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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Three-Point Takeaways (11/6/2023)

    We made it through the offseason and got to experience the first week of the 2023-24 collegiate wrestling season. As always some topics set social media and the message boards ablaze (like Marcus Blaze) over the weekend. In this weekly, recurring feature, we’ll identify some of those topics and discuss them at length. These will be big-picture stories moreso than rehashing results and tournament placings. 

    High Schooler’s in Open Tournaments

    Before about 6:30pm (EST), high school wrestlers at the collegiate level during the first week of the season were just a nice story. There were some good performances, which has become normal considering the talent level at the high school continues to rise. Right around 6:30pm, that topic pushed everything else to the side. 

    In the Clarion Open quarterfinals at 125 lbs, high school sensations Marcus Blaze and Jax Forrest clashed. Blaze is one of the top wrestlers in the Class of 2025, while Forrest is considered the same in the Class of 2026. Blaze prevailed 9-4 and fans tended to enjoy it. Why not, two elite high schoolers competing after tallying multiple wins over collegiate opponents. 

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