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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    US Open U20 Freestyle and Greco-Roman Final Results

    U20 Freestyle Championship Finals 

    57 kg - Luke Lilledahl (Nittany Lion WC) over Vinny Kilkeary (Ohio RTC)  10-0

    61 kg - Cael Hughes (Cowboy RTC) over Kyler Larkin (Valiant WC)  6-3

    65 kg - Bo Bassett (Bishop McCort) over Aden Valencia (California RTC)  5-2

    70 kg - PJ Duke (KD Training Center) over Kody Routledge (Husky WC)  10-0

    74 kg - Ladarion Lockett (Cowboy WC) over Joseph Sealey (PA)  8-2

    79 kg - Zack Ryder (M2 Training Center) over Noah Mulvaney (Askren WA)  12-2

    86 kg - Aeoden Sinclair (Askren WA) over Josh Barr (Nittany Lion WC)  10-0

    92 kg - Connor Mirasola (Askren WA) over Justin Rademacher (Beaver Dam RTC)  5-0

    97 kg - Camden McDanel (OH) over Cole Mirasola (Askren WA)  5-1

    125 kg - Jimmy Mullen (Southeast RTC) over Nicholas Sahakian (Sunkist Kids/Monsters Garage)  Fall 2:25

    U20 Freestyle Third Place Bouts

    57 kg - Anthony Knox (TMWC) over Seth Mendoza (SPAR WA)  14-4

    61 kg - Billy Dekraker (VA) over Jake Hockaday (Contenders WA)  10-0

    65 kg - Pierson Manville (PA) over Koy Buesgens (MN)  5-2

    70 kg - Kannon Webster (IL) over Landon Robideau (MN Elite WC)  8-1

    74 kg - Cameron Steed (Tiger Style WC) over Vince Bouzakis (PA)  4-3

    79 kg - William Henckel (Blairstown WC) over Lorenzo Norman (NJ)  11-10

    86 kg - Max McEnelly (Gopher WC) over Daschle Lamer (Central Coast RTC)  12-2

    92 kg - Michael Dellagatta (Spartan Combat RTC/TMWC) over Adam Haselius (NYCRTC)  InjDef

    97 kg - Steven Burrell Jr (Cavalier WC) over Thomas Dineen (Jackrabbit WC)  Fall 2:14

    125 kg - Koy Hopke (WI) over Aden Attao (Beaver Dam RTC)  10-9

    U20 Freestyle Fifth Place Bouts

    57 kg - Isaiah Quintero (CA) over Aaron Seidel (Steller Trained)  12-4

    61 kg - Kyison Garcia (Nittany Lion WC) over Cory Land (Panther WC RTC)  FFT

    65 kg - Sergio Lemley (Cliff Keen WC) over Drew Gorman (Teknique WC)  11-5

    70 kg - Drayden Morton (West Coast RTC) over Kael Voinovich (Big Game WC)  10-0

    74 kg - Beau Mantanona (Cliff Keen WC) over Zach Hanson (MN)  10-0

    79 kg - Simon Ruiz (Spartan Combat RTC/TMWC) over Ethan DeLeon (Nebraska RTC)  11-0

    86 kg - Ryder Rogotzke (Ohio RTC) over Tate Naaktgeboren (Cyclone RTC)  13-3

    92 kg - Patrick Brophy (Charleston RTC) over Jack Wehmayer (Malvern WC)  9-4

    97 kg - Max Ramberg (Viking RTC) over Ian Smith (Crass Trained)  FFT

    125 kg - Connor Barket (IN) over Alex Semenenko (Brown)  6-0

    U20 Freestyle Seventh Place Bouts

    57 kg - Isaiah Cortez (Daniel Cormier WC) over Garret Rinken (Panther WC)  6-2

    61 kg - Zan Fugitt (Nixa HS) over Matthew Botello (X-Calibur Athletics WC)  FFT

    65 kg - Jaxon Joy (Wadsworth Grizzly WC) over Gabriel Bouyssou (Mayo Quanchi WC)  FFT

    70 kg - Isaias Jimenez (Valiant WC) over Colin Dupill (Jackrabbit WC)  10-6

    74 kg - Charlie Millard (Askren WA) over Laird Root (Poway HS)  FFT

    79 kg - Myles Takats (Perrysburg WC) over Carter Baer (NY)  8-3

    86 kg - Kole Mulhauser (NY) over Lucas Condon (CA)  Fall 1:43

    92 kg - Soren Herzog (Air Force RTC) over Kael Wisler (Michigan WC)  10-0

    97 kg - James Blackman (VA) over Kody Marschner (IL)  11-0

    125 kg - Vincent Mueller (Pinnacle WC) over Joshua Terrill (Michigan WC)  Fall :40

