doing Ben Askren today, and thanks for the call. And with that, I think we’ll put a wrap on this week’s bag. Crap, did I even mention a wrestler for the lucky mailbag cover boy of the week? Last week, we saw Peyton Robb make the cover and win Outstanding Wrestler at the CKLV. Let’s go with Rider’s Quinn Kinner and see if the Broncs can knock off Wisconsin.
  4. Normally, whenever there is a high-profile high school tournament, we wait until the tournament concludes to present an article tying the placewinners to their future college. This time, with the Walsh Jesuit Ironman less than 24 hours away, we’ll identify the wrestlers to watch by their future home so fans can follow their favorite team’s recruits throughout the tournament. Wrestlers have been sorted by the school they’ve committed to and are listed with their current high school and the weight in which they’ve been entered at the Ironman. Before getting to them, we have a quick list of the top uncommitted juniors and seniors who are expected to compete, as well. The rankings next to each wrestler's name correspond to their current placement on MatScouts Big Board for their respective class. As of now, full brackets haven't been released, so the majority of these wrestlers were taken from the preseeds. We'll have an even more comprehensive recruiting recap at the conclusion of the tournament. Top Uncommitted Junior/Seniors Class of 2024 #119 Eugene Harney: Sycamore, Ohio (157 lbs) #141 Shilo Jones: Mountain View, Idaho (285 lbs) #144 Ricky Thomas: Edmond North, Oklahoma (285 lbs) #146 David Mayora: Montini Catholic, Illinois (150 lbs) #174 Tyler Guerra: St. Charles East, Illinois (138 lbs) Class of 2025 #2 LaDarion Lockett: Stillwater, Oklahoma (165 lbs) #3 Marcus Blaze: Perrysburg, Ohio (132 lbs) #5 Will Henckel: Blair Academy, New Jersey (165 lbs) #7 Vince Bouzakis: Wyoming Seminary, Pennsylvania (150 lbs) #17 Nathan Desmond: Wyoming Seminary, Pennsylvania (120 lbs) #18 Seth Mendoza: Mt. Carmel, Illinois (126 lbs) #43 Jarrell Miller: St. Edward, Ohio (190 lbs) #50 Anthony Evanitsky: Wyoming Seminary, Pennsylvania (157 lbs) #54 Maximus Norman: Baylor School, Tennessee (165 lbs) #61 Ishmael Guerrero: Bixby, Oklahoma (157 lbs) #62 Rylan Kuhn: St. Pius X, Missouri (215 lbs) #64 Hunter Sturgill: Baylor School, Tennessee (157 lbs) #65 Matt Botello: Wyoming Seminary, Pennsylvania (132 lbs) #72 Ayden Thomas: Stillwater, Oklahoma (113 lbs) #87 Anthony Rinehart: Crown Point, Indiana (165 lbs) #88 Jackson Tucker: Hillsboro, Missouri (138 lbs) #100 Landon Jobber-Spence: Staunton River, Virginia (190 lbs) #104 Ty Miller: St. Edward, Ohio (175 lbs) #107 Phoenix Contos: Toledo Waite, Ohio (126 lbs) #118 Gunner Wilson: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (215 lbs) #127 Lucas Stuerenberg: Archbishop Moeller, Ohio (285 lbs) #131 Eddie Radecki: Caravel Academy, Delaware (138 lbs) #135 David Gleason: Staley, Missouri (144 lbs) #139 Chase Hontz: Faith Christian Academy, Pennsylvania (150 lbs) #150 Christian Fretwell: Lake Gibson, Florida (132 lbs) Committed Recruits Air Force Gunner Cramblett: Graham, Ohio (175 lbs) Charlie LaRocca: Center Grove, Indiana (120 lbs) Gianni Maldonado: Lake Gibson, Florida (150 lbs) Talon McCollom: Edmond North, Oklahoma (175 lbs) Layton Schneider: Edmond North, Oklahoma (144 lbs) American Colin Martin: Staunton River, Virginia (126 lbs) Arizona State Pierson Manville: State College, Pennsylvania (144 lbs) Army West Point Nick O’Neill: Malvern Prep, Pennsylvania (132 lbs) Josh Vasquez: Montini Catholic, Illinois (126 lbs) Bellarmine Holden Huhn: LaSalle, Ohio (138 lbs) Brown Preston Marchesseault: Ponaganset, Rhode Island (190 lbs) Andrew Reall: Ponaganset, Rhode Island (165 lbs) California Baptist Jeremy Ginter: Whitmer, Ohio (157 lbs) Campbell Reese Courtney: Center Grove, Indiana (138 lbs) Central Michigan Aidan Fockler: Massillon Perry, Ohio (285 lbs) Cleveland State Brady Quillen: Olentangy Liberty, Ohio (215 lbs) Columbia Dom Federici: Wyoming Seminary, Pennsylvania (175 lbs) Cornell Jaxon Joy: Wadsworth, Ohio (150 lbs) Ayden Smith: Notre Dame-Green Pond, Pennsylvania (113 lbs) Davidson Tyson Sherlock: Gilman School, Maryland (144 lbs) Illinois Ryan Bennett: St. Edward, Ohio (150 lbs) Jayden Colon: St. Charles East, Illinois (144 lbs) Indiana Matt Hart: Baylor School, Tennessee (138 lbs) Nick Pavlechko: State College, Pennsylvania (285 lbs) Carson Thomas: LaSalle, Ohio (174 lbs) Iowa Leo DeLuca: Blair Academy, New Jersey (120 lbs) Angelo Ferrari: Melissa, Texas (165 lbs) Lehigh Duncan Christensen: Malvern Prep, Pennsylvania (175 lbs) Matthew Lopes: Blair Academy, New Jersey (132 lbs) Chase Van Hoven: Staunton River, Virginia (144 lbs) Maryland Oscar Williams: Edmond North, Oklahoma (215 lbs) Michigan Jude Correa: Wyoming Seminary, Pennsylvania (215 lbs) Michigan State Brodie Dominique: Archbold, Ohio (144 lbs) Missouri Mack Mauger: Blackfoot, Idaho (120 lbs) Kollin Rath: Bethlehem Catholic, Pennsylvania (150 lbs) Sampson Stillwell: St. Michael the Archangel, Missouri (285 lbs) Gage Walker: Bixby, Oklahoma (126 lbs) Peyton Westpfahl: Liberty, Missouri (175 lbs) Navy Andrew Binni: Canon-McMillian, Pennsylvania (126 lbs) Spencer Lanosga: Jesuit, Louisiana (285 lbs) Elijah Penton: Winter Springs, Florida (175 lbs) Logan Rozynski: Blair Academy, New Jersey (144 lbs) NC State Will Denny: Marist, Illinois (150 lbs) Luca Felix: University, West Virginia (165 lbs) Louie Gill: Reynolds, Pennsylvania (120 lbs) Gavin Linsman: Liberty, Missouri (144 lbs) Draegen Orine: Seckman, Missouri (132 lbs) Jaydon Robinson: Winter Springs, Florida (144 lbs) Brogan Tucker: Graham, Ohio (144 lbs) Nebraska Omar Ayoub: Dublin Coffman, Ohio (138 lbs) Tyler Eise: Ponderosa, Colorado (175 lbs) Kody Routledge: Edmond North, Oklahoma (150 lbs) Cade Ziola: Skutt Catholic, Nebraska (190 lbs) North Carolina Mitchell Younger: Bishop Watterson, Ohio (150 lbs) Northern Illinois Lucian O’Brien: St. Edward, Ohio (138 lbs) Northwestern Eddie Enright: Mt. Carmel, Illinois (157 lbs) Ty Wilson: Dublin Scioto, Ohio (150 lbs) Ohio State Ethan Birden: Dublin Coffman, Ohio (165 lbs) Ben Davino: St. Charles East, Illinois (132 lbs) Carter Neves: Blair Academy, New Jersey (285 lbs) Oklahoma Sebastian DeGennero: Jensen Beach, Florida (126 lbs) Clay Giddens-Buttram: Bixby, Oklahoma (165 lbs) Jake Hockaday: Brownsburg, Indiana (132 lbs) Hunter Hollingsworth: Edmond North, Oklahoma (138 lbs) Beric Jordan: Stillwater, Oklahoma (120 lbs) Jude Randall: Edmond North, Oklahoma (165 lbs) Landyn Sommer: Stillwater, Oklahoma (157 lbs) Oklahoma State JJ Rogers-McComas: Stillwater, Oklahoma (126 lbs) Oregon State Hunter Taylor: Liberty, Missouri (113 lbs) Penn Davis Motyka: Wyoming Seminary, Pennsylvania (113 lbs) Paul Ognissanti: Blair Academy, New Jersey (157 lbs) Nate Taylor: Greens Farms Academy, Connecticut (190 lbs) Penn State Asher Cunningham: State College, Pennsylvania (157 lbs) Mason Gibson: Bishop McCort, Pennsylvania (132 lbs) Luke Lilledahl: Wyoming Seminary, Pennsylvania (126 lbs) Joseph Sealey: Wyoming Seminary, Pennsylvania (165 lbs) Pittsburgh Kade Brown: St. Edward, Ohio (144 lbs) Colyn Limbert: Buckeye, Ohio (120 lbs) Princeton Noah Blair: Millard West, Nebraska (175 lbs) Ethan Rivera: Lake Highland Prep, Florida (120 lbs) Purdue Wyatt Krejsa: Center Grove, Indiana (150 lbs) Rutgers Nate Blanchette: Central Catholic, Massachusetts (175 lbs) SIU Edwardsville Porter Matecki: Whitfield, Missouri (126 lbs) South Dakota State Carson Dupill: Greeneville, Tennessee (120 lbs) Stanford Jack Consiglio: Malvern Prep, Pennsylvania (144 lbs) Virginia Aiden Allen: LaSalle, Ohio (126 lbs) Nathan Rickards: Malvern Prep, Pennsylvania (157 lbs) Emmitt Sherlock: Gilman Prep, Maryland (165 lbs) Lincoln Shulaw: St. Francis DeSales, Ohio (190 lbs) Max Shulaw: St. Francis DeSales, Ohio (215 lbs) Virginia Tech Dillon Campbell: Legacy Christian Academy, Ohio (132 lbs) Claudio Torres: Lake Highland Prep, Florida (150 lbs) Gage Wright: Parkersburg South, West Virginia (175 lbs) West Virginia Gunner Andrick: Point Pleasant, West Virginia (132 lbs) Rune Lawrence: Frazier, Pennsylvania (215 lbs) Wisconsin Colin Kelly: Mt. Carmel, Illinois (175 lbs) Wyoming Gunner Henry: Brownsburg, Indiana (190 lbs) Eddie Neitenbach: Buckeye, Ohio (175 lbs)
  5. The bright lights of Vegas did shine in Week 5, and there was a lot of movement in the Overall Fantasy Wrestler Standings because of it. Week 5: Despite his shock loss in the first match of the tournament, Nic Bouzakis (OHST) is your Week 5 Fantasy Wrestler with 30 Fpts in eight matches. Zach Elam (MIZZ) and Nathan Higley (GMU) both wrestled in their team’s dual(s) and then into their respective tournaments (Cougar Clash and Patriots Open) and finished with 26 Fpts each. However, Elam had a better PPM of 5.20 to Higley’s 4.30. Two Oklahoma State Cowboys follow up next in the standings with CKLV champ Izzak Olejnik having 24 Fpts and Dustin Plott with the same. Also having 24 Fots was Garrett Thompson, who has been putting together a great Fantasy 2024 campaign. At the bottom of the Top-25, heavyweight Boone McDermott (ORST), tied #25 Carson Kharchla (OHST) but fell to #36 due to PPM (kharchal’s 3.00 compared to McDermott’s 2.30. Overall Standings: Caleb Henson remains atop the mountain at #1, extending his lead slightly to 66 total Fpts. Trent Hidlay uses a CKLV title to jump up two spots to #2, while despite winning his only match of the week, Peyton Hall (WVU) drops from #2 to #9. Not quite a Maida rankings slip, but still significant. To see the FULL Week 5 and the OVERALL #FCW24 Leaderboards, click HERE. On to Week 6: Another low-key type scoring week ahead, which again will put emphasis on getting the most out of your lineup matches. Only one official D1 tournament on the slate in