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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 3/29/2024

    Well, another college wrestling season is in the books. It always seems like it flies by and then you realize how far back November was and you remember how long it really is. We were probably in about week nine of the football season. Halloween candy was still strewn about. The World Series just ended. Ok, you get my point. We go to witness all the heartbreak and triumph. We started out with 17-year-old high school kids tearing up open tournaments and ended with teammates making history by both winning their fourth title. Personally, I thought it was an excellent season with a final tournament to match. So, let's talk about it! 

    15 years from now, you look back and think about the 2023-2024 season, what’s gonna stick out to you? Dysen Gould 

    Well, the Brock Hardy incident certainly “sticks out” for me right now and years down the road. I can’t remember 15 minutes ago, so I seriously doubt I’ll remember Vance Vombaur placing from the #26 seed. Or Shane Griffith coming back from 5-0 in the quarters. I doubt I’ll remember Parker Keckeisen going bonus all the way through. Or the Chairgate incident between Mekhi Lewis and Ben Pasiuk. I probably won’t recall Mason Beckman making Daniel Cormier nearly quit on live television. Hopefully, I’ll forget Virginia Tech ruining the perfect Jagger Night record. But I will remember that spladle for the rest of my life. 

    Who never technically won NCAA’s but is a national champion in the Jagger personal record book? Rhino 

    That would be you, my friend. You’re a great man. I drunkenly called you on Christmas Eve last year and you loved it. But also, Peyton Robb for what he went through just to come back this year and get on the podium again. And Trent Hidlay for being not only a beast but everything you want in a wrestler and teammate. Austin Gomez for never giving up on his dreams and never holding back out there on the mat. Now he’s earned a trip to the Olympics this summer because of it. And Kevin Claunch for having the guts to wear a sun hat. All champions in my book. 

    How much are we booing Fix at the Olympic Team Trials? Personally, I'm trying to sound like the ghost of 2nd places past every time he steps on the mat. Thicccolas 

    Oh, come on now. I’m probably as guilty as anyone is when it comes to goofing on his longevity, but it’s all in fun. The man is an exceptional wrestler. Over a seven-year run, Daton has five conferences, five AA’s, four finals appearances, multiple Senior world teams, a Senior world finals appearance, and a Junior world title. In an era where guys compete less and less, Daton Fix just never stopped. Yeah, things seemed to take a weird turn last week in all his matches. But he might deserve some applause for everything he has accomplished in his career. Or boo him. I don’t care. You bought the ticket and this is America last I checked. 

    Which outfit was your favorite? Rachel Gallardo 

    I admit I’m partial to the red sweatpants that Earl busted out on Saturday night to honor the Tiger Woods Sunday red. 

    Can the Jays get 90 wins this year? Eric Asselin 

    You do have 28 games against the Yankees and Boston. I’m sure you can conjure up 62 more wins somewhere. Daniel Vogelbach is worth at least ten wins by himself. 

    Will Danny Burgers be an All-Star this year? IndianaMat 

    You just saw me say the guy will lead Toronto to 90 wins. I’m expecting MVP votes.

    Which school with a coaching opening is the best job? Luke Wise 

    I feel it’s pretty even between CMU and Buffalo with the slight edge to CMU. I just hope both schools give their best effort in looking for the next guy. With so many great coaches in the land and so few D1 jobs, you have more than enough candidates. Hire the guy who is the best fit and not because he went undefeated in his career or something. That stuff never works. 

    And now to close out the regular season mailbag we take it to the newcomer of the year and his never-ending run of questions. Once more, take us home, Burger King of Kings. 

    Who's the coolest wrestling person you've interacted with on Twitter? 

    Old School Wrestling Clips. His rizz level is Anakin Skywalker class. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Do you save my unanswered questions, or do you need me to resubmit?

    It would behoove you to resubmit them. 

    Who are you going to challenge in street league 2024? 

    Not Jesse Mendez. Possibly Hijo de JL Vice. Idiot troll, I bet he says hi to my face. 

    Favorite delay/challenge brick of the tournament? 

    I loved all the delays in the 133 final. I don’t care who knows it. I‘m sure it was awful in the arena but it was perfect from the couch. First off, we were only the third match in so the crowd was properly buzzed to just be raucous. Add in all the online takes and opinions and the fact that this is a common occurrence in Fix matches and it was pure anarchy. 

    Well, that’s going to do it for this week’s bag. Soon I’ll pick the third annual All-Jagger team that still has no actual criteria. Hey, it’s the highest honor we got.

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