    U20 Greco-Roman Championship Bouts

    55 kg - Isaiah Cortez (Daniel Cormier WC) over Elyle Francisco (Anchorage Youth WA)  3-1

    60 kg - Cory Land (Panther WC RTC) over Elijah Cortez (Daniel Cormier WC)  7-2

    63 kg - Otto Black (Colorado Top Team WC) over Landon Drury (Betterman Elite)  10-5

    67 kg - Joel Adams (The Best Wrestler) over Brennan Van Hoecke (FL)  8-0

    72 kg - Brett Back (Dubuque RTC) over Tyler Antoniak (MWC Wrestling Academy)  4-2

    77 kg - Aydin Rix McElhinney (Northern Colorado WC) over Leister Bowling (Colorado Top Team)  8-0

    82 kg - Arian Khosravy (CA)/Arvin Khosravy (CA)

    87 kg - Nick Nosler (Southern Illinois RTC) over Antony Tuttle (Pinnacle WC)  9-0

    97 kg - Soren Herzog (Air Force RTC) over Soren Pirhoun (Gunston WC)  9-0

    130 kg - Aden Attao (Beaver Dam RTC) over Hayden Simpson (Cowboy RTC)  Fall :39

    U20 Greco-Roman Third Place Bouts

    55 kg - Ezekiel Witt (Manhattan Wrestling) over Kody Tanimoto (Spartan Mat Club)  5-2

    60 kg - Teegan Vasquez (Kalispell WC) over Cale Seaton (Big Game WC)  12-4

    63 kg - Amryn Nutter (Combat WC) over Rhett Koenig (Gopher WC)  3-2

    67 kg - Colton Parduhn (Interior Grappling Academy) over Gunnar Hamre (Combat WC)  8-0

    72 kg - Jadon Skellenger (Team Idaho WC) over Braden Stauffenberg (Gopher WC)  10-5

    77 kg - Bradley Gillum (Southern Illinois RTC) over Caden Young (Mustang WC)  5-3

    82 kg - Aidan Squier (Combat WC) over Keenan Wyatt (Knights RTC)  8-0

    87 kg - Lars Michaelson (NWWC) over Anders Thompson (Flathead HS)  4-0

    97 kg - Max Ramberg (Viking RTC) over Brennan Carey (Combat WC)  Fall 4:17

    130 kg - Josh Terrill (Michigan WC) over Cameron Groncki (NMU)  Fall 2:07

    U20 Greco-Roman Fifth Place Bouts

    55 kg - Mack Mauger (Team Idaho WC) over Rhett Peak (Checkmate WC)  FFT

    60 kg - Bubba Wright (Air Force RTC) over Adam Butler (Wrestling Factory of Cleveland)  Fall 2:13

    63 kg - Kaden Ercanbrack (NMU) over Carter Nogle (HeadHunters WC)  11-8

    67 kg - Pierson Manville (PA) over Noah Tapia (Blue & Gold WC)  9-0

    72 kg - Aliaksandr Kikiniou (Poway HS) over Owen Hicks (Curby 3 Style WC)  Fall :36

    77 kg - Gavin Ricketts (KY) over Ashton Miess (Combat WC)  FFT

    82 kg - Brent Slade Jr. (Moen WA) over Noah Poe-Hatten (MT)  Fall 1:01

    87 kg - Matthew Rodriguez (Tiger Den WC) over Mason Christian (MT)  FFT

    97 kg - Cittadino Tuttle (Pinnacle WC) over Joseph Lewis (IA)  10-1

    130 kg - Shilo Jones (Team Idaho WC) over Jaren Rohde (Dubuque WC)  15-9

    U20 Greco-Roman Seventh Place Bouts

    55 kg - Davis Motyka (XCalibur Athletics WC) over Zachary Silvis (Greco-Roman Development)  FFT

    60 kg - Colson Hoffman (Compound Wrestling) over Lukas Kanownik (Suples WC)

    63 kg - Tanner Frothinger (Suples WC) over William Anderson (Ironclad WC)  11-2

    67 kg - Paul Kelly (Poway HS) over Noah Rice (Lancaster Alliance WC)  Fall 1:52

    72 kg - Hunter Sturgill (Baylor WA) over Gabriel Delgado (Gold Rush Wrestling)  7-3

    77 kg - Benjamin Smith (Lancaster Alliance WC) over Magnus Kuokkanen (Indiana RTC)  5-1

    82 kg - Deontre Buttram (Del City WC) over Roth Powers (Avalanche WA)  Fall 2:39

    87 kg - Riley Hucks (Sons of Thunder) over Aiden Cooley (Best Trained)  Fall :38

    97 kg - Michael Calcagno (Izzy Style) over Ian Smith (Crass Trained)  25-19

    130 kg - Cody Kwak (Victory SOW) over Jackson Mankowski (WI)  FFT

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