the Cleveland State Open. As usual, entries are still coming in for each of these tournaments, so keep the notifications on for @FantasyD1Wrestl as updates will be posted to the InterMat Forum Fantasy Wrestling Board A reminder of some important rules: Wrestlers entered at a weight must compete at that weight or else their results will not be counted. Wrestlers in the “Floater” spots can compete at ANY weight and accumulate Fantasy points. A wrestler will LOCK on your roster at 12pm ET on the day of their first competition for the week (refer to the SHP’s Week Preview). Only results against D1 competition (starters, backups, and redshirts) will count towards Fantasy Points. Check your league settings to know how many add/drops are permitted per week. Wrestlers I Like This Week Wrestler (School)- competition for the week [Proj Score] *organized by most potential points to least, then by school alphabetically”: 125: Ethan Berginc (ARMY)- Cleveland State Open Eric Barnett (WISC)- @ Drexel, @ Rider [+8] Dean Peterson (RUT)- Vs Princeton, Vs Buffalo [+7] Pat McKee (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+4] Evan Tallmadge (NAVY)- Vs Ohio [+4] Logan Agin (DUKE)- @ Davidson [+3] Drake Ayala (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+3] Stevo Poulin (UNCO)- Vs West Virginia [+3] 133: Dylan Shawver (RUT)- Vs Princeton, Vs Buffalo [+8] Braxton Brown (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+5] Aaron Nagao (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+5] Cayden Rooks (IND)- Vs Central Michigan [+4] Ryan Crookham (LEH)- @ Oklahoma State [+4] Tyler Wells (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+4] Brendan Ferretti (NAVY)- Vs Ohio [+4] Jackson Sichelstiel (DAV)- Vs Duke [+3] Dominick Serrano (UNCO)- Vs West Virginia [+3] 141: Wyatt Henson (LHU)- Cleveland State Open Mitch Moore (RUT)- Vs Princeton, Vs Buffalo [+10] Kal Miller (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+6] Jordan Titus (WVU)- @ Air Force, @ Northern Colorado [+6] Joshua Koderhandt (NAVY)- Vs Ohio [+5] Beau Bartlett (PSU)- VsHofstra [+5] Josh Mason (BLOO)- @ Long Island [+4] Danny Fongaro (IND)- Vs Central Michigan [+4] Real Woods (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+4] Cael Happel (UNI)- Vs Columbia [+4] Josh Edmond (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+3] Jesse Mendez (OHST)- Vs Pittsburgh [+3] McKenzie Bell (RID)- Vs Wisconsin [+3] 149: Nick Stonecheck (LHU)- Cleveland State Open Ty Watters (WVU)- @ Air Force, @ Northern Colorado [+9] Kal Miller (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+6] Victor Voinovich (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+4] Dylan D’Emilio (OHST)- Vs Pittsburgh [+4] Tyler Kasak (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+4] Tyler McKnight (DAV)- Vs Duke [+3] 157: Nate Lukez (ARMY)- Cleveland State Open Michael North (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+5] Jared Franek (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+5] Brock Mauller (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+5] Levi Haines (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+4] Johnny Lovett (CMU)- @ Indiana [+3] Michael Blockhus (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+3] Ryder Downey (UNI)- Vs Columbia [+3] Peyten Kellar (OHIO)- @ Navy [+3] Paddy Gallagher (OHST)- Vs Pittsburgh [+3] 165: Beau Mantanona (MICH)- Cleveland State Open Dean Hamiti (WISC)- @ Drexel, @ Rider [+9] Izzak Olejnik (OKST)- Vs Lehigh, @ Oklahoma [+7] Keegan O’Toole (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+5] Mitchell Mesenbrink (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+5] Michael Caliendo (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+4] Garrett Thompson (OHIO)- @ Navy [+4] * assuming Cerniglia is not wrestling Derek Gilcher (IND)- Vs Central Michigan [+3] Holden Heller (PITT)- @ Ohio State [+3] 174: Brody Conley (WVU)- @ Air Force, @ Northern Colorado [+8] Carter Starocci (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+5] Donnell Washington (IND)- Vs Central Michigan [+4] Patrick Kennedy (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+4] Peyton Mocco (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+4] Tate Picklo (OU)- Vs Oklahoma State [+4] Dominic Solis (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+3] Andrew Sparks (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+3] Danny Wask (NAVY)- Vs Ohio [+3] Carson Kharchla (OHST)- Vs Pittsburgh [+3] 184: Seth Shumate (OHST)- Cleveland State Open Dustin Plott (OKST)- Vs Lehigh, @ Oklahoma [+8] Brian Soldano (RUT)- Vs Princeton, Vs Buffalo [+8] Isaiah Salazar (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+5] Bernie Truax (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+5] Roman Rogotzke (IND)- Vs Central Michigan [+4] Clayton Whiting (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+4] Parker Keckeisen (UNI)- Vs Columbia [+4] Kingsley Menifee (MORG)- Vs Maryland [+3] 197: Austin Cooley (WVU)- @ Air Force, @ Northern Colorado [+6] Jaxon Smith (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+5] Rocky Elam (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+5] Aaron Brooks (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+5] Gabe Sollars (IND)- Vs Central Michigan [+4] Garrett Joles (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+3] Wyatt Voelker (UNI)- Vs Columbia [+3] 285: Yaraslau Slavikouski (RUT)- Vs Princeton, Vs Buffalo [+8] Wyatt Hendrickson (AF)- Vs West Virginia [+5] *if he wrestles Seth Nevills (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+5] Zach Elam (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+4] Grady Greiss (NAVY)- Vs Ohio [+4] Greg Kerkvliet (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+4] Bradley Hill (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+3] Bennett Tabor (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+3] Jose Valdez (UNI)- Vs Columbia [+3] David Szuba (RID)- Vs Wisconsin [+3]
  6. Last week was the premier in-season college tournament. This week there’s the best in-season high school tournament. So while I’ll be at Ironman, I’ll also be keeping my eye on several key things going on at the DI level. 5. The Hangover CKLV was awesome, awesome, awesome. Nothing short of a mini NCAA’s. And several guys had out-of-this-world breakthroughs we couldn’t have imagined. But I PROMISE you some of those bubbles will be popped this weekend. The question is: whose? I’m on the lookout to see who will suffer a Vegas hangover and come back down to earth. 4. Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham The battle of North Jersey vs. South Jersey as Princeton visits Rutgers. The Tigers graduated a bunch so Rutgers should probably win comfortably, but it’s a great dual in The Garden State between two programs on the rise. It should only gain more steam and fanfare going forward. Certainly, sign me up for Luke Stout vs. John Poznanski at 197. 3. Sneaky Good Head-to-Heads #11-Angelo Rini, Columbia vs. #9-Brody Teske, Iowa - Friday 8PM Why: Two Top 12 seniors here. Rini won Fargo after graduating from powerhouse St. Edward (OH). He’s coming off a win over Nic Bouzakis at the Clarion Open. Bouzakis was recently 3rd in Vegas. So for Teske, who has flirted with AA status in the past, a win here would take a little of the sting out of losing to Iowa State’s Evan Frost. As it turns out, Frost would go on to make the finals at CKLV, making the result not as disappointing as it may have initially been viewed. #15-Jore Volk, Wyoming vs. #16-Noah Surtin, Missouri - Friday 8PM Why: Two reasons. 1) 125 is wide open. Volk is coming off a 5th place showing in Vegas. Both guys are fringe podium contenders. 2) I’ve been saying all season that I’m watching the Missouri lightweights. If they can chip in some points, Mizzou can make a run at a team trophy. #14-Dylan Pitzer, Pitt vs. #18-Nick Feldman, Ohio State - Sunday Noon Why: We could be looking at the start of not only a new rivalry, but perhaps a preview of a future NCAA final. Of the 33 ranked heavyweights in the nation, 29 are Juniors or Seniors. Pitzer and Feldman are the only ranked Freshmen. #11-Garrett Thompson, Ohio vs. #27-Andrew Cerniglia, Navy - Sunday 2PM Why: Garrett Thompson has been on a roll. He beat All-American Peyton Hall earlier this year before taking 5th at CKLV. This is a guy who never even qualified for the state tournament in high school and who now is on the cusp of a Top 10 ranking. And he’s facing Cerniglia who was an absolute PA superstar - 2x State Champ and Ironman Champ. Cerniglia struggled his first couple of campaigns down at 157 but there’s hope he’s more himself up now that he’s not cutting as much. 2. They Call It Bedlam Princeton and Rutgers probably sit down for a nice bowl of fettuccine together after the dual. It’s a good in-state rivalry but it’s nothing like Oklahoma-Oklahoma State. There will be no breaking bread. The Cowboys needed late dramatics last year to win. With the dual tied at 15 in the last bout of the evening, Luke Surber pinned Keegan Moore. And the Sooners certainly don’t want to lose to their rivals in football and wrestling in the same season. WrestleStat has it as a 20-15 OKST win. But that’s a one-match flip from changing everything. 1. The Greatest Ever vs. The Hottest Name in Wrestling I might be setting myself (and y’all) up for disappointment. Daton Fix (@_Greatest_Ever1 on Twitter) is slated to face Ryan Crookham when Lehigh visits Gallagher Iba. So far this season Crookham has beaten NCAA Champ Vito Arujau and NCAA 5th placer Aaron Nagao. Whoever wins, is the unquestionable #1 in America. The problem is, Daton tweaked something just before the start of CKLV and had to scratch. Fingers crossed he’s healthy and we see this bout.
