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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 12/2/2022

    Arizona State 125 lber Richie Figueroa (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Welcome all to Jagger Bag 1000 here at Intermat. What's that? It's only like my 45th? Oh. My bad. I had a whole speech ready and everything. Forget it, there's a lot going on so I'll get right to the questions.

    Is there a better event this weekend than the Garden State Grapple at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ? Representing the Big Ten are Rutgers, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Indiana. EIWA reps include Binghamton, Drexel, Penn, and Princeton. Mike Abromitis

    Gee, I don't know. There's some tough competition this weekend. The CKLV is the first major tournament of the year and sets the tone for the next few months. The good news for fans is that they aren't on the same day, so it's not a problem. Now the annual CYHawk dual on Sunday is a bit of an issue. But one dual first, multiple good duals at one location? I‘ll have to side with The Grapple on that one and catch up on Cyhawk later. I think the GSG is a great event and I love that they hold it in North Jersey. We have plenty of fans up here and the closest we can go to see matches are to travel to South Jersey. Something no self-respecting North Jerseyan ever wants to do unless it's out of necessity.

    Best place for a post-match meal in Newark? Kevin McGuigan

    I'm no expert on the fine dining of Newark, but...they are quite known for their Rodizio restaurants that are near the Prudential Center, so I'd recommend looking into that. Get your Ironbound Section on while enjoying various meats and some pineapple. You can thank me later.

    Who will be the breakout star from the CKLV? Jim Dutrow

    Vince Cornella of House Cornell at 141. The murkiest weight class will get even murkier when the Corndog rips it up in Vegas. Also, keep an eye on Richie Figueroa at 125. Figs might be the best wrestler in college who doesn't have a starting spot. Or maybe he is the starter, we simply have no idea what's going on with Courtney.

    How's the new pup? Please include a new picture. 184 at Cliff Keen who do you like for the win? Lana Mockler Rowley

    Sylvie is doing well! She seems to have made herself comfortable quickly, but we need to work on the chewing of wires! Thanks for asking! I'll tell you what, I'll tweet out a pic when this mailbag comes out. It's a little tough to go against a Hidlay-Keckeisen final, but I'll go out on a limb and pick Matt FInesilver simply because he hasn't been mentioned here today and it's in my contract to do so.

    Should Russian wrestlers be allowed to compete internationally again? Eric Asselin

    Of course, they should be allowed. And the sooner the better. The world is a messed up place and unfortunately, these things sometimes get caught up in the mess. I just hope these guys aren't getting thrown into uniform right now to fight a war that they likely don't give a hoot about.

    CKLV, Scuffle, or Midlands. Which one would you want to go to? Mat Jerms Podcast

    Cliff Keen without hesitation. It's the best location. One of these years the Las Vegas Raiders will be good and I'll make my way out there for the tournament and a game. Hopefully to see them mollywhop the Chiefs for a perfect weekend.

    Who loses first amongst the PSU big four? Dean, RBY, Starocci, or Brooks?

    Bonus question, did you miss me? Jkos11

    Of course, I missed you! Why do you think I can barely do this column every week now? It's very depressing without you here. As far as your real question goes, that's a tough one. We may not know the answer until March, if there's an answer at all. I feel that Roman and Brooks have the toughest weights, but they've proven in the last two years that it doesn't really matter and they're virtually unbeatable at this point. You can pretty much say the same for Carter Starocci after his second win over Mekhi Lewis. By default, I have to say Max Dean. Simply because it's the deepest weight class of the four in my opinion. We just saw Rocky Elam dismantle Warner, Yonger Bastida continues to improve, and Louie Deprez and Braxton Amos, both now have a year of adjustment to the class after coming up and coming down, respectively. I realize Amos didn't wrestle heavyweight, but everyone knows it was a tough cut last year.

    What does the Spotify Wrapped look like? Jagcast coming soon? CEO of Italians

    Back in my day, we didn't care about how many minutes of music or what songs we listened to the most. You kids these days are just too weird for me. I don't see any podcasts coming any time soon. I'm better off as a guest and I don't even want to do that.

    Pulp or no pulp in your Orange Juice? Tsabolov Brands

    In this house, we eat the orange. But when in liquid form, I do prefer no pulp.

    Should Rhino have to use a roster spot for Gable? The Big Sleezy

    Yes, the DLMT fantasy league is still doing their draft a month into the season. As commish of the league, I've read the portents and the portents state that he's allowed to be rostered in a designated, non-roster spot along with any other wrestler with eligibility who is not on a current roster. Some guys like to tease that they're coming back after the sacred tradition of leaving shoes on the mat, other guys take gap years, and some are currently selling socks in Florida. The fact is, they all have eligibility left and should be able to be reserved in fantasy without penalty.

    Worse owner: Daniel Snyder or Rhino in the DLMT dynasty fantasy league? Rhino

    You may be a lot of things. Internet troll. Vague tweeter of sporting events. Doctor who I would never let operate on me. Patriots fan. Fosterer of dogs. Shrinker of the sport of wrestling. Meme God. But worse owner than one of the worst humans on the face of the Earth? Don't be so down on yourself.

    Jagger, how did you get so damn good-looking?Johnstown Steel

    It's all about the hair. If you got it, flaunt it.

    Huge weekend coming up! Forget about the Christmas lights. They can wait. Check the viewer guide for streams and watch some wrestling. Jags out.

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