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  • Photo: Mark Lundy

    Photo: Mark Lundy

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 5/27/2022

    Chance Marsteller before match three in the 2022 World Team Trials Challenge Tournament finals (Photo/Mark Lundy; www.LutteLens.com)

    By now I'm sure most of you have seen the very moving Chance Marsteller interview after qualifying for Final X. For even the toughest wrestlers it can be difficult to be so open about your private life like that. It just goes to show that you never know what's going on with someone behind closed doors. They're wrestlers. They're disciplined. They train harder than anyone. They're also human. We all have demons. We all have something trying to hold us down. Keep fighting and never give in. Sure you'll stumble along the way but you can always get back up. Life is just a series of falling and rising. Whether you're Chance Marsteller trying to reach the apex of his sport, while dealing with demons, or just an Average Joe trying to get through the day, you're both heroes in my book because you both keep fighting to get better. Anyway, I have to answer questions on if I can beat up some random Twitter guy.

    Would u beat @oldestgreatest in a fight? @PelikanHead

    You mean the 2022 MUSAW (whatever that is) state champ? Well, I'm older, I'm greater, and grew up in a state that isn't wimpy Michigan, so I'd likely wipe the floor with him. Someone should book us in a boxing match after wrestling practice.

    What are your picks for Final X? Who is your pick for a big upset? @PhilSmanynumbers

    Final X! Last of the X's! All the X's will move to Texas after this! It's kind of tough to go against chalk for these weights but one guy who stands out to me is Jason Nolf. It's been a relatively quiet few post-college years for the LEGENDARY Nittany Lion as he's as to sit behind absolute stalwarts at 70kg and 74kg but the 26-year-old is just entering his freestyle prime. Nolf seems low-key on a David Taylor-Esque trajectory as he's tried to find the right weight to settle into. Now a fully developed 74 guy, the three-time NCAA champ is on the cusp of breaking through and making a world team. Can he beat the great Kyle Dake twice in one day? It's the tallest
    of orders to ask but don't be surprised if he steals the first one to make it interesting.

    Two-part question, now that baseball is in full "swing", which baseball players could make the most successful transition into wrestling today and why is it not Jacob Tyler REALMUTO (USA)? @UWW_Creative

    Because he quit wrestling in like sixth grade to play, and I hope you're sitting down, basketball! Can you believe that? A member of the famous Smith family playing basketball. I don't know what to do with myself anymore. Where's my guy Ban Basketball in the comments? We have to do something about this. I say we relegate the Phillies to the minors and call up the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

    With Dom Bradley's wrestling style will he ever retire? Baby Grajales

    As long as he keeps making national teams and having fun I see no reason to stop.

    O/U on the amount of wrestling Twitter celebrities I see at NHSCA duals this weekend 3.5 @jkos11

    The weirdest thing about saying hello to someone you know from Twitter is introducing yourself. "Hey Earl, I'm Goat Follower, nice to meet you." It gets even weirder.

    "Hey, aren't you Mickadelphia? I'm Mike Torriero's burner." What a strange world.

    Knee jerk reaction to Wisconsin RTC cutting the women's side of it? @Wiems19 and @LMRMock

    I'm thinking some of these clubs bit off more than they can chew and have a funding problem. I'm the last person who knows what exactly goes on at these clubs, but the idea of it just seems unsustainable. Not every club can have a world champ. It's just not feasible. But the person writing the checks doesn't really care about that.

    Results are what matter. How long before those checks dry up? The burden of making a living and competing has been responsible for halting many careers too soon because of real-life and the RTC model has been able to remedy that a little bit. I just don't know if it's a lasting model.

    Well, I hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend. My thoughts will be with the families and victims of the events in Uvalde, Texas. Better people with better words can sum up our thoughts with more eloquence than I can so I won't even try. I pray the madness stops. Until next week, Jagger out.

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