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  9. We're are officially through a month of the collegiate wrestling season! With CKLV last weekend, a bunch of schools are not in action so we have a relatively small slate of matches this weekend. A total of 24 duals will be contested along with some a tournament. Since it can be difficult to figure out where and when to watch all of these events, InterMat has put together a list of all of the live-streamed events occurring this week. Below are the dates/times and how to watch each match (with links). All times are Eastern. Thursday, December 7: Michigan State at Buffalo 7:00 PM ESPN+ Friday, December 8: VMI at Kent State 1:00 PM Gannon at Kent State 2:30 PM VMI vs. Mount Union at Kent State 2:30 PM Mount Union at Kent State 4:00 PM Princeton at Rutgers 6:00 PM B1G+ Duke at Davidson 7:00 PM Columbia at Iowa 8:00 PM B1G+ Wyoming at Missouri 8:00 PM FloWrestling Lehigh at Oklahoma State 8:00 PM ESPN+ West Virginia at Air Force 9:00 PM FloWrestling Saturday, December 9: Army West Point, Cleveland State, Kent State, Northwestern, VMI at Cleveland State Open 9:30 AM Wisconsin at Rider 12:00 PM ESPN+ Central Michigan at Indiana 2:00 PM B1G+ Bloomsburg at LIU 4:00 PM ESPN+ Wisconsin at Drexel 6:00 PM FloWrestling Sunday, December 10: Pittsburgh at Ohio State 12:00 PM Big Ten Network Hofstra at Penn State 1:00 PM B1G+ Navy vs. Ohio at Jefferson, PA 2:00 PM Buffalo at Rutgers 2:00 PM B1G+ North Dakota State at Minnesota 3:00 PM B1G+ Maryland at Morgan State 3:00 PM Morgan State All-Access West Virginia at Northern Colorado 3:00 PM FloWrestling Columbia at Northern Iowa 3:00 PM FloWrestling Oklahoma State at Oklahoma 3:00 PM ESPN+
  10. Below is a recap of last week’s EIWA action, with individual news and highlights worth noting. Key Takeaways Cornell’s Ungar (125 lbs) and Ramirez (165 lbs) earn silver at CKLV. Ramirez defeats David Carr Eligh Rivera upsets #8 Rooks of Indiana Crookham of Lehigh defeats #3 Nagao, a returning All-American American The Eagles were victorious in seven of ten bouts against Davidson. Shamil Kalmatov and Raymond Lopez each saw some mat time at 125 lbs and 141 lbs, respectively. American had five shutout wins in their seven victories. American 31 – Davidson 7 125 - Shamil Kalmatov (AU) dec. Enis Ljikovic (Davidson), 5-0 (AU 3-0) 133 - Maximilian Leete (AU) major dec. Hale Robinson (Davidson), 9-0 (AU 7-0) 141 - Raymond Lopez (AU) tech. fall Josh Viarengo (Davidson), 17-1 (5:23) (AU 12-0) 149 - Tyler-Xavier McKnight (Davidson) dec. Ethan Szerencsits (AU), 11-8 SV (AU 12-3) 157 - Jack Nies (AU) dec. Tanner Peake (Davidson), 9-6 TB (AU 15-3) 165 - Bryce Sanderlin (Davidson) major dec. Breon Phifer (AU), 11-2 (AU 15-7) 174 - Lucas White (AU) dec. Marc Koch (Davidson), 6-0 (AU 18-7) 184 - Connor Bourne (AU) dec. Wyatt Ferguson (Davidson), 4-0 (AU 21-7) 197 - Carsten Rawls (AU) major dec. Cameo Blankenship (Davidson), 9-0 (AU 25-7) 285 - Will Jarrell (AU) pinned Jake Fernicola (Davidson), 2:58 (AU 31-7) Next up for American is a bout with Navy at home, right before Christmas break. Army The Black Knights of Army West Point competed in the Cougar Clash at SIUE. At 125lbs, both Ethan Berginc and Charlie Farmer made the finals where a no-contest was decided. Lucas Stoddard was 2nd in his 285 lbs bracket with his only loss coming to #5 Elam of Missouri. Also finishing as runner-up was Dakota Morris – wrestling at 165 lbs. He outplaced Dalton Harkins, who was 3rd. They both lost to Fernandes of Northern Colorado. Also finishing in 3rd place were Logan Brown (141 lbs) and Dillon Sheehy (174 lbs). Sheehy’s lone loss was to #17 Sparks of Minnesota. Nate Lukez was 4th at 149 lbs. The Knights had two 5th-place finishers in Braden Basile and Rich Treanor at 133 lbs and 141 lbs, respectively. Rounding out the placewinners for the team were 149 lbers – both Thomas Deck and Matthew Williams tied for 6th place. Next on Army’s agenda is the Cleveland State Open on Saturday. Binghamton The Bearcats had two placewinners at the CKLV, earning a 19th-place finish in the team standings. 23rd-ranked heavyweight, Cory Day was 7th over the weekend. His two losses were to higher-ranked opponents in Feldman of Ohio State (#17) and Ghadiali (#15) of Campbell. Brevin Cassella (#21 @ 165 lbs) earned 8th place. He had a win over #17 Mayfield of Northwestern, among other solid wins. The two place winners are a good showing for them. It may be noteworthy, Jacob Nolan (#21 @ 184 lbs) did not wrestle in this event due to injury. He’s a candidate who may have put some serious points up for the team. The next competition for Binghamton is at the Wilkes Open a few days before Christmas. Brown The Bears of Brown University will be off for a few weeks. They do not compete until right before the Christmas Holiday. Expect improvements over this span. Bucknell The Bison had a top-30 road matchup with #29 Wisconsin. They split matches with Wisconsin but fell 24-22. Kurt Phipps (#21 @ 133 lbs) led the way with a fall. At 165lbs, Noah Mulvaney (#26) and Dorian Crosby (285 lbs) each had a tech fall for the Bison. Both Braden Bower (141 lbs) and Nick Delp (157 lbs) each earned a decision. There was one ranked match-up, and it occurred at 149 lbs where Bucknell’s #31 Chappell fell to #18 Zargo. Wisconsin 24 – Bucknell 22 125: No. 10 Eric Barnett (WIS) tech fall over Grayson McLellan (BUC), 16-0 (WIS 5-0) 133: No. 21 Kurt Phipps (BUC) fall over Nicolar Rivera (WIS), 3:40 (BUC 6-5) 141: Braden Bower (BUC) dec. over Felix Lettini (WIS), 5-0 (BUC 9-5) 149: No. 18 Joseph Zargo (WIS) maj. dec. over No. 31 Dylan Chappell (BUC), 11-2 (9-9) 157: Nick Delp (BUC) dec. over Luke Mechler (WIS), 11-7 (BUC 12-9) 165: No. 26 Noah Mulvaney (BUC) tech fall over Gavin Model (WIS), 19-3 (5:05) (BUC 17-9) 174: No. 5 Dean Hamiti (WIS) fall over Myles Takats (BUC), 1:37 (BUC 17-15) 184: No. 26 Max Maylor (WIS) fall over Mikey Bartush (BUC), 0:27 (WIS 21-17) 197: Shane Liegel (WIS) dec. over Nolan Springer (BUC), 5-0 (WIS 24-17) HWT: Dorian Crosby (BUC) tech fall over Peter Christensen (WIS), 19-4 (5:56) (WIS 24-22) The Bison will have a week off this coming weekend. Columbia The Lions were one of the teams competing at the CKLV Invite. With two of the team’s highest-ranked wrestlers out with injury (Angelo Rini #11 @ 133 lbs and Josh Ogunsanya #14 @ 165 lbs), they finished in 21st place with zero place finishers. Unfortunately, Lennox Wolak (#24 @ 174l bs) was injured as well. Aaron Ayzerov went through a gauntlet of competition at 184 lbs, losing to #5 Plott of Oklahoma St and #18 Fisher of Virginia Tech. His lone win was a huge one, as he defeated #4 Foca of Cornell. Nick Babin (#24 @ 125lbs) was 2-2 on the day losing two to higher ranked opponents. At heavyweight, Nolan Neves had a great win over #19 Nevills of Maryland, as he competed to a 3-2 record on the weekend. Jack Wehmeyer came into the weekend ranked #29 at 197 lbs. He had a win over #30 Striggow of Michigan to help solidify his ranking. Columbia’s performance was tainted thanks to injuries – let’s hope they heal up quickly. The Lions have a road trip this weekend to compete at #3 Iowa and #20 Northern Iowa. Cornell The Big Red wrestled to an impressive 6th-place finish as a squad. Brett Ungar (#8 @ 125 lbs) helped lead the way with a 2nd place finish. Highlighting his tournament was a win over, former All-American, #5 DeAugustino of Northwestern. Another big win for the Big Red came at 165 lbs, where #7 Julian Ramirez defeated NCAA Champion, David Carr in the semifinals. His silver medal came at a loaded weight class. Jacob Cardenas was 4th place this weekend. The 6th ranked wrestler at 197 lbs had losses to #5 Hidlay of NC State and #3 Sloane of South Dakota State. At 141 lbs, #14 Vince Cornella took home 6th place. At heavyweight, Lewis Fernandes was 8th – losing by medical forfeit in his final match. Stud freshman, #21 Meyer Shapiro defeated #5 Andonian of Virginia Tech, then failed to place. His major decision over Andonian was the talk of the first day. Benny Baker filled in nicely at 174 lbs with Foca moving up to 184lbs. He finished a win short of placing. Cornell is off this weekend with some much-needed rest. They will be at the National Collegiate Duals in a few weeks. Drexel The Dragons hosted The Dragon Duals where Little Rock, West Liberty (D2), and Clarion all came to for a quad. Drexel was 1-2, falling to Little Rock and Clarion, but had a dominant win over West Liberty. Dom FIndora (149lbs) led the Dragons with three wins – all by bonus points. Cody Walsh was also 3-0 with two bonus point wins. Jordan Soriano won both matches he competed in at 141lbs. This is a young team that took some lumps, but will improve as time goes on. Drexel 10, Little Rock 30 125: Jeremiah Reno (Little Rock) def. Desmond Pleasant, Dec. 15-8; Little Rock 3-0 133: #22 Nasir Bailey (Little Rock) def. Jaxon Maroney, MD 15-2; Little Rock 7-0 141: Jordan Soriano def. Brennan Van Hoecke(Little Rock), Dec. 12-9; Little Rock 7-3 149: Dom Findora def. Kyle Dutton (Little Rock), MD 10-1; Tied 7-7 157: #25 Matty Bianchi (Little Rock) def. Tyler Williams, MD 11-2; Little Rock 11-7 165: #31 Cody Walsh def. Bilal Bailey (Little Rock), Dec. 7-3; Little Rock 11-10 174: #17 Tyler Brennan (Little Rock) def. Jasiah Queen, Fall 6:39; Little Rock 17-10 184: Triston Wills (Little Rock) def. Justin Griffith, TF 21-4 (6:08); Little Rock 22-10 197: #7 Stephen Little (Little Rock) def. Ibrahim Ameer, TF 21-4 (7:00); Little Rock 27-10 285: #28 Josiah Hill (Little Rock) def. Santino Morina, Dec. 4-2; Little Rock wins 30-10 Drexel 42, West Liberty 3 125: Desmond Pleasant def. Alexander Crane (West Liberty), TF 21-4 (5:41); Drexel 5-0 133: John Hildebrandt def. Vincent Scollo (West Liberty), Dec. 3-2; Drexel 8-0 141: Gabe Onorato def. Khyvon Grace(West Liberty) Dec. 7-3; Drexel 11-0 149: Dom Findora def. AJ Nettey (West Liberty), TF 18-2 (3:26); Drexel 16-0 157: Tyler Williams def. Tyler Beckley (West Liberty), TF 15-0 (3:31); Drexel 21-0 165: #31 Cody Walsh def. Alec Cook (West Liberty), Fall (4:09); Drexel 27-0 174: Jack Janda def. Breagan Pearson (West Liberty), Fall 1:42; Drexel 33-0 184: Ty McGeary (West Liberty) def. Natty Lapinski, Dec. 10-3; Drexel 33-3 197: Ibrahim Ameer def. Keaton Grider (West Liberty), Fall (1:44); Drexel 39-3 285: Dom Petracci def. Jamie Kilmer (West Liberty), Dec. 9-2; Drexel wins 42-3 Drexel 17, Clarion 23 125: Joey Fischer (Clarion) def. Desmond Pleasant, Dec 8-3; Clarion 3-0 133: TJ England (Clarion) def. Jaxon Maroney, Dec 10-7; Clarion 6-0 141: Jordan Soriano def. Tye Varndell (Clarion), TF 20-4 (4:53); Clarion 6-5 149: Dom Findora def. Kyle Schickel (Clarion), TF 15-0 (7:00); Drexel 10-6 157: #24 Alejandro Herrera-Rondon (Clarion) def. Tyler Williams, TF 18-3 (7:00); Clarion 11-10 165: #31 Cody Walsh def. Trevor Elfvin (Clarion), MD 9-1; Drexel 14-11 174: #29 John Worthing (Clarion) def. Jasiah Queen, TF 18-1 (3:35); Clarion 16-14 184: Cam Pine (Clarion) def. Justin Griffith, TF 20-5 (6:09); Clarion 20-14* 197: Ethan Wiant (Clarion) def. Ibrahim Ameer, Dec 6-5; Clarion 23-14 285: Santino Morina def. John Meyers (Clarion), SV-1 4-1; Clarion wins 23-17 *One point deducted for Clarion unsportsmanlike conduct Drexel will host #29 Wisconsin for a dual on Saturday this week. Franklin & Marshall The Diplomats were at home hosting the Diplomat duals where they defeated VMI, Presbyterian, and Bloomsburg. They were defeated by Michigan State. Mason Leiphart (133 lbs) and James Conway (#17 @ 184 lbs) were each 4-0 on the day. Conway had three bonus point victories in the process. 