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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Who to Watch at the 2024 World OG Qualifier

    With all of the attention given to the Oklahoma State coaching position, it’s almost easy to forget that tomorrow represents the start of a huge four days in the Olympic qualification process. The 2023 World Championships served as the first event where wrestlers could lock up a quota for their country in the 2024 Olympic Games. Earlier this year, qualifying events were held at each continental championship. Now, this week’s World OG Qualifier tournament represents the last opportunity for wrestlers to earn a place in the Olympic Games. 

    High-quality wrestlers from all over the world have not yet qualified and are looking to do so in Istanbul, Turkey. To qualify, a wrestler will either need to make the finals or win the wrestle-off between the two third-place finishers. 

    The premise is simple, however the task is not. Each weight class had potential threats to our American Olympic hopefuls. 

    Today, we’re focusing on those weight classes in which the United States has not yet qualified. Those are 57 and 65 kg in men’s freestyle and 60, 67, and 77 kg in men’s Greco-Roman. All six women’s weights have been qualified. 

    The Americans that will compete at those weights are: 

    57 kg MFS: Spencer Lee, 65 kg MFS: Zain Retherford

    60 kg MGR: Dalton Roberts, 67 kg MGR: Ellis Coleman, 77 kg MGR: Kamal Bey

    While everyone in the bracket represents a potential roadblock, we’ve singled out some of the key opponents that each of the American wrestlers will have to contend with and some of their most notable past credentials. 

    Thursday will feature Greco-Roman through the semifinals. Repechage and the bronze medal wrestle-off’s will take place Friday. 

    Women’s freestyle starts Friday and will be conducted in a similar fashion to Greco. 

    Men’s freestyle starts Saturday and concludes on Sunday. 


    Men’s Freestyle

    57 kg

    Key Contenders:

    Suleyman Atli (Turkey) - 2x World medalist (2,3), 2x European Champion, 6x European medalist (1,1,2,2,2,3)

    Roberti Dingashvili (Georgia) - 2024 European Bronze medalist, 2019 European U23 Bronze medalist

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