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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 4/7/2023

    /Files/image/articles/sassomailbag740.jpg2x NCAA runner-up Sammy Sasso (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    I've just about run out of things to say here and there's not much going on so let's get right into the mailbag. Unless you want my opinion on the new season of Succession. Disgusting Brothers for life! Alright, enough of that. Somebody is trying to cross golf and wrestling and we have freestyle to discuss.

    Which NCAA champion would be your best bet to win The Masters? Fred Bear Bulldog

    I heard Patrick Glory say he was a big golfer, so I'll go with him. I admit I'd enjoy seeing Carter Starocci smack-talk everyone who has ever placed higher than him in a previous tournament on his way to a green jacket. "Jordan Spieth! You should've killed me when you had the chance!"

    Favourite Stones album? Eric "Red Rider" Asselin

    That's a tough one since I'm not so much a fan of particular albums as opposed to their vast array of songs spanning fifty years. If I had to pick one, I suppose I'd have to go with Some Girls. Released a mere 22 days after I was born and only one week after my favorite Springsteen album, Mick and Keith show you how to do disco right with "Miss You" to kick it off and end it with a descriptive take on the jungle of NYC in the seventies on "Shattered". And if you're looking for some fun, may I suggest singing "Pizza Burger" instead of "Beast of Burden" the next time you hear that classic track. It's funny to me.

    When's the next time a non-Big 10 program wins a national title and who will it be? Philly Phanatic

    Boy, that's a tough one. The Cael Train is showing no signs of slowing down but they do have some punt years here and there where you can steal one. And it may very well be next year but I think it will be a soft punt if anything. And even then, you have to worry about what Iowa is doing and if Ohio State can put it all together with their loads of talent. And still, that may be next year with your answer being Cornell. I know, it's a stretch. But hear me out.

    Brett Ungar is already on the verge of placing. Vito just won a title. Vince Cornella has some juice and can get you some points in March. Yianni is gone but Meyer Shapiro is ready to step in and at least recoup some of the points, so it's not a total loss. Julian Ramirez can go with anybody out there and is primed to finally get on the podium. Foca is a finals contender. Jonathan Loew should be back with a 2022 AA already on his resume. Jacob Cardenas just finished eighth this year. That's eight potential All-Americans and if they catch the wind just right, who knows what could happen?

    Hardest omissions from the All-Jagger team? InterMat Dot Com

    Sammy Sasso. Merely wanting Yianni and his four titles on the team was the only thing that kept him off. The Buckeye has been a model of consistency for years now. He never misses a match, never causes a stir, and sometimes takes his backpack to the mat. I appreciate a guy who's ready to go and you don't have to wait for him. As a guy who's given many a ride over the years,

    I hate when someone is just lollygagging around when it's time to get picked up. I want your ass sitting on the stairs when I pull up.

    Who is the next American world champ who hasn't won one yet? Clay Sauertieg, Bro Bible

    This question could easily refer to men's and women's freestyle or Greco, but we will keep it to men's freestyle for the moment. I haven't quite soaked in freestyle season just yet but I'll toss some answers out there anyway.

    Nick Suriano and Spencer Lee. The time is now for Nick to do something on the World stage if he can get past Gilman. Spencer is the great unknown. Vito Arujau would be an interesting guy to watch if he makes the team at an open 61kg. Yianni has already made a final and has the talent to win gold one day. But for now, my answer is Zain Retherford. I won't even go into detail about it. He's ready, has tons of experience, and shares a locker room with like four other world champs. I can't imagine there's a hungrier wrestler in America now that Boo Dryden doesn't have to make 133 for a while.

    What weight are you most looking forward to at the US Open? Mat Jerms Media

    I don't even know who's in, who's out, or what weight they're going at the moment. I've always been partial to lower weights if that helps. John Foster can have the big guys.

    Who is the biggest portal catch right now and did you order your #WrestlingShirtADayinMay shirt yet? Jim Dutrow

    The transfer portal has become as packed as a New York City subway car in the 1940's. Aaron Nagao just took his fifth-place finish and talents to the front of the line. But in my mind, Shane Griffith is still the top guy out there considering he has a title and saves programs. Of course, Nagao having three years left to Shane's one is a huge difference. Either way, we are headed for some unprecedented times in the NIL era and I'm not sure how I feel about it. You have to feel for some smaller programs that may develop a kid into a star just to watch him cash in elsewhere when the time is right. What's that now? Shirts for sale? Pulling out the credit card right now.

    Who would win the Hodge if double barreling two cigs before every match was required? Roger

    Austin O'Conner was born to do it. He's got the look. Then he would go jam on guitar with No Vacancy for the rest of the night. And that's it! Mailbag concluded. Until next time, take it sleazy.

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