30th ranked John Crawford was 3-1 on the day at 197 lbs. Noah Fox had three wins in his four matches at 174 lbs. Pat Phillips was 2-1 at 141 lbs, while Josh Palmucci was 2-2. Michigan State 34, Franklin & Marshall 10 125: #30 Tristan Lujan (MSU) dec. Eric Howe (F&M); 6-1 (MSU 3-0) 133: Mason Leiphart (F&M) dec. Andrew Hampton (MSU); 8-3 (Tied 3-3) 141: Andrew Hampton (MSU) maj. Pat Phillips (F&M); 8-0 (MSU 7-3) 149: Clayton Jones (MSU) WBF Luke Bender (F&M); 6:03 (MSU 13-3) 157: #14 Chase Saldate (MSU) WBF Dominic Wheatley (F&M); 4:42 (MSU 19-3) 165: #12 Caleb Fish (MSU) maj. Josh Palmucci (F&M); 13-5 (MSU 23-3) 174: Noah Fox (F&M) dec. DJ Shannon (MSU); 11-8 (MSU 23-6) 184: #17 James Conway (F&M) maj. Ryan Boucher (MSU); 15-2 (MSU 23-10) 197: Kael Wisler (MSU) WBF #30 John Crawford (F&M); 5:49 (MSU 29-10) 285: Josh Terrill (MSU) TF Harrison Shapiro (F&M); 21-4 (5:25) (MSU 34-10) Franklin & Marshall 21, VMI 14 125: Anthony Burke (VMI) dec. Jack Parker (F&M); 8-5 (SV) (VMI 3-0) 133: Mason Leiphart (F&M) dec. Dyson Dunham (VMI); 7-1 (Tied 3-3) 141: Pat Phillips (F&M) dec. Patrick Jordon (VMI); 8-4 (F&M 6-3) 149: Ryan Vigil (VMI) maj. Luke Bender (F&M); 11-3 (VMI 7-6) 157: Josh Yost (VMI) maj. Dominic Wheatley (F&M); 17-3 (VMI 11-6) 165: Josh Palmucci (F&M) dec. Luke Hart (VMI); 7-0 (VMI 11-9) 174: Braxton Lewis (VMI) dec. Noah Fox (F&M); 9-4 (VMI 14-9) 184: #17 James Conway (F&M) WBF Riley Finck (VMI); 2:21 (F&M 15-14) 197: #30 John Crawford (F&M) dec. Josh Evans (VMI); 4-1 (F&M 18-14) 285: Harrison Shapiro (F&M) dec. Brian Jackson (VMI); 5-1 (F&M 21-14) Franklin & Marshall 34, Presbyterian 9 125: Jack Parker (F&M) dec. Trent Dominguez (PRES); 9-4 (F&M 3-0) 133: Mason Leiphart (F&M) TF Brayden Adams (PRES); 15-0 (1:41) (F&M 8-0) 141: Bryce Kresho (F&M) dec. Ryan Luna (PRES); 9-6 (F&M 11-0) 149: Trent Donahue (PRES) WBF Luke Bender (F&M); 2:36 (F&M 11-6) 157: Dominic Wheatley (F&M) maj. Elijah Holiday (PRES); 10-2 (F&M 15-6) 165: Josh Palmucci (F&M) maj. Joshua Roe (PRES); 16-3 (F&M 19-6) 174: Noah Fox (F&M) dec. Reed Douglass (PRES); 15-10 (F&M 22-6) 184: #17 James Conway (F&M) WBF Caleb Roe (PRES); 4:16 (F&M 28-6) 197: #30 John Crawford (F&M) WBF Connor Garren (PRES); 5:59 (F&M 34-6) 285: Nathan Carnes (PRES) dec. Harrison Shapiro (F&M); 4-2 (F&M 34-9) Franklin & Marshall 27, Bloomsburg 12 125: Eric Howe (F&M) dec. Bronson Garber (BLOOM); 7-2 (F&M 3-0) 133: Mason Leiphart (F&M) won by forfeit (F&M 9-0) 141: Pat Phillips (F&M) won by forfeit (F&M 15-0) 149: Cade Balestrini (BLOOM) dec. Bryce Kresho (F&M); 10-9 (F&M 15-3) 157: William Morrow (BLOOM) dec. Dominic Wheatley (F&M); 11-8 (SV) (F&M 15-5) 165: Caden Dobbins (BLOOM) maj. Josh Palmucci (F&M); 8-0 (F&M 15-9) 174: Noah Fox (F&M) maj. Josh Bonomo (BLOOM); 11-2 (F&M 19-9) 184: #17 James Conway (F&M) dec. Tanner Culver (BLOOM); 9-2 (F&M 22-9) 197: #30 John Crawford (F&M) TF Kolby Flank (BLOOM); 15-0 (7:00) (F&M 27-9) 285: Shane Noonan (BLOOM) dec. Harrison Shapiro (F&M); 6-3 (F&M 27-12) *** Bloomsburg was deducted one team during the 157 lb. match for coach's misconduct The Dips will take a few days off this coming weekend. Harvard The Crimson were in Las Vegas for the CKLV. 25th-ranked Diego Sotelo was the team’s leader in wins with three. His two losses came to #2 Ramos of Purdue and #8 Ungar of Cornell – each within a takedown. He finished in the top-12. Jameson Garcia competed in the 133 lbs bracket. He had a single win over #23 Drury. Other Harvard wrestlers getting wins were Pepe (141 lbs), Cangro (157lbs), Rada (174 lbs), Bittner (197 lbs) and Crooks (285 lbs) The Crimson will be off until the holiday break. Hofstra The Pride of Hofstra were also in attendance at the CKLV in Las Vegas. Noah Tapia competed in the 149 lbs bracket, and earned the best win for the squad. His upset in the consolations was over #14 Jordan Williams of Oklahoma State. He led the team with two wins. Other Hofstra wrestlers earning wins were Ryder (125 lbs) and McFarland (174 lbs). This was a tough test for Hofstra, losing to many ranked opponents. Catch them back in action next weekend when they travel to #1 Penn State. Lehigh The Mountain Hawks had a tough road test when they traveled to #1 Penn State. Sheldon Seymour got the team off to a hot start with a late takedown victory. #5 Ryan Crookham kept the train rolling when he defeated #3 Nagao, a returning All-American. Finally, Michael Beard (#10 @ 197lbs) won via major. No. 1 Penn State 30, No. 20 Lehigh 10 125 – Sheldon Seymour (Lehigh) dec. Gary Steen (PSU) 4-1 133 – Ryan Crookham (Lehigh) dec. Aaron Nagao (PSU) 6-4 141 – Beau Bartlett (PSU) major dec. Carter Bailey (Lehigh) 14-6 149 – Tyler Kasak (PSU) dec. Drew Munch (Lehigh) 7-5 157 – Levi Haines (PSU) dec. Max Brignola (Lehigh) 12-6 165 – Mitchell Mesenbrink (PSU) tech fall Jake Logan (Lehigh) 17-2, 6:13 174 – Carter Starocci (PSU) Fall Thayne Lawrence (Lehigh) 2:07 184 – Bernie Truax (PSU) tech fall Jack Wilt (Lehigh) 19-4, 7:00 197 – Michael Beard (Lehigh) major dec. Lucas Cochran (PSU) 20-6 285 – Greg Kerkvliet (PSU) major dec. Nathan Taylor (Lehigh) 11-1 They will return to the mat this week against #11 Oklahoma State. Long Island The Sharks were at the CKLV event also. Anthony D’Alesio (184lbs) and Devin Matthews (141lbs) each won two matches. D’Alesio had a quality win over #13 Fisher of Northwestern. Matthews had a medical forfeit win over #18 Koderhandt of Navy. Rhise Royster (157 lbs), Aeden Begue (285 lbs), and Drew Witham (149 lbs) each had a win on the weekend. Of the eight teams in the EIWA competing in Las Vegas, LIU was the 5th best overall. Drastic improvements are easily seen in this team. Bloomsburg comes to town this weekend for a dual against LIU. Navy The Midshipmen were in competition at CKLV as well. Coming home with two place finishers, and a 16th overall team placement – it was a successful weekend. Danny Wask at 174 lbs made the semifinals. Losing to only #12 Wittlake and #5 Kharchla, expect him to improve on his #30 ranking. Grady Griess was 5th at 285 lbs. He was also in the semifinals, losing to #7 Bastida and #22 McDermott. Unfortunately, Koderhandt went down with an injury and had to forfeit on the backside. Navy most likely expected better results. They were without Cerniglia at 165 lbs, which did not help their cause. They will be in action this weekend against Ohio at Pennsylvania’s Jefferson Morgan High School – Coach Kolat’s alma mater. Penn The Quakers hosted #3 Iowa for a dual. It was competitive throughout. The Quakers saw wins from Colaiocco, Incontrera, and Hale. In matches that Iowa won, Penn wrestled them very well – notably in the middleweights where Iowa is very tough. 125 – #15 Drake Ayala (I) def. #19 Max Gallagher (P), 8-7 DEC – Iowa leads 3-0 133 – #13 Michael Colaiocco (P) def. Jace Rhodes (I), 5-0 DEC – tied 3-3 141 – #1 Real Woods (I) def. #11 CJ Composto (P), 5-0 DEC – Iowa leads 6-3 149 – #15 Victor Voinovich III (I) def. Andy Troczynski (P), 1-0 DEC – Iowa leads 9-3 157 – #2 Jared Franek (I) def. #26 Jude Swisher (P), 4-2 DEC – Iowa leads 12-3 165 – #6 Michael Caliendo (I) Lucas Revano (P), 14-5 MD – Iowa leads 16-3 174 – #10 Nick Incontrera (P) def. #9 Patrick Kennedy (I), 10-2 MD – Iowa leads 16-7 184 – #32 Maximus Hale (P) def. Aiden Riggins (I), FALL (1:55) – Iowa leads 16-13 197 – #22 Zach Glazier (I) def. #26 Martin Cosgrove (P), 9-5 DEC – Iowa leads 19-13 285 – Bradley Hill (I) def. Cole Urbas (P), 8-3 DEC – Iowa wins 22-13 Penn also had some wrestlers at the Patriot Open at George Mason. Ryan Miller was runner-up at 125 lbs, losing to top-ranked Noto of Lock Haven. Nico Nardone was 4th at 141 lbs – as were Jackson Polo (149 lbs) and Kaya Sement (165 lbs). At 285 lbs, Zach Delsanter was 5th. Penn will be off until the holiday break, where they compete at the Midlands Princeton Princeton held a dual against Indiana. They split matches 5-5 but lost the bout due to a lack of bonus points. Eligh Rivera had an upset victory over #8 Rooks. Cover had a win over #32 Wilheim. Drew Heethuis made his dual debut and earned a win. Luke Stout and Nate Dugan continue to win. Overall, it was a nice effort from the squad. Indiana 18 – Princeton 15 149: Eligh Rivera (Princeton) DEC #8 Graham Rooks (Indiana), 7-4 (SV); Princeton leads, 3-0 157: #17 Brayton Lee (Indiana) DEC Rocco Camillaci (Princeton), 3-2; Match tied, 3-3 165: #11 Derek Gilcher (Indiana) DEC Blaine Bergey (Princeton), 8-1; Indiana leads, 6-3 174: #9 D.J. Washington (Indiana) TF Mikey Squires (Princeton), 19-3 (3:59); Indiana leads, 11-3 184: #28 Nate Dugan (Princeton) DEC Roman Rogotzke (Indiana), 15-10; Indiana leads, 11-6 197: #10 Luke Stout (Princeton) DEC Gabe Sollars (Indiana), 3-1; Indiana leads, 11-9 285: Matt Cover (Princeton) DEC #32 Nick Wilhelm (Indiana), 5-4; Princeton leads, 12-11 125: Drew Heethuis (Princeton) DEC Blaine Frazier (Indiana), 10-8; Princeton leads, 15-11 133: Cayden Rooks (Indiana) DEC Sean Pierson (Princeton), 8-3; Princeton leads, 15-14 141: #28 Danny Fongaro (Indiana) MD Tyler Vazquez (Princeton), 15-1; Indiana leads, 18-15 Princeton will wrestle in-state rival #15 Rutgers at Rutgers this weekend. Sacred Heart The Pioneers were at the CKLV event. Andre Fallon won a match at 133 lbs. Scott Jarosz also won a match at 165 lbs. This event was a tough break for Sacred Heart. They’ll be back in the room working on things, and we’ll see better results soon. SHU will be off this coming weekend.
