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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 3/11/2022

    Wyoming All-American Stephen Buchanan (Photo/Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Well, here we are, stuck dead-center in the middle of the two-week break between conference tournaments and the National Tournament and it leaves plenty of time for debate amongst fans. Just remember that while you're batin' to keep it to get it friendly and light. Or don't, I couldn't care less. Threaten to punch a dude's lights out in Detroit because he likes Isaac Trumble's path and you're a Stephen Buchanan fan. Much will be said in this next week by many, including myself, but it's all just noise until that first whistle. I started this endeavor right before the season and truly wasn't sure if I'd last through November and I just want to thank you all for keeping me on my toes and interested by not giving up on me and consistently asking great questions. Speaking of questions...let's get to some!

    With Chad Red receiving an at-large bid, will we see him become a 5x AA? @chunkofWEAVE

    The most impressive thing about Chad's three tournaments is that he did it by never making it past the round of 16. The Backside Slayer has gone a whopping 12-5 in consolation brackets, including a victory via pin over a two-time champ in 2018. No stranger to doing things the hard way, the Husker senior may have to take that familiar road again if he can't get past a hungry, but ailing, Sebastian Rivera in round two. Either way, I have no doubt that the man they call C.J. will make his presence felt again next weekend.

    Matt in Upper Saddle River g'head Matt

    First-time, long-time, should catholic schools be banned from NJ states? I'll hang up and listen… @mattg197

    I get asked this a lot, and thanks for the call, Matt, and the answer is no. Ok? This idea that private schools shouldn't compete at individual states is asinine. Ok?
    New Jersey already separates the privates from publics in team states, so no problem there. Regardless of school, the individual tournament is still a collection of the best wrestlers in the state and if most champs come from private schools, then that's the way it is. The private school kids still come from Jersey and sometimes a few other states, but they don't come from Krypton. Beat 'em on the mat; the tournament gives you that opportunity.

    What are your thoughts on stall calls from the neutral position? Are they more controversial now? Not returning to the center is never called stalling. When someone
    goes out of bounds, you never know if the call will be continuing action or stalling. It makes the ref's job harder. @WisconsinWrest1

    Push. Out. Point. That should straighten things out.

    How does one know the difference between a Real Bracket and a Forged Bracket? @MichWrestlinRef

    The forged brackets are seeded correctly.

    Out of the guys that did not get an at large bid, who are some of the biggest snubs? @yaboybready

    Alex Madrigal and Charles Small, to name a few. It's an unforgiving sport and the slightest misstep or injury can bite you in a big way. Sucks to see and we wish everyone could get a spot.

    Can you help get folks to sign my petition to put the WWE 24/7 Title on Gable Steveson before the NCAA tournament? Bob Oboberson

    Sure, Bob. That's quite a name you got there. Sign Bob's petition here, which will surely be the first online petition to actually work.

    Who does Kaleb Young have compromising photos of on the seeding committee?

    Bea Arthur

    Enjoy the quiet weekend, all you Jagoffs and Jaggettes! One week from now, we'll be watching the greatest round in all of sports. NCAA quarterfinals, baby! Yours truly has taken the day off work and you should do the same.

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