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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    FCW's Week 1 Fantasy Outlook (11/4-11/7)

    Rutgers 133 lber Sammy Alvarez (Photo/Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Like I said, Week 1 is always the hardest.

    Not every wrestle-off has been completed, there are still wrestlers who have an unknown starting weight, and tournaments are back with assumed, but ultimately unknown entrants.

    Let's get this out of the way now. It's a 16 week season and you're going to have a down week or two in that time. You're going to get upset, you're going to question your team, you're going to get a visit from Captain Hindsight. Just remember, it's week 1, and there is plenty of time to right the ship. If this is your first time playing #FantasyCollegeWrestling, think of it as a learning opportunity and try to look past the wins and losses.

    This weekend you'll get to see the madness and excitement that Fantasy College Wrestling can offer, and not even every team will be wrestling (like Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Penn State, etc.). Instead of watching a team or two, or maybe focusing on just one tournament as you have in the past, you'll be checking each stream, each forum, and each team's Twitter page to check on your guys and how they are doing. It's going to be madness, but in a good way. We really need to get something like the NFL Redzone for it all (wink wink, nudge nudge).

    Right now is the "calm before the storm." Everything is at peace; there hasn't been any real drama, any bad ref call, any ducking controversies… yet. With a full season comes a full slate of topics and discussions to dive into and get reactions from. I look forward to doing that with you here in these Weekly Outlooks for the 2022 #FantasyCollegeWrestling Season (#FCW22).

    So in this Week 1 together, enjoy the matches, enjoy the competition…. but enjoy it more by winning the week. And to do that, we need to set some optimal lineups.

    This week has 57 of the 78 D1 teams in action, 10 of which finished in the Top-20 last season at the NCAA Tournament. There are several duals on the slate, but like in years past, the bulk of the competition lies with Open Tournaments.

    Michigan State Open, Southeast Open (formerly the Hokie Open), The Citadel Open, Menlo Open, Clarion Open, East Stroudsburg Open, etc., etc. I hate to say it again, but Week 1 is the hardest because there are so many unknowns as compared to a couple weeks from now. Hell, we still don't know what weight Yianni Diakomihalis is going!

    After reviewing the matchups and tournament entries for the week, the list compiled is to be used as a guide in helping you set the best lineup you can. Remember, it's about matchups, not necessarily getting and setting the highest-ranked wrestler in your lineup.

    Tournament entries can change in an instant, so be sure to stay tuned to our Twitter (@FantasyD1Wrestl) for updates and any new information will be added to the comments section of the article.

    For a better understanding of why some of these wrestlers were chosen for the Week's Outlook, tune in to the Fantasy College Wrestling Podcast (#FCWpodcast) that will come out each week as well.

    Wrestlers I Like This Week

    Wrestler (School)- competition for the week [Proj Score]


    Anthony Noto (Lock Haven)- Clarion Open

    Colton Camacho (Pittsburgh)- Clarion Open

    Gary Steen (Penn State)- Clarion Open

    Gage Curry (Pittsburgh)- Clarion Open

    Luke Werner (Lock Haven)- Clarion Open

    Joey Prata (Oklahoma)- Michigan State Open

    Ed Ventresca (Virginia Tech)- Southeast Open (Fresh/Soph Division)

    Joe Manchio (Columbia)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Sam Latona (Virginia Tech)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Brock Hudkins (Indiana)- Vs Bellarmine & SIU-Edwardsville (@BELL) [+7]

    Devin Schroder (Purdue)- Vs Drexel, Vs Rider [+7]

    Micah Roes (Binghamton)- Vs Cleveland State & Rutgers (@RUT) [+6]

    Brandon Kaylor (Oregon State)- Vs Campbell, Vs Lehigh [+6]

    Malik Heinselman (Ohio State)- Vs North Carolina [+4]

    Patrick McCormick (Virginia)- @ American [+4]


    Joey Oliveri (Rutgers)- East Stroudsburg Open

    Lucas Byrd (Illinois)- Michigan State Open

    Rayvon Foley (Michigan State)- Michigan State Open

    Angelo Rini (Columbia)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Nick Masters (Princeton)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers)- Vs Binghamton, Vs Cleveland State [+8]

    Aaron Schulist (SIU-Edwardsville)- Vs Bellarmine & Indiana (@BELL) [+6]

    Brian Courtney (Virginia)- @ American [+4]

    Kellyn March (North Dakota State)- Vs California Baptist [+4]

    Mosha Schwartz (Northern Colorado)- Utah Valley [+3]


    Danny Pucino (Illinois)- Michigan State Open

    Dresden Simon (Central Michigan)- Michigan State Open

    Kaden Cassidy (George Mason)- Southeast Open (Fresh/Soph Division)