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  13. What a weekend at the 2023 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational! Iowa State came away with the team title outdistancing Nebraska, who had won the previous three titles, by a mere five points. Perennial CKLV threat Ohio State finished in third two points behind the Cornhuskers. While the team race was great, we’re focusing on some of the top individual performances. Specifically, those wrestlers who significantly improved their stock over the weekend. Not all of them are the same. Some went from All-American threat to title contender. Others went from national qualifiers to high All-American status. Some were freshmen, and some were fifth or sixth-year seniors. Below are ten wrestlers who stood out and saw their proverbial stock rise significantly in some form or fashion over those two days in Vegas. By the way, if we were giving a team award, it would go to Stanford. We’ve highlighted two of their wrestlers but could have mentioned a few more. Nico Provo (Stanford) Perhaps no wrestler in the tournament improved his stock the way Nico Provo did in capturing the title at 125 lbs. Provo entered Vegas ranked #20 in the country and that gave him the ninth seed. That meant he’d have to defeat four straight opponents ranked in the top 20 to earn his title. In consecutive matches, Provo downed, #18 Kysen Terukina (Iowa State), #2 Matt Ramos (Purdue), #11 Jore Volk (Wyoming), and #8 Brett Ungar (Cornell). At the 2023 NCAA Championships, Provo went 0-2 after falling to Ramos, by a point, in the opening round. Before Vegas, Provo held a 2-0 record but didn’t have any wins that would indicate he’d walk away from Vegas the champion. In Vegas, Provo ended up being the catalyst for a Cardinal team that finished seventh with six placewinners. Rankings Movement: #20 to #4 Izzak Olejnik (Oklahoma State) It may not be fair to put Izzak Olejnik in this category as he was an All-American last year and was selected to compete (and win) in the NWCA All-Star Classic. Just like the All-Star event, Olejnik picked up a big win over a multiple-time All-American who had defeated him in the past (and twice) in Cam Amine of Michigan. If that wasn’t enough, Olejnik finished his tournament on top of the 165 lb bracket by defeating the returning champion, Julian Ramirez of Cornell. With just over a minute remaining in the third period, Olejnik secured the takedown that ended up pushing him past Ramirez. After just over a month of the season, you have to be encouraged by Olejnik’s move to Oklahoma State. At a bigger program, he’d had more opportunities to take on top-flight competition and has risen to the occasion. He’ll continue to have those chances as Olejnik is slated to have four more matches against returning All-Americans during the regular season. Rankings Movement: #4 to #2 Cade DeVos (South Dakota State) The other champion that may have changed people’s perceptions is the winner of the 174 lb bracket, Cade Devos. DeVos claimed the title at his weight class after wins over past All-Americans in back-to-back matches. In the semifinals, he needed a late takedown to get by second-seeded Carson Kharchla (Ohio State). Against Travis Wittlake (Oregon State) in the finals, DeVos grabbed a takedown in the first and second periods before holding on to win 9-7. DeVos now has a perfect 8-0 record and is in good position to get on the NCAA podium, after coming up a match short in 2023. Rankings Movement: #7 to #4 Tyler Knox (Stanford) One of the first opening-round surprises that woke up the Vegas crowd was Stanford’s true freshman, Tyler Knox, defeating Ohio State’s Nic Bouzakis. Knox’s mat game turned out to be the deciding factor in the Bouzakis contest. He rode the Buckeye for the entire second period, then got a reversal in the third and proceeded to ride Bouzakis for the duration of the bout, in an 11-3 major decision. In his run to the semifinals, Knox picked up wins over past national qualifiers Richie Koehler (Rider) and Reece Witcraft (Oklahoma State). Knox entered the tournament with a 2-0 record with both of his wins coming via tech fall, though neither was against a rankable opponent. The reason we’ve mentioned Knox and not his classmate, Lorenzo Norman, is that 133 may be a weight where a freshman like Knox could have more of an impact in 2023-24. Rankings Movement: Not Ranked to #16 Tagen Jamison (Oklahoma State) During the offseason, Oklahoma State received a couple of impact transfers, one of which was redshirt freshman Tagen Jamison from Minnesota. It was unclear how he’d fit into the role at 141 lbs since former Rutgers national qualifier, Sammy Alvarez, has moved to Stillwater during the 2022-23 campaign. With Alvarez unable to compete until the second semester, Jamison got the first crack at locking down the starting spot at 141. After his fifth-place performance in Vegas, it’ll be difficult to unseat the young Jamison. On the front side, Jamison advanced to the quarterfinals after defeating All-Star Classic participant Josh Koderhandt (Navy). Then he fell to the defending CKLV champion Brock Hardy. There’s no shame in losing to someone of that caliber, right? Sure, but Jamison would get the chance to avenge that loss in the fifth-place bout and that he did! Jamison rolled to a 13-5 major decision over the 2023 Big Ten runner-up and All-American. Earlier in the consolations, Jamison majored 2023 EIWA champion Vince Cornella (Cornell). Rankings Movement: #24 to #9 Ryder Downey (Northern Iowa) Another upset that made you take notice from round one was Northern Iowa’s redshirt freshman, Ryder Downey, taking out then-tenth-ranked Trevor Chumbley (Northwestern), 6-2. He’d make sure no one thought it was a fluke by notching a pair of takedowns in an 8-5 win over Paddy Gallagher (Ohio State), ranked #16th in the nation, at the time. This is where you can’t just look at tournament placements as to how wrestlers should be ranked. Once Downey was in the quarterfinals he fell to the second seed and eventual runner-up, Jacori Teemer (Arizona State). In the bloodround, he ran into a hot Ed Scott (NC State). The Wolfpack All-American lost in the second round and was in a furious race back to third place. The wrestlers that defeated Downey ended up finishing second and third. The ones he beat? Gallagher was seventh and Chumbley eighth. Rankings Movement: Not Ranked to #12 Garrett Thompson (Ohio) In week one you should’ve taken notice of Garrett Thompson after he defeated 2022 All-American Peyton Hall (West Virginia) to win the Southeast Open. Last season, Thompson went 14-9 as a redshirt freshman and saw action in four duals for the Bobcats. His exploits early this season were enough to warrant #19 ranking and the eighth seed at the 165 lb weight class. Thompson showed he was someone to take notice of by pinning Connor Brady (Virginia Tech) in order to move into the quarterfinals against top-seeded David Carr (Iowa State). Though Thompson fell, he had two more wins over top-20 competition edging Maxx Mayfield (Northwestern) and majoring Matthew Olguin (Oregon State). He’d finish in fifth after pinning Stanford freshman Hunter Garvin. Ohio is slated to hit the Midlands before getting into the meat of their conference schedule, so there should be more opportunities for Thompson to hit some of the key players at this weight. Rankings Movement: #19 to #11 Danny Wask (Navy) We’ve been high on Danny Wask’s potential after watching him turn in a 16-5 season while competing for the Naval Academy Prep School. In his first two duals of the season, Wask suffered losses to quality opponents like Edmond Ruth (Illinois) and Luca Augustine (Pittsburgh). In a preview, I wondered aloud whether he’d be able to turn those close losses into wins or just wrestle good competition closely. We’ve gotten the answer loud and clear. After winning the Navy Classic, Wask grabbed fourth place at the CKLV. A match after former high school teammate Lorenzo Norman (Stanford) shocked the wrestling world by upsetting 2021 NCAA champion Shane Griffith, Wask neutralized Norman to earn a berth in the semifinals. An escape with :03 left on the clock ended up giving Travis Wittlake (Oregon State) a win over Wask and a berth in the finals. In his first consolation bout, Wask defeated his second-ranked opponent of the tournament, Austin Murphy (Campbell), to be able to wrestle for third place. Rankings Movement: #30 to #20 Sam Wolf (Air Force) Last year, Sam Wolf finished sixth at 174 lbs in the Big 12 to earn his first trip to the NCAA Championships. Even as the #16 seed, Wolf left Tulsa without a win after giving up bonus points in both of his matches. Fast forward to this year, and up a weight class, Wolf entered Vegas a modest 4-0 - but without any significant wins. That certainly changed. In his first two matches, Wolf edged returning All-Americans Chris Foca (Cornell) and Gavin Hoffman (Ohio State) to make the semifinals. After a pair of losses, he’d finish the tournament in fifth by defeating Jaden Bullock (Michigan), who had an impressive showing himself. Rankings Movement: #27 to #8 Joey Novak (Wyoming) A young Wyoming team may get back into the thick of things in the Big 12 if they have freshmen like Joey Novak continue to develop. Before CKLV, Novak’s collegiate career consisted of three duals; one of which was a 2-0 loss to a ranked opponent, Levi Hopkins (Campbell). That’s reason for optimism, but at the same time, most would not have picked the true freshman to get on the podium at 197 lbs. That’s exactly what happened as Novak defeated three ranked opponents and claimed eighth place. After pinning Luke Geog (Ohio State), and defeating Jack Wehmeyer (Columbia), Novak stunned Evan Bockman (Utah Valley) in sudden victory of a bloodround match to secure a place amongst the top-eight. It wasn’t too long ago that Cowboy head coach Mark Branch and crew signed and developed a true freshman 197 lber named Stephen Buchanan. Could something like that happen again? Rankings Movement: Not Ranked to #21
  14. Our quartet of correspondents are back to talk all things CKLV. Ryan Holmes (Big Ten), Kevin Claunch (Big Ten), Austin Sommer (EIWA), and Robbie Wendell (ACC) recap all of the action that went down in Vegas, the upsets, the great performances, and more. The four recap the event and the stars from their respective conferences. For the full interview: Click Here
  15. This week saw most of the attention go to CKLV, while some great duals occurred as well. Iowa State ended up winning the tournament with seven on the podium, while Oklahoma State and South Dakota State made the top ten as well. Northern Iowa and Wyoming both had some individual under-the-radar performances. The Big 12 had the most conference champs with four, all being from different schools (OKST, SDSU, UNI, ISU). On the duals side, we saw Oklahoma on the road at Missouri and West Virginia. North Dakota State had a tough dual against Virginia and continues to look like a young developing team. The conference flexed its top-end strength and depth this weekend, and next week has a mix of teams taking the week off plus some more great conference duals. Air Force: CKLV Brackets | Bob Smith Open Brackets Air Force was without Wyatt Hendrickson this weekend, but still had a wrestler break out at CKLV. Sam Wolf came in as the 15 seed but finished in 5th place, going 3-2. His only losses were to Dustin Plott (OKST) and Will Feldkamp (ISU) who finished 3rd and 2nd respectively. He had big wins over Chris Foca (CORN) and Gavin Hoffman (OHST). Giano Petrucelli didn’t make the podium at 165, but got an upset win himself over Antrell Taylor (NEB). Tucker Owens suffered two upset losses, to Brendan McCrone (OHST) and Troy Hohman (NCST). Not the tournament that was expected, but Wolf breaking out shows that he could be another All-American contender for the Falcons. The team also had some backups compete at the Bob Smith Open where Joe Fernau came back with a title at 149lbs. Next Up: The Falcons have their first conference dual at home, taking on West Virginia. California Baptist: No Competition Next Up: The team has a week off before taking on NIU and Kent State. Iowa State: CKLV Brackets If you were looking for a way for the Cyclones to win this tournament it likely would have involved a David Carr title and wrestlers like Kysen Terukina and