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  1. The jokes write themselves lmao. A hit trending song that was made Charli xcx.take a moment from yelling at clouds and watching fox
  2. Ok read it twice what has pence done as vp compared to Kamala? Are you aware the vps job is to break a tie in the senate? Kamala put a shit ton of people in jail and has been hard on crime as a DA and AG so i thought the party of law and order would be pumped about that the GOPs presidential candidate thought she did such a great job he wrote a check to her campaign how can you say she didn’t do anything as AG LMAO
  3. Bc I’m asking you, do you only use twitter posts to debate, do you have no original thoughts that aren’t hand fed to you by social media?
  4. If anyone on this board could in good faith explain how the VP for the current president deciding to run when the incumbent decides to not run anymore is more of a threat to our democracy than a president who lost an election having slates of fake electors and calling to find more votes I will never post again
  5. Shit posts instead of tackling the point sounds about right lmao how can people on the right call us a republic and not a democracy yet are crying about our democracy? Pls make it make sense i want to know
  6. Cool that still doesn’t change the fact that people On this board post contradictory things like we are not a democracy but our democracy is threatened
  7. What hasn’t she done as AG? DJT donated to her reelection campaign for AG so he thought she was being tough on crime. What didn’t she do that is the responsibility of VP? The VPs job is to break a tie in the senate lol can you share some things that Pence did as VP to compare what Harris has done?
  8. lol for pointing out someone contradicting their own beliefs? Guy says we are not a democracy but posts tweets about how our democracy is doomed
  9. Every primary voter who voted for Biden also voted for Harris since she was his vp. Hard to imagine ever single Biden voter is disenfranchised and upset that his vp got his endorsement. The DNC hasn’t even happened and Biden has not accepted the nomination yet no one knows what the plan to pick the candidate is
  10. So why would you post about a link something being a threat to our democracy when we are a republic?
  11. A lot of people on this board would argue we are actually a republic not a democracy
  12. Why would you place blame from blm riots on Biden? He wasn’t even the democrat candidate at the time
  13. https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-donated-to-kamala-harris-twice-as-private-citizen-2020-8?amp&utm_source=reddit.com Kamala Harris is DJT approved he has donated to her a couple of times
  14. My guy you literally typed out and posted that trump will get pardoned but Biden will not. What are you on about?
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