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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Fantasy College Wrestling - 2024 Season Top-20 (125 lbs)

    The 2024 Season is in the books, and the year end awards are starting to be handed out. As per usual, we took a look at the best Fantasy Wrestlers of the 2024 season. 

    Just like in the past few years, some names are going to be expected, while a lot more may not be. That's the beauty of Fantasy Wrestling, where any wrestler can be the star of the weekend and win the dual for you.

    So, on to the Top-20 at each weight. Make sure to bookmark these articles because it’s a great resource to fall back to in a few months when your 2025 season draft research begins.

    To compile these lists, we used standard WrestleStat Fantasy College Wrestling Data & Scoring. Just a reminder of how points were tallied in WrestleStat leagues:

    1) The scoring used was standard team scoring across all competitions (+3 for a win by decision, -4 for a loss by major, etc)

    2) Scoring only counted against D1 competition

    3) Wins via forfeits (FFT) would count as +6 towards a wrestler's point total

    4) Wins or losses by medical forfeit (MFF) did not count as + or - towards a wrestler's point total

    5) Points were only accumulated during the regular season

    125 Top-20



    The preseason and end of the regular season #1 ranked wrestler, Matt Ramos, finished atop the 125 fantasy rankings. Of his 25 countable matches for Fantasy, 11 were by bonus and despite the three countable losses (the loss to high schooler Marcus Blaze didn't count), they were only by decision, which softened the blow. .

    Campbell’s Anthony Molton finishes 2nd at 125 edging out Eric Barnett by two points, even though Barnett had five extra regular season matches. Molton actually started the season a little late, and with a 3-4 record through December. But once the calendar turned to 2024, Molton rattled off 15 straight wins (and no losses). In fact, 11 of those 15 victories were by pin, tech, or FFT. Statistically, it’s his best season of his career, though he did not make the NCAA Tournament. 

    Barnett fell just two points shy of Molton and, while all matches matter for the end point total, it can be directly attributed to his loss by pin to Patrick McKee at the end of the regular season. A loss by decision, he’s your #2.

    Two Wests round out your 125 Top-5  (both with 29 matches wrestled), but Drew West got the better by 8 Fpts. Diego Sotelo put together a solid season, including a win over top ranked Anthony Noto. Noah Surtin fell two Fpts behind Sotelo, but edges out true freshman Luke Stanich on PPM.

    Speaking of Anthony Noto, the previous 2-time #1 Fantasy Wrestler of 125 (in 2022 and 2023), finds himself at #9 this season. How did he slip so far? It wasn’t because of his two losses (same as his 2023 season), and it wasn't for lack of bonus (with more than half of his matches in 2024 won by tech or pin), but rather the lack of quantity. This season, only 16 countable matches compared to 2023 where he wrestled 27 matches and even 2022 where he wrestled 22.

    Braeden Davis, the second and final true freshman in the 125 Top-20, rounds out at #10 thanks to a couple controversial wins. 

    The only Iowa Hawkeye to make the Finals, and keep their streak alive, was #15 Drake Ayala. Stevo Poulin had the same Fpts as Ayala, but the better PPM landed him one spot better than Ayala.

    The two highest seeds to AA at 125, Caleb Smith (15 seed) and Tanner Jordan (23 seed), both make the back end of this Top-20 with almost the same number of Fpts.

    Only two non-starters make the list in Charlie Farmer, who actually basically tied his starting counterpart Ethan Berginc, and Ryan Miller who was the Penn starter for part of the season. 

    Six of the eight All-Americans from 2024 made the Top-20.

    Who Missed The Cut:

    The 125 National Champion Richie Figueroa (ASU) missed a decent chunk of the season, which will always hurt a fantasy season, but when he did come back he hit a string of losses to make things worse. Figueroa finishes at #80 with 3 Fpts.

    The last AA not to crack the Top-20 was Jore Volk (WYO), who had almost as many bonus wins as he did losses in the regular season (seven bonus wins, six losses). He finished the regular season with 31 Fpts and the #38 standing.

    Greg Diakomihalis (COR) backed up Brett Ungar but finished at #21, only two Fpts behind Caleb Smith and only facing 13 countable opponents. Ungar wrestled 21 matches and comes in at #34 with 37 Fpts.

    NC State’s Jakob Camacho hit a rough patch right in the middle of the schedule, losing four straight for a combined -15 Fpts. Because of this, Camacho finished the 2024 season with 42 Fpts which was good for #23. Jeremiah Reno (LR) also had 42 Fpts but is one spot behind because of his 1.8 PPM compared to Camacho’s 2.5.

    The highest ranked redshirt was NC State’s Vincent Robinson with 40 Fpts (#25) while the second highest Redshirt, Vincent Kilkeary (OHST) ranks at #32 with 38 Fpts.

    Other notable wrestlers to not make the Top-20 include: Brayden Palmer (CHAT) at #26 with 40 Fpts, Eli Griffin (CBU) at @28 with 40 Fpts, Nico Provo (STAN) at #36 with 33 Fpts, Dean Peterson (RUT) at #40 with 28 Fpts, and Michael DeAugustino (MICH) at #46 with 20 Fpts.

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