Cody Chittum making the podium. Well the team flexed their depth and overall lineup strength by winning with only one champ in Yonger Bastida. Terukina, Chittum, and Broderson all missed the podium. Chittum had tough matches against Bryce Andonian and Daniel Cardenas while going 2-2. Evan Frost and Will Feldkamp both made the finals, and Anthony Echemendia (7th), Casey Swiderski (5th), and MJ Gaitan (8th) also made the podium. Feldkamp bounced back after his loss to Gabe Arnold with a massive first-period pin over Trey Munoz (ORST) to make the finals. David Carr took a shocking loss to Julian Ramirez (CORN), losing a scramble late in the third period to give up the only takedown. He bounced back with a decision over Cam Amine (MICH) to place 3rd. Yonger Bastida introduced himself as a title contender, scoring a major over Nick Feldman (OHST), a tech over Grady Griess (NAVY), and a wildly entertaining decision over Lucas Davison (MICH). Winning CKLV the way they did shows that this team isn’t just looking to place top ten in March, but also compete for a team trophy. Next Up: The team takes a week off before competing in the Collegiate Duals on December 18th. Missouri: Dual Results | Cougar Clash Brackets The Tigers stayed at home and got their first conference win against Oklahoma 30-12. They won seven matches, giving up a forfeit at 197lbs. Logan Gioffre got his first ranked win of the season, taking out Willie McDougald in overtime. Outside of 149 and 285, every wrestler scored bonus points. Keegan O’Toole got a ranked pin, Clayton Whiting dominated another ranked opponent in his second start, and Peyton Mocco picked apart Tate Picklo in a tech fall. Rocky Elam didn’t wrestle in the dual but made his debut the next morning at the Cougar Clash. He won a title with a 4-2 decision over Garrett Joles (MINN). Joining him with titles were Zach Elam, Josh Edmond, and Nate Pulliam split the title with Joel Mylin at 149lbs. Current starter Zeke Seltzer had a tough weekend, dropping a close match in the dual then going 0-2 at the Clash. Colton Hawks got another big win at 184, taking out Isaiah Salazar (MINN) before losing to undefeated freshman Max McEnnely (MINN) in the finals. The Tigers have some depth at 184lbs, in a lineup battle that is likely to continue this year. Next Up: The Tigers host another Big 12 member at home, taking on Wyoming on Dec. 8th. North Dakota State: Dual Results NDSU stayed at home this week and suffered a close out-of-conference loss to Virginia 21-18. Gavin Drexler and Max Petersen had close matches with the Gioffre twins, but came up just short. Petersen continues to start after Kellyn March suffered an injury earlier this year. The Bison scored two pins to grab some momentum, one at 165 and 184. Gaven Sax had a razor-close loss to top-ten Justin McCoy. Next Up: NDSU hits the road for a dual against Minnesota on December 10th, their first against the Golden Gophers since 2011. Northern Colorado: Cougar Clash Brackets The Bears sent a handful of wrestlers to the Cougar Clash and came away with three titles. Dom Serrano won at 133, winning the title over a tough freshman in Ty Wells (MINN). Vinny Zerban won at 157, taking out Missouri’s J Conway in the semis and getting an injury default over Cam Steed in the finals. Baylor Fernandes was the last wrestler to win, going 4-0 at 165lbs and outplacing typical starter Ayden Rix-McElhinney who finished 4th. Next Up: The team hosts West Virginia at home on December 10th for their first conference dual. Northern Iowa: CKLV Brackets | Jim Koch Open Brackets The Panthers came in projected to finish 9th on preseeds and finished just outside of the top ten at 12th, but were missing Lance Runyon and Tyrell Gordon. Parker Keckeisen won his first CKLV title, taking out conference opponent Will Feldkamp (ISU) with a major decision in the finals. Julian Farber came in unseeded at 133, and got ranked wins over Gabe Whisenhunt (ORST) and Ethan Oakley (APP) to make the podium and finish 7th. Cael Happel was the last Panther to make the podium, finishing 4th with ranked wins over Brock Hardy (NEB), Anthony Echemendia (ISU), and Sergio Lemley (MICH). Ryder Downey didn’t make the podium at 157, but had back-to-back upset wins over Trevor Chumbley (NW) and Paddy Gallagher (OHST). He ended up dropping regular decisions to Ed Scott and Jacori Teemer. Other Panther wrestlers competed at the Jim Koch Open and came away with five titles. RJ Weston, Connor Thorpe, Jack Thomsen, Izzy Moreno, and CJ Walrath all won with a number of bonus point victories. Next Up: The Panthers host Columbia for their first dual of the year on December 10th. Oklahoma State: CKLV Brackets | Bob Smith Open Brackets Coming in I thought OK State had a solid chance to surprise people and win the tournament. Unfortunately, a combination of injuries and some underperformance outweighed excellent results at other weights. Daton Fix was a late scratch, so Reece Witcraft entered and got a big win over Julian Chlebove (ASU) before dropping his next two. Jordan Williams, Brayden Thompson, and Daniel Manibog were bounced surprisingly early after some upsets and tough draws. I liked Troy Spratley’s path, but he dropped two wild matches to Tanner Jordan and Caleb Smith. Injuries hit Luke Surber and Konner Doucet, who ended up having to forfeit out of the tournament. There were impressive performances from Dustin Plott and Izzak Olejnik. Plott and Lenny Pinto (NEB) had two must-watch matches that saw Plott avenge a quarterfinal loss to place 3rd. Olejnik upset Cam Amine (MICH) and won a title over Julian Ramirez (CORN) with some clutch third-period takedowns. With David Carr (ISU) dropping a match, Olejnik has put himself right in Big 12 and national title discussion. Next Up: OK State has two big duals, first at home against Lehigh on December 8th, followed by the first Bedlam of the year on December 10th. Oklahoma: Dual Results (Mizzou) | Dual Results (WVU) The Sooners had two road duals, coming home with a 1-1 record. At Mizzou, they got ranked wins at 133 and 141, but struggled to slow down the Tigers to drop the dual 30-12. They then went to Morgantown to take on West Virginia in a dual that came down to the last match. Conrad Hendriksen got his first ranked win at 125 over Jett Strickenberger, and looks like a quality starter for the Sooners. Mosha Schwartz appeared to suffer a significant shoulder injury on a mat return gone wrong and was seen in a sling after the match. Willie McDougald got an upset win over Ty Watters after an upset loss against Mizzou. John Wiley got back in the win column with a solid win over Caleb Dowling. Carlson went 0-2 on the weekend, getting pinned by both Hall and O’Toole. Nijenhuis started at 174, he didn’t win but Picklo’s struggle at Missouri could indicate a lineup battle. Buchanan scored a tech fall to bring the decision to the last match, where Heindselman and Wolfgram squared off for the sixth time. The two had alternated wins and losses over the years and continued here as Heindselman got the 9-7 win with a late neutral danger takedown to win the dual 21-19. The Sooners have struggled with regular-season consistency, and are still trying to find it with lineup changes at multiple weights. Next Up: It’s Bedlam week, as the Sooners prepare to take on OK State in Norman on December 10th. South Dakota State: CKLV Brackets South Dakota State came in and had a solid team performance to finish 10th, without Tanner Cook or Bennett Berge. Last year, Cook was a finalist here and provided valuable points. Cade DeVos won a title as the three seed, including wins over Carson Kharchla (OHST) and Travis Wittlake (ORST). Tanner Sloan had a solid run to finish 3rd, dropping a match to Jaxon Smith (MARY) but dominating Silas Allred (NEB) with a 12-1 major and a one-sided 7-2 decision over Jacob Cardenas (CORN). Derrick Cardinal had a breakout performance, finishing 6th after coming in unseeded. He ran to the semis with a decision over Brendan Ferretti (Navy) and majored Dom Zaccone (CAMP) before dropping matches to Kai Orine (NCST) and Nic Bouzakis (OHST). After going 11-15 last season, Cardinal looks like he could be a big point scorer for the Jackrabbits. Another wrestler who impressed was Tanner Jordan, who beat Troy Spratley (OKST) and Brendan McCrone (OHST) to finish 8th. Cael Swensen missed the podium at 157, dropping matches to Peyton Robb (NEB) and Bryce Andonian (VT). Next Up: SDSU gets a week off before another Big 12 vs Big 10 dual against Nebraska on December 16th. Utah Valley: CKLV Brackets Utah Valley didn’t get anyone on the podium, but had some positive individual match results. Evan Bockman got an upset win over Nick Stemmet (STAN), but dropped his bloodround match to Joey Novak (WYO). Haiden Drury was seeded 8th, but had a tough tournament going 0-2. Jacob Armstrong scored a solid pin over Zayne Lehman (Ohio) at 184lbs, and Mark Takara had a narrow one-point loss to eventual finalist Travis Wittlake (ORST). Next Up: The Wolverines get a week off before the Reno TOC on December 17th. West Virginia: Dual Results The Mountaineers took on Oklahoma at home and came razor close to pulling off the upset. A pin at 165 and an injury default at 141 gave them a great opportunity, but bonus point losses at 133 and 197 plus upset losses at 125 and 149 were too much to overcome. I’m still high on WVU’s potential, and young wrestlers like Ty Watters, Brody Conley, and Caleb Dowling to continue to develop and be impactful throughout the season. Next Up: West Virginia heads to Colorado to take on Air Force in another conference dual on December 8th. Wyoming: CKLV Brackets Wyoming quietly had a very solid tournament, placing top 20 with three on the podium. Jore Volk led the way, wrestling to his 5th seed spot. He took out Brendan McCrone (OHST) and Caleb Smith (NEB), but ran into the red-hot Nico Provo (STAN) and dropped a one-takedown match to Brandon Kaylor (ORST) on the backside. Gabe Willochell at 149 made the podium, highlighted by a win over 2023 qualifier Isaiah Delgado (UVU). True freshman Joey Novak had a breakout at 197, winning four straight matches after dropping his first one. It included wins over Luke Geog (OHST), Evan Bockman (UVU), and Jack Wehmeyer (COL). The young Cowboy squad is clearly developing and looking to be even more dangerous throughout the year. Next Up: Wyoming heads to Columbia, MO for another conference dual against Missouri. November Takeaways We’re somehow already through the first month of the season, and November saw plenty of action in the Big 12. Pre-CKLV the conference had five teams in the top 15, and eight in the top 30. While not every team has hit a ton of action in the first month, there are already some takeaways and things to watch for. Iowa State - Lost the Cy-Hawk dual, but could still be a trophy team The Cyclones frustratingly dropped the dual against Iowa with close calls in multiple matches. However, they looked good in a number of other matches. #8 Evan Frost has been a breakout wrestler for them as a redshirt freshman, the coaches were able to get both Echemendia and Swiderski into