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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Olympic Trials Session Two Live Updates

    Jesse Mendez gets on the board first in his bout with Yianni Diakomihalis. He leads 3-2 after one period. Huge double leg for Mendez; followed by exposure for Yianni. Mendez leads 7-4 with under a minute remaining. Another four-pointer and a lost challenge helps Mendez win, 12-7. 

    We've got a shootout brewing at 62 kg in women's freestyle with Katie Lange leading Adaugo Nwachukwu at the break 4-3. Nwachukwu comes back to win in the second period, 6-4. 

    Once again, brothers Chance Marsteller and John Stefanowicz are wrestling, at the same time, next to each other. 

    Former world team member Abby Nette is moving on after a 9-5 win over Cristelle Rodriguez.

    A takedown at the buzzer by Chance Marsteller gives him a 4-2 win over fellow Pennsylvania native Trent Hidlay.

    Stefanowicz also moves on with a 3-0 victory over Mahmoud Sebie. 

    Jordan Burroughs takes the early lead on Mitchell Mesenbrink with two takedowns and then a turn after the second, 6-0 in the first period. Burroughs leads 7-0 after one period. Tempers flare at the end of the bout as Mesenbrink bumps Burroughs and Burroughs pushs Mesenbrink's head down. Final score 8-3

    The top seed in the challenge tournament at 53 kg, Vayle Baker, falls 3-0 to Areana Villaescusa.

    Haley Augello holds off a late Katie Gomez takedown attempt to win 3-1. Gomez's corner challenges, which was lost making the final score, 4-1. 

    Kollin Moore takes a 2-2 lead in the second period over J'den Cox. Moore's takedown was the only two-point score. Moore holds on to defeat Cox.

    J'Den Cox leaves his shoes at the center of the mat.

    Down early, Isaac Trumble comes back to be Jay Aieillo, 6-4. 

    Forrest Molinari only needs :57 seconds to secure a fall and move on. 

    A set of exposure points for Nick Gwiazdowski late in the third pushes him ahead of Greg Kerkvliet, 3-1. Gwiz counters a last-second desparation attempt for a 5-1 win. 

    Ildar Hafizov blows open a close bout in the second period with a handful of turns in a high gut-wrench.

    Alex Sancho with a late surge pushes Pat Smith out of bound with one second left in the bout to win 2-2 on criteria. Smith's corner challenges the ruling. The initial ruling was upheld and Sancho wins 3-2. 

    Hayden Zillmer advances after a 5-0 win over Dom Bradley.

    Big 6-4 win for Yelena Makoyed at 76 kg over Kylie Welker.

    A four-point double leg off the mat is enough for an 11-1 tech for Kennedy Blades over Dymond Guilford at 76 kg. 

    Spencer Lee earns a place in the 57 kg finals with a 13-6 win over 2023 World Team member Zane Richards.

    Jen Page takes an 8-7 win over Mallory Velte in a battle of past world medalists. 

    Thomas Gilman advances to the 57 kg finals after a 6-0 win over Daton Fix. Gilman will face fellow Iowa alum Spencer Lee in the championship bout. 

    Both competitors are flat on their backs, worn-out as Aliaksandr Kikiniou outlasts Benji Peak 7-6 at 77 kg. 

    In a back-and-forth affair, it's 2023 World Team member Nick Lee who comes out on top of Andrew Alirez, 10-9. After a failed challenged as time expires, the final is 11-9. 

    It'll be an all-Penn State NLWC final at 65 kg as Zain Retherford downs Jesse Mendez, 3-2.

    In a battle of Hodge Trophy winners, Alex Dieringer with a big double leg for four points to lead Aaron Brooks halfway through the first period. Brooks rebounds with a four-point double of his own to go ahead on criteria with 2:30 left in the match. Brooks dominates the second period to win 8-4.

    Zahid Valencia moves on to the challenge tournament finals with a 3-0 shutout over Chance Marsteller.

    Payton Jacobson wins the challenge tournament final at 87 kg in Greco-Roman with a 1-1 victory over John Stefanowicz by criteria. He'll face Spencer Woods in the finals tomorrow. 

    10-6 win for Audrey Jimenez over Sage Mortimer. She'll face Sarah Hildebrandt in tomorrow's finals. 

    A shot clock violation point against Jordan Burroughs gives Jason Nolf a 1-0 lead at the break. 

    A 5-3 win for Joe Rau puts him into tomorrow's final opposite Alan Vera at 97 kg in Greco-Roman.

    Jason Nolf is going to the finals at 74 kg. He defeats Jordan Burroughs 3-0 on the strength of a double leg takedown early in the second period. He'll take on his NLWC teammate Kyle Dake.

    We'll have an Olympic Trials rematch at 130 kg as Adam Coon techs Aden Attao 9-0 for a meeting with Cohlton Schultz. 

    Haley Augello is in tomorrow 53 kg finals against Dom Parrish. She got by Areana Villaescusa 3-0 to win the challenge tournament. 

    A bit of a shocking result at 97 kg in men's freestyle - Isaac Trumble with an 11-1 tech over 2020(1) Olympic Trials finalist Kollin Moore. He'll face Moore's Ohio State teammate Kyle Snyder tomorrow. 

    A late push out gives Forrest Molinari the edge in a 4-3 victory over Alex Glaude. Molinari will advance to the finals tomorrow against two-time world champion Amit Elor.

    Dominating 11-0 tech for Kennedy Blades who will move on to tomorrow's women's freestyle finals at 76 kg to take on the legendary Adeline Gray. 

    5-1 final for Hayden Zillmer who wins the challenge tournament and will take on Mason Parris in tomorrow's 125 kg final. 

    Jacarra Winchester is a step away from returning to the Olympics after a 4-2 win over Alex Hedrick.

    Macey Kilty hangs on to win 9-8 over Jennifer Page at 62 kg to secure a Olympic Trials rematch with Kayla Miracle.

    An unusual situation at 86 kg in men's freestyle. The wrestlers bumped into the official as Aaron Brooks was close to taking down Zahid Valencia. Valencia came back with a huge double at the edge for four points to lead 5-3. He'd get another point from a lost challenge. The match was tied on the scoreboard with Valencia ahead on criteria, with under ten seconds left a caution and one was called on Valencia for a singlet pull. 7-6 the win for Aaron Brooks. He'll wrestle NLWC teammate David Taylor in the finals. 

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