    Collin Girardi (Virginia Tech)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Matthew Kazimir (Columbia)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers)- Vs Binghamton, Vs Cleveland State [+10]

    Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado)- Utah Valley [+4]

    Dylan Cedeno (Virginia)- @ American [+4]


    Brent Moore (Clarion)- Clarion Open

    Shane Van Ness (Penn State)- Clarion Open

    Anthony White (Rutgers)- East Stroudsburg Open

    Mitch Moore (Oklahoma)- Michigan State Open

    Alex Madrigal (George Mason)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Luke Nichter (Drexel)- Vs Purdue [+3], East Stroudsburg Open

    Jarod Verkleeren (Virginia)- @ American [+4]


    Kolby Ho (Clarion)- Clarion Open

    Andrew Cerniglia (Navy)- Clarion Open

    Alejandro Hererra-Rondon (Oklahoma)- Michigan State Open

    Quincy Monday (Princeton)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Parker Kropman (Drexel)- Vs Purdue [-3], East Stroudsburg Open

    Justin Ruffin (SIU-Edwardsville)- Vs Bellarmine & Indiana (@BELL) [+7]

    Kendall Coleman (Purdue)- Vs Drexel, Vs Rider [+7]

    Robert Kanniard (Rutgers)- Vs Binghamton, Vs Cleveland State [+7]

    Jake Keating (Virginia)- @ American [+4]

    Jared Franek (North Dakota State)- Vs California Baptist [+4]


    Dalton Harkins (Army)- East Stroudsburg Open

    Grant Cuomo (Princeton)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Alex Facundo (Penn State)- Clarion Open

    Peyton Hall (West Virginia)- Clarion Open

    Ricky Stamm (Hofstra)- Clarion Open

    Holden Heller (Hofstra)- Clarion Open

    Danny Braunagel (Illinois)- Michigan State Open

    Evan Wick (Cal Poly)- Michigan State Open

    Jacob Tucker (Michigan State)- Michigan State Open

    Clayton Ulrey (Virginia Tech)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Job Chishko (VMI)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Evan Barczak (Drexel)- Vs Purdue [+3], East Stroudsburg Open

    Luke Weber (North Dakota State)- Vs California Baptist [+4]

    Carson Kharchla (Ohio State)- Vs North Carolina [+4]

    Justin McCoy (Virginia)- @ American [+4]

    Demetrius Romero (Utah Valley)- Northern Colorado [+3]


    Luca Augustine (Pittsburgh)- Clarion Open

    Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma)- Michigan State Open

    Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Michael O'Malley (Drexel)- Vs Purdue [+3], East Stroudsburg Open

    Jackson Turley (Rutgers)- Vs Binghamton, Vs Cleveland State [+8]

    Donnell Washington (Indiana)- Vs Bellarmine & SIU-Edwardsville (@BELL) [+7]

    Ethan Smith (Ohio State)- Vs North Carolina [+3]


    Sahm Abdulrazzaq (Army)- East Stroudsburg Open

    Charles Small (Hofstra)- Clarion Open

    David Key (Navy)- Clarion Open

    Bernie Truax (Cal Poly)- Michigan State Open

    Zac Braunagel (Illinois)- Michigan State Open

    Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Tanner Harvey (Oregon State)- Vs Campbell, Vs Lehigh [+7], Menlo Open

    Brian McLaughlin (Drexel)- Vs Purdue [-3], East Stroudsburg Open

    Max Lyon (Purdue)- Vs Drexel, Vs Rider [+6]

    Michael Battista (Virginia)- @ American [+4]


    Jake Koser (Navy)- Clarion Open

    Cam Caffey (Michigan State)- Michigan State Open

    Jake Woodley (Oklahoma)- Michigan State Open

    Tyler Mousaw (VMI)- Southeast Open (Fresh/Soph Division)

    Luke Stout (Princeton)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Greg Bulsak (Rutgers)- Vs Binghamton, Vs Cleveland State [+7]

    Garrett Hoffman (Indiana)- Vs Bellarmine & SIU-Edwardsville (@BELL) [+6]

    Thomas Penola (Purdue)- Vs Drexel, Vs Rider [+6]

    Alan Clothier (Northern Colorado)- Utah Valley [+3]


    Ryan Catka (Navy)- East Stroudsburg Open

    Zachary Knighton-Ward (Hofstra)- Clarion Open

    Zach Schrader (Maryland)- Clarion Open

    Matt Stencel (Central Michigan)- Michigan State Open

    Nathan Traxler (Virginia Tech)- Southeast Open (Open Division)

    Colton McKiernan (SIU-Edwardsville)- Vs Bellarmine & Indiana (@BELL) [+7]

    Tate Orndorff (Ohio State)- Vs North Carolina [+3]

    Think there is someone we missed? Let me know!

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