the lineup, and David Carr looked dominant. The team is sitting outside of the top 10 currently, but I expect them to make a climb back up throughout the season. North Dakota State - Rebuilding or Reloading? Last year the Bison had one of their best years in nearly a decade, with two All-Americans and a top 25 finish. The offseason saw Roger Kish head to Norman, OK and Obe Blanc was elevated to the head coaching position. They brought in a solid recruiting class, and have built around returning starters Kellyn March and Gaven Sax. The team may not be ready to jump back into the rankings yet, but Gavin Drexler (141), Landon Johnson (157), Adam Cherne (184), and Maxwell Petersen (149) have all notched ranked wins this year. All of those wrestlers are either redshirt freshmen or true freshmen. Watch this team continue to develop throughout the season and if they can have an impact at Big 12’s. West Virginia - Wildcard or Contender? When I did my Big 12 Breakdown, I thought the Mountaineers had a high upside if things worked out, but it would take a team effort. In November, the team was 4-0 with no team scoring double digits against them. It’s not the strongest competition and it hasn’t been flawless, but the team looks to be better than last year. New starters Jett Strickenberger, Ty Watters (149), Brody Conley (174), and Dennis Robin (184) have added consistency and depth to the roster. The team is still looking for a big point scorer, as 2022 All-American Peyton Hall has taken some surprising losses to fall to #13 at 165. If he can get back to winning consistently against top competition, and a handful of others can start to break into the top 12, the team could be looking at their first top-25 NCAA finish since 2015. Rest of the Big 12 Not every team has hit the ground running early, but that is changing with December. The CKLV has had significant impacts on rankings and how some of these teams are viewed. Many schools are starting conference duals, and should start to establish tiers within the Big 12. Missouri is still the favorite early, but haven’t seen enough competition to have truly separated. Iowa State and OK State appear right on their heels as teams battle for a team trophy in March. Schools like SDSU, OU, and UNI could give those top teams a tough fight in duals and shouldn’t be counted out either. Don’t count individual wrestlers from some of the smaller affiliate members, as they continue to develop against tough competition. Air Force and Wyoming are two schools that have stood out and are looking to build throughout the season with some of their unranked wrestlers. December starts fast with CKLV, and the landscape could look very different by New Year’s.
  16. It was a busy week on the road for the ACC; Virginia and Pitt both had duals while NC State, North Carolina, and Virginia Tech traveled to Las Vegas for the CKLV. Duke The Blue Devils were off this week. They will return to action next weekend at Davidson. North Carolina The Tar Heels brought back one podium finish from Vegas, with #3 Lachlan McNeil finishing in third. Across the lineup, they had positive things to take away from the performance. #25 Spencer Moore, Jayden Scott, #10 Gavin Kane, and #18 Max Shaw all went 2-2 on the weekend. Kane and Shaw both made the quarterfinal round before falling in back-to-back matches to finish their tournament. McNeil wrestled well throughout the weekend. He opened with wins by major decision and tech fall before beating #19 Anthony Echemendia in the quarterfinals 9-6. He faced conference rival #7 Ryan Jack in the semifinals. This was the fourth meeting between the two, all of which had been decided by two points or less. Round four proved to be no different. They traded escapes in the second and third periods and both were in on shots that they were unable to finish throughout the match. It was a takedown with :30 seconds left in the match that was the difference in the 4-3 win by Jack. McNeil rebounded well from the loss beating #24 Taegan Jamison and #9 Cael Happel to finish in 3rd. The Tar Heels are off this week and will host Morgan State and travel to Appalachian State next weekend. NC State The Wolfpack had an outstanding showing in Vegas, bringing home titles from #4 Kai Orine and #5 Trent Hidlay and adding four other placers, including a runner-up finish from #7 Ryan Jack. I had some questions about Orine coming in based on how he looked in his only other two bouts, but he erased all those concerns with his performance this tournament. He looked fantastic from the opening whistle and was consistently looking to score more points. Orine went major, tech fall, then two decision wins over ranked opponents in the quarters (Gabe Wisenhunt) and semis (Derrick Cardinal) before putting on a clinic in the finals, winning by major decision over Evan Frost. Ryan Jack had a stellar tournament as well, making a run to the finals. He had ranked wins in the quarterfinals (#9 Cael Happel) and a semi-final win over familiar conference foe #3 Lachlan McNeil. He faced a very dangerous #5 Jesse Mendez in the finals, dropping by decision 5-2; this was the first non-bonus win of the year for Mendez. I was very impressed by Jack’s performance, especially his offensive output. Trent Hidlay won his second-straight CKLV title, this year at 197, and made a national statement at the weight class. He had two tech falls; including over ranked #20 Evan Bockman in the quarters and a major decision over #6 Jacob Cardenas in the semifinals. He won a low-scoring, but controlled, decision over #9 Jaxon Smith in the finals. I’ve been saying it all year, but he showed it on the big stage this weekend--Trent Hidlay is a monster at 197. The Wolfpack had three other placers in Vegas. #6 Jackson Arrington placed 8th, he looked solid all weekend but medically defaulted (precautionary) after securing his podium finish. #20 Dylan Fishback navigated a very difficult 184 bracket, including a win over All-American #3 Trey Munoz to place 7th as a freshman. #8 Ed Scott shook off an early round loss to #19 Peyton Kellar and reeled off six straight wins to place 3rd. Scott had ranked wins over #20 Tommy Askey, #10 Trevor Chumbley, #6 Will Lewan, and his second-straight win over #5 Bryce Andonian on the back side of the bracket. The Wolfpack will be off this weekend and back in action at the Collegiate Duals on December 19th when they will face Lock Haven, UNI, and Ohio State. Pittsburgh The Panthers opened their home dual slate on Sunday, beating Illinois 22-9. They controlled the dual after dropping the opening match and never looked back. The dual opened at 157 with a decision loss by Jared Keslar. #9 Holden Heller followed at 165, mounting a strong comeback to win by decision. #20 Luca Augustine wrestled well but dropped a decision to #4 Edmond Ruth. The Panthers went on a nice run after the 174 match. #15 Reece Heller won by major, followed by a decision win from #19 Mac Stout. The biggest win of the dual was an upset by #11 Dayton Pitzer in a decisive 10-3 decision over #8 Luke Luffman. Colton Camacho continued the streak with a 5-0 shutout over a scrappy Justin Cardani. #17 Vinnie Santaniello picked up a ranked win over #24 Tony Madrigal. The final two matches were wild. #27 Danny Pucino knocked off #13 Cole Matthews in sudden victory, followed by a furious comeback win by #23 Finn Solomon to close out the dual. The Panthers will have another big dual this weekend when they travel to Columbus to face Ohio State on Sunday. Virginia The Hoos faced the Bison on Saturday in North Dakota in a back-and-forth dual that came down to the heavyweight bout; they came out on top 21-18 with a clutch win by Ryan Catka in the final bout. Kyle Montaperto dropped the opening bout by decision before UVA reeled off four straight wins. #30 Marlon Yarbrough by pin, #22 Jack Gioffre by decision, #27 Michael Gioffre by decision in sudden victory with a gritty takedown, and capped by a pin from Dylan Cedeno at 157. They opened a big lead at the halfway point but the Bison came storming back sandwiching pins at 165 and 184 around a #8 Justin McCoy decision win at 174. Colden Dorfman dropped the 197 bout by decision to knot the score at 18 going into the final match. Ryan Catka slammed the door with a controlling decision win to move his season record to 3-0 and give the Hoos the dual victory. Virginia will not be back in action until late December when they travel to the Midlands. Virginia Tech The Hokies were the final ACC team in Vegas, bringing a smaller lineup of seven wrestlers, they came home with four podium finishers. They were led by a runner-up finish from Caleb Henson, Bryce Andonian finished in 4th, true freshman Sonny Sasso 6th and Sam Fisher 8th. Henson had a phenomenal tournament. He opened with a tech fall and a major decision, then won a 10-6 decision over #7 Chance Lamer in the quarterfinals. He controlled the match in the semifinals to take a 5-0 victory over #3 Kyle Parco before facing #1 Ridge Lovett in the finals. The finals very much had the feel of a medal match at the NCAA tournament. Both guys were in on shots that they didn’t finish and both pushed the pace. Lovett earned a takedown in the first and Henson matched it at the end of the second. Down one in the third Henson fired off multiple shots and got into a great position at the end of the match, putting Lovett in a 2-count in danger but not able to get the full 3 seconds to earn the takedown at the buzzer. I would’ve loved to see the referee in a better position here to start the count when Lovett was first put into danger, but alas, it was a 2-count. I was super impressed by Henson this weekend, and he continues to show that he can go with anyone in the country. Bryce Andonian finished in fourth in a wild weight. He dropped in the round of 16 to freshman/former World Champion Myer Shapiro, before making a run on the backside. Andonian had a pin over #18 Cody Chittum, decision over #13 Cael Swenson, decision over #16 Paddy Gallagher, and a major decision over #9 Daniel Cardenas before dropping his final bout to familiar opponent #8 Ed Scott in the 3rd place match. Bryce didn’t have his best match against a very good Shapiro, but bounced back well and was able to get back in the tournament mentally, which shows continued growth by him. Sam Fisher had a solid run to finish on the podium for the first time at CKLV. He lost early to #8 Gavin Hoffman but made a run on the backside, defeating #10 Gavin Kane to ensure placement. He dropped his final two matches to #5 Dustin Plott and #20 Dylan Fishback. Sonny Sasso also had a great tournament--especially when you consider he is a true freshman and not currently the starter. He lost his opening match to #2 Tanner Sloan before making a wild run in the consi bracket. He beat #28 Bobby Striggow by decision, #21 Evan Bates, and #25 Levi Hopkins by major decision and pinned #13 Nick Stemmet before dropping his final two bouts to #6 Jacob Cardenas and #8 Silas Allred. An incredibly impressive tournament from the true freshman. The Hokies will be back in action next weekend when they host Stanford.
