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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 2/25/2022

    Michigan State's #5 ranked 197 lber Cam Caffey (photo/Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    As we head to the postseason, I'll be scouting wrestlers for the first annual (and probably last annual) All-Jagger Team. What's the criteria? Beats the heck out of me. You'll create the criteria with what you do on the mat. Storm through a conference tournament and shock everyone? That certainly helps. Fight your way through the backside after an early defeat to grab a medal? It's one of my favorite things about any tournament. Follow me on Twitter? You're practically on the board of directors.

    Anyway, All-Jagger team, it's a thing. Show me what you got. Now to the All-Jagoff mailbag since the Jaggettes wisely do not ask for my advice very often.

    Why do you think wrestlers just wrestle fewer matches nowadays? When do you think pitch counting started becoming a thing? @theGOATfollower

    I believe I discussed this in a very early edition of the mailbag. This is a unique season with the extra year. Toss in the short season last year and it seems the days of a Zain Retherford or an Anthony Collica competing thirty to forty times a season are a distant memory. Sadly, like most sports, this will soon become the norm. Running backs don't carry the ball 35 times a game anymore. Pitchers rarely go past the sixth inning these days. We've been at this modern sports thing for a good long time now. Every sport evolves and that evolution usually coincides with keeping athletes healthier. If skipping a few opens and a few duals that don't matter to stay healthy for March, then that's the direction we are headed.

    Can you try and predict the top 8 at 197? @WorstYoungest

    You know I can. With the news of AJ Ferrari missing the rest of the season, it opened up the widest weight class we've seen in years with a ton of talented dudes primed to take the mantle of light heavyweight king. I could tell you right now Isaac Trumble has a chance to win it and you would agree with me. He's ranked at fifteen! The whole thing will be bat-dropping crazy, to say the least, so here's my random top-eight, which will surely be nowhere near how it ends up.

    8. Greg Bulsak-Rutgers gets a transfer turned AA to cap off an excellent final season

    7. Louie DePrez-Quietly having another fine season, the Bearcat gets Billy Baldwin giddy by improving on his eighth-place finish at 184

    6. Jacob Cardenas-Honestly, he could win the whole thing, but I'll temper expectations in his first year at the big dance

    5. Isaac Trumble-There's that man again

    4. Stephen Buchanan-Cowboy Up

    3. Eric Shultz-Reverses a loss to Buchanan to take bronze

    2. Max Dean-Finds himself in a familiar spot, albeit at a different weight, but comes up just short for a rare PSU finals loss

    1. Cameron Caffey-Brings it home in the state of Michigan for the loudest moment of the night

    HM. Yonger Bastida-Comes up just short in the blood round

    Should AJ Ferrari cash in the Money in the Bank and secure his 2nd title? @Rhino184

    Seconds after Cam's hand is raised, the techno music hits. That's AJ Ferrari's music! He's gonna cash in the briefcase right now! Caffey is stunned! AJ rips off his tank top and tosses it into the crowd. "Let's do this," he says with a big flex. "Shake hands," the ref says. And there's the whistle. Match over. Caffey (MSU) injury default Ferrari (OSU) 0:01.

    The crowd does collective John C. Reilly GIF face.

    What's the worst stall call you've ever seen? @Oldestgreatest

    From, youngest and worst to oldest and greatest, with the question that's on everyone's minds. Jason Bryant says it's Hendricks versus Abdurakhmanov. You can google it. It's worth a google. Or maybe you can't.

    Slides, camouflage cargo shorts, an authentic team 1/4 zip, with a visor…acceptable apparel for Detroit, or is this conference level attire? @MarkHidlay

    The patriarch of the Hidlay family is ready for an exciting few weeks as his two sons make a run for natties and he wants to look good. Naturally, he asks the innovator of style, who laid it all on the line to bring Daisy Dukes for men and bandanas back in style, for the rest of you cool cats. I say it's a fine fit for the conference tournament as you should get some nice Spring weather in Charlottesville. For the National Tournament in Detroit, you may want to dress a little warmer with a nice red sweater and a white-collared dress shirt underneath. Parents get plenty of screen time from ESPN, so don't be afraid to look your best. Honorary Jersey Guy Scott Green says, "slides are acceptable with any outfit, so don't waste time looking for shoes."

    Top 3 mob movies? Shane Thomas

    I won't say these are the top three, but they are three favorites of mine.

    1. Goodfellas-Ok this one really is the best mob movie of all time. No need to even explain any further.

    2. Donnie Brasco-Seriously, I love this movie. Pacino shows true brilliance while displaying classic New York toughness that cloaks a broken man who never achieved the success and respect he wanted from the life of a wiseguy. Fuggetaboutit.

    3. Eastern Promises-Switching things up to the Russian side of mafia life for this one. I'm not even sure what's going on in this one. Something about a baby. What I do know is there's a whole lot of Viggo Mortensen being cool. I mean a WHOLE lot.

    Why does everything hurt and when can I expect Ok State to get #35? @leecothran

    Man, 2022 got Cowboy fans more blue than a Penn State singlet. The truth is, this team is not far off from being back near the top. The goal is to build around Daton's senior year in likely 2025 after yet another Olympic redshirt. Toss in both Ferrari brothers, both Mastro brothers, Carter Young, sprinkle in a Voinovich, a dash of Plott, and some good recruits the next few years, and it's starting to look pretty good. Admit it, visions of 2025 have you feeling a little less pain right now.

    What teams will lose team points at NCAA? @PelikanHead

    All the Ivy teams. You ever play croquet with them? Bunch of hotheads.

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