  17. This morning, multiple beat reporters who cover Penn State wrestling announced on Twitter that 2023 NCAA All-American Shayne Van Ness would miss the remainder of the season with an undisclosed injury. InterMat has spoken with sources close to the program to confirm that this news is accurate. Van Ness is currently ranked second in the nation at 149 lbs and holds a 3-0 record. That record does not include his 5-1 All-Star Classic victory over three-time All-American Kyle Parco of Arizona State. In 2022-23, Van Ness racked up a 24-7 record and finished third at the national tournament despite starting as the 12th seed. In Penn State’s Sunday win over Lehigh, true freshman Tyler Kasak got the call at 149 lbs for Cael Sanderson’s team. Kasak notched a 7-5 victory over Lehigh’s Drew Munch. At this time, it’s unclear who will take over for Van Ness during the remainder of the 2023-24 season. Kasak previously competed at 141 lbs and was projected to redshirt. Connor Pierce and Imran Heard are the only others on the PSU roster at 149 lbs.
  18. NCAA DI rankings have been updated following the meatgrinder of a tournament in Las Vegas. As you would expect, there were significant changes at pretty much every weight. With a month's worth of action under our belts, this season is starting to take form and we'll rely less and less on 2022-23 results. Some notable items to point out: There's a new number one at 133 lbs. Ryan Crookham of Lehigh. While most of our attention was focused on Vegas, Crookham's Lehigh team traveled to top-ranked Penn State. The dual result was lopsided in the Nittany Lions favor; however, Crookham did notch another significant win. He defeated 2023 NCAA 5th place finisher and Big Ten runner-up Aaron Nagao, who had held the number three spot in the rankings, at the time. With his win, he had beaten the wrestlers who were ranked #2 and #3, plus teammate Connor McGonagle, who was ranked sixth, at the time. Typically, I don't like moving someone off the number one spot without a loss, but this weight class hasn't been typical since Crookham defeated Vito Arujau the second week of the season. With little results from Arujau or Fix to go by this year, in the second to last match of the 2022-23 campaign, Arujau majored Fix, 11-3. At this point, I'm more comfortable with Crookham's results, going Crookham (#1), Arujau (#2), Fix (#3). The good thing is that these wrestlers can sort it all out on the mat. Lehigh travels to Oklahoma State on Friday. Fix had to pull out of the CKLV late due to a minor injury, so hopefully, he'll be able to compete. In addition to 133, other significant movement includes a new number two at 165 lbs after Izzak Olejnik's great tournament. Also, Jesse Mendez (141), Caleb Henson (149), Julian Ramirez (165), Edmond Ruth (174), Dustin Plott (184), Rocky Elam (197), and Yonger Bastida (285) are all new three's at their respective weights.
  19. InterMat Staff


  20. 4 Takeaways in Women’s College Wrestling This Week 1. McKendree goes undefeated at Jewell Duals The #5 Bearcats headed to the Jewell Duals and walked away with 5 wins. McKendree defeated Simpson 37-17, William Jewell 47-12, Quincy 41-13, Missouri Baptist 31-21 and #15 Lindenwood 44-14. Most notable, however, was Cam Guerin’s return to the lineup. The former national champ pinned #10 Cayden Condit in the team’s dual against Lindenwood, followed by another pin against her Missouri Baptist opponent. McKendree has moved around a lot in the rankings recently, but the addition of a powerhouse like Guerin and the eventual return of Emma Bruntil back into the lineup could propel them back to the top of the rankings. 2. #3 Grand View wins back-and-forth dual with #16 Central Methodist In an exciting NAIA-ranked dual, Grand View traveled to Missouri to take on the Eagles. After a forfeit at 101 lbs, the teams exchanged quick pins. At 109 lbs, freshman Judy Sandoval of GV got a pin against Abigail Jastal. CMU responded quickly though with a pin from #19 Victoria Nunez over Julia Donnelly at 116 lbs. At 123 lbs #8 Catie Campbell got a strong decision over #13 Allison Hynes, 5-0 followed by another GV win at 130 lbs when Maya Davis got the fall over Nonnie Justice. Central Methodist answered the call at 136 lbs and 143 lbs with Emily Neumann and Skye Realin getting a decision and tech fall respectively. However, the Vikings bounced right back in their next two matches with Leilani Rodriquez getting a 10-8 decision at 155 and #1 Abby McIntyre getting a 14-second pin at 170 lbs. Even with CMU getting a pin from Shianne Whited at 191 lbs, the early forfeit and consistent wins, gave them the edge to secure the 27-18 dual win. 3. University of Providence Argos claim 6 titles at Battle of the Rockies tournament At the Battle of the Rockies tournament, seven teams sent athletes to compete including wrestlers from #6 University of Providence and #2 Menlo. The Argos ended the day with #1 Erin Hikiji claiming the title at 101 lbs with teammate #6 Isabelle Asuncion coming in second. At 109 lbs, #7 Paige Morales, a freshman, claimed the 1st place spot as well. Unranked freshman for the Argos, Ani Arias took first at 116 lbs, while teammate #14 Alicia Frank won out at 123 lbs. The #2 ranked wrestler at 136 lbs, Waipuilani Estrella-Beauchamp had one of the most impressive showings of the tournament, pinning her opponent in all three of her matches and wrestling for a total time of under 2 minutes across all three matches. Rounding out the champs for the Argos was #7 ranked senior Lexi Tupuola at 191 lbs. While there was a lot of great action during the weekend, including the Battle of the Rockies dual tournament the following day, one of the biggest takeaways was #7 Paige Morales’ performance. During both the open and the dual the following day, Morales who is ranked at 109 lbs, teched #2 Kalya Mckinley-Johnson of Menlo at 101lbs. Even though McKinley-Johnson was wrestling up a weight, it does show Morales’ ability to wrestle higher-ranked opponents dominantly. Next week, the team heads to the North Central open where some of the highest ranked 109 lbers from NAIA and NCAA will compete. Be sure to keep an eye on Morales and Estrella-Beauchamp to clean up against even higher-ranked competitors. 4. Life wins tough ranked matchups at Patriot Duals to remain undefeated The Running Eagles won 5 out of 5 duals at the Patriot Duals tournament including ranked wins over #10 Indiana Tech and #9 Campbellsville. In the dual against Indiana Tech, Life kept a healthy lead and got impressive ranked wins at 136 lbs with #10 Zaynah McBryde getting the tech fall over #17 Carley Anderson and #5 Madeline Welch with a 9-2 decision at 191 lbs against Grace Doering who is ranked at #18 at 170 lbs. Most notable for me, however, was freshman Margaret Graham at 170 lbs taking out #12 Catherine McNulty of Indiana Tech by tech fall. Graham’s talents would show up again in the dual against Campbellsville when she beat #15 Sierra Chavez by tech fall as well. This dual started a lot closer with Campbellsville getting early upset wins from Icart Galumette getting a tech over #4 Ariana Martinez and Josie Davis pinning #9 Anna Krejsa. Life pulled an upset of their own at 130 lbs when senior Olivia Mottley got the 10-3 decision over #19 Cameron Ortiz. A decision from Zaynah McBryde for Life was followed by a pin from Campbellsville’s 143 lber #2 Emma Walker. However, with a tech from #2 Latifah McBryde, the aforementioned upset win from Graham, and a pin from #5 Madeline Welch at 191 lbs, the Running Eagles put it away winning 27-17. Life, like many other teams, now have the Olympic Trials Qualifier as their next event. I am curious to see if some of these wrestlers can continue to get upsets against ranked talent. Results this week in major NCAA, NCWA, and NAIA competitions Grand View 27 vs Central Methodist 18 Patriot Duals VIEW RESULTS Battle of the Rockies Tournament VIEW BRACKETS Battle of the Rockies Duals VIEW RESULTS Grays Harbor Open VIEW BRACKETS Doane Open VIEW RESULTS Vanguard Duals VIEW RESULTS Upcoming Events December 6: #3 Grand View vs #19 Baker December 8: #7 Texas Wesleyan vs #12 Oklahoma City December 9: #4 Southern Oregon vs Linfield December 9: #16 Central Methodist vs #8 Missouri Baptist December 10: North Central College Invite
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